Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Whether you believe Global Warming is an issue or not, this young man certainly puts a logical perspective on the topic in terms of risk management.
My son's school has requested that, in recognition of the day, no plastic wrapping be used for our kids' packed lunches in an effort to draw attention to our environment and show ways we can make positive changes. I hope that everyone will make positive changes in their lives for the benefit of saving our precious environment. Our future generations are at stake.


  1. What a fantastic way to celebrate Earth Day! Your son's school is to be recommended to made that request.

  2. I hope more and more people get on board in making positive changes for the environment, especially the huge corporations, factories, manufacturers and refinery plants.

  3. This is a wonderful video. My hubby and I are always trying to do things to save our wonderful planet. We walk to lots of places now and I am using cloth bags for shopping etc. etc. I sure wish I could get solar power as that would be the best.

    Thanks for posting this. I sure hope our government does something but with who is in charge now, I am wondering if they even care. I agree on the big corporations and factories. That is why I am becoming less of a consumer.

    Thanks Serena.


  4. I hope things vastly improve also, Becky. :)

  5. Serena, I apologize for posting without saying anything! I bet you have never had that happen!

    Nice post and I'm glad to see a nature and wildlife artist taking participation in making the enviroment we so cherish a priority for all!!!

  6. Thank you, Boyd. No need to apologise...this is the only comment that came through from you for this post anyways. :)