Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Rainbow Lorikeet - Work In Progress - Stage One

I am painting this piece for another animal lover, my brother-in-law's, Aunty Deidre. I am using a reference pic taken by my nephew......thanks, Bladz! The bird's name is Lori and could not fly so Deidre had him in her care for a long time. Unfortunately, last year, the neighbour's cat killed him and poor Deidre was devastated. I thought this would be a nice tribute to Lori and something for Deidre to remember him by.

On another note, my vegan-ised Ginger Cake was a total success! Beau said it was even nicer than the original recipe. I had planned to take a pic but the cake didn't even last the afternoon. lol


  1. What a beautiful gesture & gift. I'm sure Deidre will be so thrilled! He looks so appealing & sweet already :-)

    You will have to bake another & take a pic quickly!

  2. Very thoughtful gift to give :) Looks very nice.

  3. looking forward to seeing this as it progresses! I love to see how others paint!

  4. Thanks, Maria. Next time I plan to make a bigger cake so it will last longer too. lol

    Thanks, Jennifer ~ :)

    Thanks, Nic ~ :)

  5. A great kindness indeed! A treasure to be had. These birds fascinate me with their bold and showy colors. If I ever have a public studio somewhere I'm sure I might have one of these to help me paint! I can see a great painting in your future Serena!

  6. Thanks so much, Boyd. :) They are a beautiful bird indeed.