Sunday, 27 April 2008


Look what I've been babysitting -
Michelle and Alex went away for the weekend so they dropped their 'babies' in for us to look after. The white budgie is Annabelle (Annie) and is albino. The blue one is called Izzy but, at this stage, her sex is debateable because she is still a baby. I did some research on the net this morning though and I'm pretty sure Michelle will have to rename her to a boy's name. She will not be impressed....LOL

I'm off to bake a ginger cake....this will be the first time I will be vegan-ising the recipe so I hope it turns out okay.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. LOL about having the change the name!

    I had a Cockatiel for 7yrs b/4 I knew it was a female.

    When it was given to my dmil she was told it was a male. She than gave it to us.

    One day it laid eggs. LOL!
    So it went from being Ike to Ikie!

    God Bless You and Yours
    & Your Creative Life!!!

  2. Annie looks just like our 'Bonnie' but our 'Clyde' is more aqua in colour.

  3. Oh, I love budgies. They were the first birds I ever had. They are so sweet.

    I now have a severe macaw and I used to have a Goffin Cockatoo but she passed away a few years back.

    Enjoy your babysitting. :)

  4. Enjoy them! We had a green one for several years -and he talked up a storm! He used to love to look in his mirror and keep telling himself he was a pretty, pretty bird - probably because he heard it so much from us! I do miss that little bird!

  5. They're adorable! Happy bird-sitting :-)

  6. Flassie, Michelle still has high hopes that Izzy is female, despite me showing her pics I'd found online. For her sake, I hope I'm wrong. lol

    Anita, I used to have an aqua coloured budgie too which I named Shaman. My nephew gave him to me when he was just a baby with barely any feathers. Shaman was so tame and I loved him dearly.

    Becky, budgies are such lovely birds and very good talkers. I remember you telling me about your macaw and Goffin cockatoo. It must have been terribly sad for her when she passed away.

    Kathy, I still think about my Shaman at times too.

    Thanks, Maria ~

  7. How lucky for you to have such COOL house guests!!!


  8. Many questions gurgling in my head:
    *Is Izzy still a she?
    *How did the ginger cake turn out?
    *Are you a vegan?

  9. Aren't they ever, Jessica?!

    Hi Luci....the jury is still out on whether Izzy is male or female. The ginger cake was a success and the kids thought it tasted much better than the non-vegan recipe. Yeppers, I've been a vegan for nearly three months now. :)