Friday, 26 September 2008

moral and virtue

i'm managing to stay on top of things here and finally got around to finishing my nephew's birthday gift....just need to varnish it tomorrow. the pic doesn't show it but the characters on the side borders are actually a metallic gold so they do have a lovely shine to them in reality.

Moral & Virtue for Adam
Acrylics on 24"x24" gallery-wrapped canvas
click on image to enlarge


  1. This is really great, Serena! He will LOVE it!!! I liike that you did moral and virtue also! The gold on the edge makes it pop!

  2. That is so pretty. I think you can paint just about anything!

  3. Love the Asian theme Serena, but you know that about me already. ;o) How is the background done, did you paint all the words on ?? or ?? Lovely as always and I'm sure Adam will love it to bits..Ro

  4. Did you make this or purchase it? Very balanced and beautifully made! :)

  5. This is beautiful. I love the color choices and how you have the words in there also. He will love it.


  6. Thanks, Julie....moral and virtue is the one Adam wanted so I was happy to oblige. :)

    Janet, you say such nice things, thank you ~ :)

    Thanks, Ro....I crosshatched the orange with yellow, roughly blending the two, in the background layer. Then I painted the English wording in a warm white.

    Thanks, Jennifer ~ :)

    Thanks, Rita....I painted this on canvas from scratch. :)

    Thanks, Becky...of course it had to be orange as it's his favourite colour. Michelle, my daughter was the one who came up with the original idea as she had painted some smaller Chinese symbols for her bedroom in these sorts of colours too. I then painted her a matching clock for her apartment and then, Adam commented that he would love a Chinese symbol in a larger scale. :)

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! Wow!

    I have presented you with an award on my blog...Pop in and pick it up at your leisure! :) Spread the JOY!

  8. Serena...there is a new award for you over at my blog!!!

  9. great theme, and lovely execution! the artwork is full of power!!

  10. Your nephew is one lucky fellow.. I really like what the title represents ... very symbolic...and something to aim ones life towards...

    congrats on the award in the next post..

  11. Thanks, Julie ~ :)

    Thanks, Dintoons ~ :)

    Thanks, Gwen. I think he picked a great symbol too ~ :)

  12. Gorgeous, Serena! I have no doubt your nephew will love it. And isn't he lucky to have such a talented artist as his aunt?

  13. Wow, I love this!! I love "zen" well that's what I call it, art..

    asian characters...Love what it stands for.

    love it.

    gee, could I use "love" anymore in this

  14. Impressive! The calligraphy looks really great!

  15. What a lucky nephew! This is a wonderful and thoughtful gift, especially for a young man.

  16. Ths is fabulous right u my chinese alley...


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