Saturday, 20 September 2008

family reunited

my ex-husband's funeral is now over and, while we wished it had been on a better occasion, it was wonderful to catch up with all the 'tomlinson' side of the family. they are all such beautiful, caring and loving people. the good thing that did come out of it all is that my kids got to see their two older brothers to my ex-husband's first marriage and we have all made a commitment to stay in touch.

here is a pic of my four kids with their two older brothers from their dad's first marriage -
brad is in front, greg the second eldest son is behind, then gary the eldest son, michelle, beau and reece

and a pic of me (far left) with all toro's children with gary's and greg's spouses and children also -
this is just a small part of the 'tomlinson' clan.

i had hoped my ex would reach out to his kids in his final months but, sadly, he passed leaving a lot of unfinished business and confused hearts behind him. i would like to share with you a poem that my son, reece, wrote for his dad and it pretty much sums up how his children felt. reece's poem was read out during the service and it brought tears to many eyes. i pray that all of his kids, including his two oldest sons, can all find peace and closure because it certainly hasn't been easy for them with so many mixed emotions.

Confusion hits me, as the mind seems to play
You left us standing, by ourselves far away
You were the father, our own right to claim
The feeling so empty, for my blood, my own name

A young heart mistaken, could never have known
The love and protection, those feelings below
A shield of pride, which held you so far
Broken down slowly, and leaving these scars

It’s hard to imagine, that you’ve left in this way
A man of such strength, now broken away
You are my father, which I can never let go
Holding me in your arms, and watching me grow

Time that we’ve lost, and the time that we shared
As the past races by, I now know that you cared
The moments I miss, and the moments I despise
The good times we’ve had,
only become more clear in my eyes

So now that you’ve parted,
And left us for the hereafter
I’ll always love you in my own way,
and you’ll always be my father

Your son, Reece


  1. Hi Serena, So glad to know this sad time is behind all of you now. The family is being reunited and that's the good thing that came from all of this. Move forward now and embrace the positives...I'm happy for all you... ;o) Ro

  2. It's really wonderful that something positive came from this and you and the children now have an even larger family. I agree with Romona, there is so much to look forward to, I hope it helps to overcome the pain and confusion. Best wishes.

  3. I'm just getting caught up on all the blogs since I was away for a week. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, and to read that there was unfinished business left behind. My dad died with this same kind of communication, no contact, and it took me quite awhile to come to some peace of mind about it. I thought the poem was wonderful and very touching. I hope your family finds peace and forgiveness for their father.

  4. Thank you, Felicity ~ :)

    Thank you, Janet....I will pass on your words on to my kids so that they know they are not alone ~ :)

  5. Oh, how beautiful for your kids to be with the other part of the family. This poem Reece wrote is just brought tears to my eyes! Just fantastic!

  6. Thank you, Julie. We are all so happy to be reunited with Gary and Greg and we plan to keep it that way.

  7. Great poem! poetry is at its best written by deep feelings.

  8. Thanks, Nick.....of course, I'm probably a little biased, being Reece's Mum but I thought he did a wonderful job of the poem too. :)

  9. Reece's poem was from his heart and was wonderful! I can see why you cried! At least something good came out of all this--getting the kids together again. There are always silver linings, aren't there? May everyone heal quickly and be stronger for the process. :)

  10. THat is an incredibly touching poem by Reece. What good has come out of it is the fact that you have that commitment to draw even closer together as a family with his side. I'm so sorry for all that you have been through.

    I love the photo of you with everybody and the one of all the kids.

    so touching and so sad.

    Last week we lost a close friend/family member from a sudden heart attack. I watch his family grieve and feel helpless. Life can be so painful at times.

  11. What a beautiful and special poem written by your son, Serena.

    'Forgiveness' will set them free. It will help them find peace. I was lucky enough to visit my Dad in Hungary, talk to him & forgive him before alzheimers took his memory & he passed away. It is a big relief when you can finally forgive someone for hurting you.

    I hope this helps a bit,

  12. Wow, I've been snowed under with work and missing Major happenings in Serena-Land.

    Though late, I want to extress my deepest condolences and support to you and your family.

    Hard stuff.


  13. Thank you, Rita, and I do agree that the kids being reunited with their two older brothers has definitely been a silver lining for them.

    Thank you, Sandy. I'm sorry for your friend's loss also.

    Thanks for your thoughtful words, Maria.

    Thanks so much for your caring words, Jessica.

  14. Your son Reece is a fine poet... An emotional time such as this reaches the depth of a soul...
    You look like a strong family... this will give you strength ...

  15. Thank you, Gwen....I appreciate your encouraging words ~ :)

  16. Serena, I was so touched by Reece's poem that it brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry for your and your family's loss. I'm sending you a hug with my deepest condolences.