Saturday 17 December 2011

Birthdays and a Santa ornament

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry I've been absent from Blogland lately.  I've had quite a few ups and downs with my medical ailments and, at this stage, no end in sight.  My blog also had it's 5th blog anniversary on December 15th but my plans to do something special failed due to my health issues.

Aaron also graduated from Primary school and will start High School in the new year. He will officially become a teenager on December 23rd...yep...the big 13!!! Mikayla turned ONE on the 10th!!  Michelle arranged a fabulous rainbow-themed party for Mikayla and we all had a fantastic time!!  Mikayla loved all her presents and lapped up all the attention.

Isn't she adorable?!!

I decided to make a start on Mikayla's 2nd Christmas ornament today.  Last year, Mikayla was only a couple of weeks old on Christmas, how the time has flown.

First, a quick sketch using chalk pencil.

Next, the first layer of acrylic paint.

Then, another layer with more details....almost finished here.

Just a little more to do and then I will spruce up the rest of the ornament.

This is the ornament I painted for Mikayla's 1st Christmas last year.

I haven't done much in the way of sketching lately. I've been feeling quite down but hope to drag myself out of the doldrums soon.

For now, I have a lot of catching up to do.....

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. that ornament is amazing and I'm sure it will become a family treasure for your little grandaughter!

    Hope youre feeling a little brighter soon, although I know how hard it is to be so when medical things are happening!

  2. What a little doll your Granddaughter is! Happy Bloggiversary! Hope you're health issues resolve themselves in a positive way and you feel better soon!

  3. Happy belated birthday to your Grandaughter.

    Happy belated bloggerversary.

    Happy early birthday to your son.

    And I hope things improve for you healthwise soon!

  4. Mikayla is the luckiest little girl. By the time she grows up and has her own Christmas tree it will be loaded with ornaments hand-painted by her grandma.

    I hope you can get some rest (sounds as if you're very busy) and feel better soon.

  5. She is adorable, you are quite right and your ornaments are beautiful; what a clever idea.

  6. Mikayla looks a little tired in that picture. Big day for her! ;)
    And soon Aaron's birthday, too. Officially a teenager now. Wow!
    I love the Santa ornament. Don't forget to put the year on it, of course. Mikayla will have a tree full by the time she leaves home one day.
    So sorry you have been feeling so crummy. Don't push it too far, though. I know you'd rather wait till your doctor is back, but I worry about you. *big hugs and healing energy* 2012 will be a better year. Don't worry about blogs and such. We're not going anywhere and we understand. Merry Christmas! This year Mikayla will be big enough to enjoy it! :):)

  7. The Santa ornament looks great--what a wonderful tradition for the two of you to share! Sending ~~~feel good vibes~~~ your way :)

  8. ~~get well soon vibes~~ to begin with.
    SO many things to celebrate at your place though. Happy bloggaversary and happy belated birthday to young Mikayla.
    Fabulous ornament, such a treasure.

  9. Thanks, everyone! :)

    You're close, actual fact, poor Mikayla was getting over a viral infection so was fairly subdued and quiet for most of the morning but did pick up a lot as the party rolled on.

  10. You have a very busy life but are so lucky to be surrounded by such a wonderful family. Mikayla will certainly have a tree full of beautiful ornaments to treasure.
    Take care of yourself. Hopefully, things will get better soon.

  11. Happy Birthday to Mikayla who looks like she is ready to sleep and uh oh 13...Ayeeeee. The teenage years begin. Hope the journey is a great one. Congrats on your blogiversary and Serena I hope you feel better soon. Pain is no fun.::sending good healing vibes to you:: Take care.

  12. Those ornaments are so beautiful and the detail is amazing. I find it so hard to paint on round surfaces!! All the best to you Serena :D

  13. What beautiful ornaments..and an even more beautiful little girl. So sweet!

  14. The land of the teenager- my youngest turned 13 this year. Oh, how time flies. Mikayla is so precious - and her ornaments are amazing! Hope you feel better!

  15. Ornament is exquisite! Love it ~ Happy Holidays and be well ~ daughter is adorable! ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

  16. sorry to read that you are still having health problems :( you can't seem to get a break :(

    the ornaments are very nice, and a great keepsake to have for when she gets older

  17. sorry to hear you are feeling poorly Serena. I hope you are feeling better this week.
    Happy Birthday to dear Mikayla. My, she has grown. So cute and adorable.
    Beautiful ornament. Lovely treasures for her for the years to come.

  18. Mikayla looks so adorable in her little flower chair and I love the santa ornament!!

  19. Welcome back.

    The ornaments are fantastic, and very special.

    Sorry to hear you're not well. Healing thoughts on the way.

  20. Great post, Mum!

    WOW!! It's hard to believe you've been blogging for 5 years now! Happy Blogoversary for that! It's hard to believe Aaron will be starting High School next year and that he's a teenager! That was a great day we had on Mikayla's 1st Birthday, she really did seem to enjoy herself! I love the pics you have up of Mikayla! So cute! I also love the Christmas ornament you're doing for Mikayla, it's looking pretty good! The one from last year also looks great!

    Hope you get better soon.

    Love Brad! xo

  21. Aww that ornament is gorgeous. Both are!!! I love that idea of making her a new one each year. She's gotten so big. I remember all the things you made her for when she was born. She's so pretty. Have a good holiday and feel better soon!

  22. Hi Serena, hope you start to feeling better. I am feeling pretty scattered around here. Just not enough time in the day for everything. My ankle is still not 100%. Seems to just be taking forever to heal. Your Santa Christmas ornament is so pretty! Certainly have been a lot of celebrations for your family in December. Aaron and Zack are the same age. When I was looking at the kids in the band with Zack last night, I thought how much he still looks like a kid, and the others, especially the girls, are looking several years older. Soon enough, he will go through puberty and won't be my little boy anymore. :/ Sending wishes your way for a wonderful rest of the week. Tammy

  23. Wowza! Great job on the Santa ornament. Just wonderful!

  24. Beautiful granddaughter..sorry to hear you are unwell. Have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  25. Serena, the ornaments are beautiful, but not as beautiful as your granddaughter. :-) She looks so happy & comfortable there.

    Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Remember to take the time you need. Sometimes, pushing ourselves isn't what we really need. You'll know when you're ready to come back to blog land. In the meantime, do whatever makes you comfortable and pain free. We'll be here.

    Happy Holidays Serena. Here's to a healthy 2012. xoxo

  26. Hi Serena,
    Oh Mikayla is getting so big! She is adorable. Hope she enjoyed her
    1st birthday! Wow, I love that Santa ornament. Both are truly treasures for Mikayla.
    Love and hugs

  27. Mikayla is so adorable~! And your youngest is a teenager, wow.