Thursday 1 December 2011

Summer has arrived!!!

Today was the official start to our Aussie summer. Thankfully it wasn't a scorcher and we were even blessed with a little rain.

Bradley and Reece had a blast at Elton John's concert last night! Reece even managed to get a couple of Brad's CDs signed by Elton so that was a real highlight. Brad's voice was a little scratchy today which is fully understandable after all the screaming out and singing along he did at the concert. He also got to meet an internet friend, Darren. They met via the Elton John Fan Club site and they have been email buddies for a while now. Darren was also sitting in the front row at the concert and they finally had the chance to meet face-to-face....SO cool!

It felt strange not having to sketch for AEDM today, however, I did create a mosaic highlighting some of the sketches I did for November.

I meditated for 15 minutes today and hope to make it a daily practise. It's been way too long and I have missed it. Rita has taken on a 21 day meditation challenge so, while I haven't registered officially, I will be participating unofficially on the sidelines.

I'm feeling so tired at the moment after only getting 3½ hours of sleep last night. The boys didn't get home from the concert until close to midnight and I had waited up to hear all about it. By the time I got to bed, it was around 12:30 and then I was up again at 4AM to get Reece organised for work. I'm looking forward to jumping into my cosy bed tonight.

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. Wow--it's always hard to wrap my brain around the beginning of Summer at this time of year--it's getting so cold here and Winter hasn't even officialy started.
    Love this picture of all of your art from last month--very inspiring.

  2. wow summer for you! So glad to hear your sons had such a wonderful time! I love the mosaic! I wish I knew how to do that. Good luck with an early bedtime tonight:)

  3. So great to hear about the warmth. I'm drinking my morning coffee and trying to warm up out here in New Mexico. Love your illustrations too!

  4. Hi Serena, you could always do a sketch every day, I for one would love to see them.
    Putting them all together like this is a marvellous way to display them:)
    However have a good summer and get some rest and look after yourself.

  5. Wow!! Elton John...I would love to see him live!!

    My proudest moments are when I can look at the work I've done in collage form!! And you Serena have been a busy girl!! You deserve a little break! Love your up, rest up!!!

  6. Great post, Mum!

    Congrats for completing the challenge of doing something artsy every day! I knew you'd do it!
    I'm so not looking forward to our Summer, I'm already looking forward to Winter!
    The concert was fantastic and I'd do it all again, even all the screaming and singing! It was also great to meet other fellow Elton fans!
    I love the mosaic you created, very nice! I always love looking at your work!

    Love Brad!

  7. The mosaic of your drawings is great. It's fun to see so many of them all at once. You must have such a feeling of accomplishment now that it's all over.

  8. OMGosh! I can imagine how excited Brad must have been! Signed CDs, meeting his internet friend, sitting in the front row--OMG! So happy for him.

    But you need some sleep, girlfriend! ;)

    It did feel weird not to post something artsy today. But I still felt compelled to post out of habit--LOL!

    I love the mosaic! You are just so talented. I admire your abilities to capture anything around you and bring it to life on paper. Happy December! :):)

  9. Sounds like an awesome evening for Brad! :)

    I'm participating with the meditation thing too; I officially registered though.

  10. Hi Serena,
    Great, sounds like the boys had a fabulous time and how cool to have the cD's signed!

    Love your mosaic of sketches from November. Ah, if only I was as motivated as you. lol
    Sweetest dreams when you can,
    Creative hugs,

  11. Serena, so glad you're doing CED!! :-)

    Front row tickets to Elton John... wow. What a treat. I totally understand why the voices were gone today.

    THis mosaic of your paintings is fabulous!! Such gorgeous colors. Isn't it amazing when you see everything together like this? i love it.
    keep posting & happy summer!

  12. that mosiac highlights how busy youve been with the AEDm!!! wow well done - what a lot of quality art!

    I also cant get to sleep when my kids are out and wait before they come home till I get to sleep - I guess it s a mum thing!

  13. So amazing see all the art together - a full month or creativity!

  14. Enjoyed seeing your beautiful work together in the mosaic. Such vibrant colors and gorgeous images!

  15. Your colors are bright and cheerful to look at in your art, what a wonderful way to show your art together like that.

    Summer? Our summer is over with here in USA and many places are getting snow now. I will miss my summer warm days that is for sure.

    Sound like everyone had a great time at Elton John concert.

  16. HAPPY SUMMER, Serena! And BIG congrats on AEDM--loved seeing this mosaic of all your pages, a fun backward glance. Fun hearing about the concert--hooray! Best wishes on your meditation practice. It's amazing how just 15 min. of quiet & silence a day can transform a day! Hope you find some rest... Be well ((HUGS))

  17. It was amazing seeing all of your art in one place. It each piece is lovely by itself and when you put them together it is spectacular.
    It sounds like the night your boys had at the Elton John concert was definitely a night to remember.

  18. Hope summer treats you well, and you're on the mend.

    It's an amazing collection of artwork, and a great way of remembering November :)

  19. What a wonderful mosaic..and way in which to remember AEDM! Hard to believe that it's summer where you we are just entering winter here!

  20. Love the mosaic Serena! I hope you are feeling much better. The weather sounds beautiful. We're in the late fall - almost winter here and brrrr the chill in the air certainly reminds one what's coming!

  21. What a gorgeous collection!

  22. Your art is so uplifting to me, I love to look at it, and the mosaic takes my breath away. Happy summer Down Under! We are just now beginning to experience the darkest days and long nights on this side of the equator. But you already knew that. :-)

  23. Wow Serena! Seeing them one at a time was amazing enough, but this? All together = yummy goodness!!
    Thanks for the well-wishes! I hope you can catch up on your sleep tonight :)

  24. The mosaic looks awesome!
    Temperatures have been a little lower these past two days after the melting ones last week.
    About your question: it´s humid heat. Like walking in a soup. ;)

  25. Happy Summer to you Serena! This mosaic of your work is so lovely...I just love seeing it all together like this. There's something so rich and full (and even though I'm not the one who created it...satisfying!) about seeing it all together.

    And what a thrill for Brad to win tickets to such an amazing know, it's interesting that you just won something too...I think you're a "lucky" family in more ways than one!

    Happy, peaceful meditating dear friend.

  26. Love all the gorgeous journal pages! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  27. Bring on summer I say. Can't wait for the weather to warm up.
    Your mosaic looks great Serena. Just fantastic. Good luck with your meditation routine.

  28. wow I really love the use of this mosaic for showcasing your beautiful work, stunning xxxx

  29. Hi Serena - way too long since I've been here - but anyway loved the mosaic and how fun to read that Brad got to see Elton John...that is cool.

    Hope all is well with you.