Wednesday 30 November 2011

Day 30 - AEDM & Nablopomo - Mexican bull & Elton John

The final day in the challenge has arrived!


I experienced yet another day of not feeling well but I managed to muddle through.

Today's sketch was of my Mexican Bull ornament. I bought it some years ago at a cheap Dollar Store and it's still a favourite of mine. I think it has character.  It wasn't labelled as Mexican but that's just the feel I get from it, plus the fact that it is on display in my kitchen beside a bottle of tequila.

Pencil-free sketch using Pigma Micron pens and Derwent Inktense pencils in A5 sketchbook.

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I will probably post again tomorrow just to be on the safe side for Nablopomo being that it's based in a different time zone. Then I will have a day off! I'm quite proud of myself for posting each day in November.

I hope you have all enjoyed visiting my blog this past month.

To my fellow AEDM'ers - as you won't see a daily link on the AEDM site any more, you may like to Follow me so that you can stay up-to-date with my weekly or daily happenings. I'm so happy I participated in the AEDM challenge because it encouraged me to get back to regular sketching and I have also met some wonderful people whom I will continue to visit. I plan to link weekly to the Creative Every Day group so I'll still be around to some degree at Leah's site.


Tonight, Aaron (my 12 year old son) and I are home alone for the evening as Beau (#2 son) is working very late and two of my other sons, Brad and Reece, have gone to see Elton John in concert.  You may remember me posting this sketch back in May to acknowledge Brad's big win of FRONT ROW tickets!
pencil-free sketch using pigma micron pens in large moleskine sketchbook

Here is a photo I snapped of Brad (on viewer's left) and Reece prior to them heading off for the concert late this afternoon. EXCITEMENT RULED!!!

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. A very handsome bull!
    I will keep on visiting your blog, Serena. I have linked up to you. So, see you next week and look forward to seeing more of your amazing sketches and paintings.

  2. It has been a joy and inspiring to visit with you every day during November!

    I wish you the best of continued health.

    And with technology today, you visit my email box anytime you post so I can keep up with what's happening in your world.

    Big hugs!


  3. I love your bull and your Elton John was amazing. You are so talented and generous with your information on what materials you use to create such wonderful sketches. I just wish they could bottle up and sell your talent.

    I bet the boys had a wonderful time. Recently, we saw an Elton John impersonator. He was great but I would love to see Elton John himself.

    Have a wonderful day. I am so glad we met through AEDM.

  4. Congratulations my dear for making it through! and each day I know you helped to encourage and brighten the day of a fellow artist. Be proud, be very proud!
    also, congrats to Brad on his win and I know that he and Reece enjoyed the concert. How can you not, it's Elton! great music coming from that man!. Have a lovely, slower paced day, Much love.

  5. I just love your sketchbook creations. And - thanks for your inspiration throughout this wonderful month!

  6. Congratulations on getting through a crazy month :)

    The bull is good, but the Elton sketch is superb.

    You've alreday made it onto my blogroll of honour, so I'll be keeping an eye on you ;)

    I hope your health picks up for you.



  7. That is one cute moo, Serena! And your portrait of Sir Elton is FABULOUS! You should send it to him. Front row??!! Wow... Hope you are feeling better. BIG CONGRATS on posting every day all month--that is big. :o) ((HUGS))

  8. How amazing to have won front row seats!!!! Your bull is fab!

  9. Front row seats!!!! Wow, it's going to be amazing!!!!

    Your sketch of Elton was spot on - so much so that I'm sure I can hear the strains of crocodile rock coing through the pc....!!

    Love the cow too. It has been great to follow you this month. I will most certainly be back.

  10. Hi Serena
    I am following your site now so I'll be able to come to visit. I also see you are on Flickr, yay! So glad to meet you and looking forward to seeing what you do in Dec and thru 2012!have a great day! FranT

  11. Best thing about AEDM is having met wonderful and inspiring artist along the way. Love your sketching style.
    Wishing you good health as you work things out.
    Have a great day.

  12. Congratulations on making it the whole month! :)

    I hope they enjoy the concert; or is it enjoyed now? I think it is...

  13. Gosh! The Elton concert has arrived! How exciting!! I hope you'll tell us about the adventures. Brad will be bubbling over, I bet!

    Love the bull! You find the coolest things. And your sketch is great. I can almost feel the texture of the wood. Elton is awesome, too, of course.

    We made it, girlfriend! End of the month--tada! Your "muddling" is gorgeous. Hope you feel better soon!
    Love and hugs!!

  14. That bull is fantastic! So sweet! And I love how you journal around your sketches; what treasures those journals must be for you.

  15. So much goodness here...

    it was such a pleasure to visit your blog - i plan on visiting often. :-)
    your journal illustrations/paintings are beautiful and will carry so much meaning in years to come. They really say a lot about us, don't they? In 25 years, you may no longer have this cute little cow (or even remember it!) but your journals will remind you of everything that made your life "yours".
    Thank you for sharing Serena - i so enjoyed meeting you. xoxo

  16. I love finding unique and quirky items at the dollar store. I'm glad to see that you were able to meet the challenge and post your wonderful sketches each and every day. Those boys of yours sure are gonna have a great time at the concert. Elton John no doubt puts on a fantastic show! Sending healing wishes your way, Tammy

  17. Wow, fabulous sketches! Especially the one of Elton John. I bet is was an amazing concert.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed coming by this month and look forward to coming back!

  18. I sure have enjoyed your artwork and am glad to have found you through AEDM! And I'm thinking I need to visit the Dollar Store more often, because I had no idea they sell such attractive artists' models ;)

  19. I'm so glad I found you through aedm, I loved seeing your sketches every day. I think this bull is my favorite for the month! I'll be visiting often. xo

  20. It has been a pleasure to find you through AEDM. I'll be sticking around. Love your little cow. So sweet.

  21. the bull is very cool :D
    hope they have a great time at the concert! hopefully michelle's knee is all right

  22. How awesome that Brad won!!! I hope they had a wonderful time at concert!!! Your Mexican Bull is so cute!!!

  23. Congrats for completing the 30 days even though you were ailing at times. Hats off to you! How lucky to have won those tickets. I'm sure they will enjoy the show. I'd love to see Elton John. I am a fan of his. Love your cow and all your photos, thanks for sharing. Take care and hope you are feeling okay.

  24. I love that bull too! Great sketch!

  25. Good on you for sticking with the month long challenge Serena. I wish had that discipline to start and keep with a challenge for that long.
    How exciting, front row tickets. I'm sure they had a great night

  26. oops forgot to say that I LOVE that cow!