Saturday 19 November 2011

Day 19 - AEDM & Nablopomo - mandala & inspiration

hi everyone!

how has your weekend been so far?

it's saturday evening here and, so far, i've had a nice, relaxing day apart from the pain in my hands and arms.  if the body pain keeps up, i may have to try a different non-steroidal anti-inflammatory tablet because i think my body has already adapted to this one.   of course, i am hoping the magnetic underlay will do its stuff within the next month or so.

we didn't get to watch the second part of harry potter and the deathly hallows last night so we will be watching it shortly. i last watched it at the cinema and can hardly wait to see it again.

for my creative venture today i decided to get to work on my mandala

so i first transferred my mandala design to my large moleskine watercolour journal using SARAL transfer paper. it worked a treat.

then i went over the transfer line using my black uniball permanent ink pen

next, the colouring process began

of course, you knew there was going to be green, blue and purple in there, didn't you?!'s one my favourite colour combos. there will be one or two other colours as the progress continues. i'm kinda deciding colours as i go along. i hope to get more work done on it tomorrow.

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for inspiration, here are some purple flowers i snapped while walking aaron to school on friday. i don't know the name of this flower but they bloom in lots of clusters on a medium-sized shrub. anyone else know their name?

if you look closely at this one, you will see a bee

and now i will be off to enjoy the movie

until tomorrow

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. My kids saw the Harry Potter movies but I remember trying to watch one and it just wasn't my thing. Now everyone is going crazy with these vampire movies which I don't get at all.

    Your mandala is so perfectly drawn. How do you do that without making mistakes? I can barely write a sentence without some error. I think you should put some turquoise in that color scheme. :)

    Sorry to hear about your pain. I'm taking an anti-inflammatory now for my ankle and wearing a support sock for the next 10 days. Torn ligaments that need to heel and then some physio.

    Wishing you a serene Sunday! Blessings, Tammy

  2. Your mandala is looking great. I've never heard of Saral before. I'll have to see if we have it in Canada. Sure hope you get a handle on the pain. Sending feel good vibes ~~~ your way.
    Stay inspired!

  3. Your mandala is looking lovely. There is some gorgeous gradation of colour gooing on there. The plant is very pretty, but I have no idea what is is? Do let us know when you find out!

    Keep well.
    Gwen xx

  4. I'm sorry you're in so much pain! Maybe you need to try something else, like you said. I hope you can find something to take the edge off. I know I miss knowing I could take Davocet whenever I wanted to take the sharp edge off. Pain wears you down.

    That is the same transfer paper I was using that didn't work well for me at all. I will have to try it again. Arrrggg! Everything you do is so neat. You traced that so perfectly! And with sore hands!! ROFL!! Ad, yes, I knew there'd be green, blue, and purple!! ;)

    Pretty flowers. No clue what they are, of course. I hope you enjoyed seeing Part 2. It's 6am Saturday morning right now in Fargo. Yes, I hope it will be a really nice weekend. :):)

  5. I am sorry to hear you are feeling low and in pain. I hope you find relief soon. Thank you for this post because I needed to SEE that Saral paper. Reminded me to get some. Also your mandala is coming along beautifully and I cannot wait to see it done. Enjoy your movie and I hope it takes your mind off the pain you are having.

  6. I hope by now some of the pain has gone away. It is not easy to be in pain yet stay positive. Yet, you are such a positive and creative person. I am so glad that I have gotten to meet you.
    The mandala is beautiful. Like the others I am in awe of how perfectly you are able to draw and create.
    The flowers are lovely but I don't know what they are either.
    I hope you that you are enjoying the rest of your weekend.

  7. I'm sorry to hear you are in pain, I hope it gets better soon. Love the mandala - derwent graphtints are great aren't they? Love that brand :) x

  8. Your Mandala is awesome. The colors of course are beautiful. Our garden is mostly yellows, purples and greens. Love those colors together. Pain is the pits Serena, I know about pain too and live with it. I hope you feel better very soon. Take care of yourself. Love your work, always soft looking.

  9. Your mandala is looking great--can't go wrong with those colors, if you ask me! Hope you had fun with the movie and are feeling better now!

  10. green, blue and purple is one of my favorite color combos too. Your photos are always so amazing, love them. I hope you're feeling better.

  11. The shading in the purples is so delicate and gently pulls the eye! Wow!

  12. Wonderful design! You have such a steady hand to draw and to go over things.
    Lovely colours. I like the way you painted a swatch by the mandala.

  13. Your mandala will be gorgeous when it's finished. And you do have an amazingly steady hand in going over your tracing! nancy

  14. Love the mandala design and the color inspiration too!

  15. Sorry to hear you are still in pain Serena. That must be wearing you a bit thin by now. I hope you find some relief with your medication.
    i'm loving your mandala. I have watched the class but not drawn mine yet, must get a move on before the next lesson.
    Beautiful flower, I have seen it before but no idea what it is.

  16. A few of my fav colors as well serena! I'm looking forward to seeing it when finished. :) Hope your weekend is delicious!