Friday 4 November 2011

Day 4 - AEDM & Nablopomo - Mexican Friendship Circle

i have to admit that i struggled all day with procrastination and, in the end, i had to quickly make a decision and do a very fast pen and watercolour sketch which is still unfinished.

my mexican friendship circle

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the kids and i went to visit my brother in hospital this afternoon and we were very relieved and happy to hear that all the tests from his surgery came back clear.  he may be minus one kidney but he is now cancer-free...YAY!  the bestest news EVER!


here are more inspiration pics

they are called canna phasion lilies

the leaves kinda steal the limelight from the flowers don't you think?

these ones graced the gardens at our local shops
such rich, vivid colours!

i'm hoping i will be able to get more on task with the art every day challenge as the days go on.

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. So happy to hear the news about your brother, I know you are all relieved and it is a cause for celebration!!

    Nice quick sketch, don't tell anyone that it was quick, they may hate you and your disgusting talent, lol.

    The veining in those leaves!!! you know you will be drawing and paining some big bold piece with that in it, you have to !

    Have a great day!

  2. What a relief it must be to all the family, such good news. Wishing him a speedy recovery

  3. Beautiful work, Serena. So happy for the good news about your brother.

  4. Happy for you to hear that your brother is cancer free! Wonderful.

    You are not only an amazing artist but a truly gifted photographer as well. Those Canna's are so crystal clear!

  5. Wonderful sketch, glorious plants, and really glad to hear that it's good news for you :)

  6. What a beautiful plant! The leaves are an art work in itself.
    Love and peace to you.

  7. Hello, Serena! Very happy to have found your beautiful creative place here in blog land--your art & photography inspires! The canna lily is all the juicy colors. Such wonderful news of your brother. Happy Days as you celebrate this good news. Love & Light :o)

  8. Such a vibrant and colorful post! Your drawing is fabulous!
    Glad to hear the good news for your brother.
    Blessings and hugs~

  9. Hi Serena,
    I am so happy to hear that your brother's surgery went super well and he is cancer free! God is good.
    Love your sketch of the Friendship Circle. I have one of those too. :) The photos of the plants beautiful. Amazing colors on those leaves.
    Hugs and keep well

  10. your friendship circle is beautiful. that would make a lovely print to give to a friend....
    good news about your brother! wonderful!
    - enjoy your friday

  11. What fabulous news Serena! You must all feel so, so relieved.

    I too love your friendship circle and see possibilities here for a card...a lovely card for a friend.

  12. ...and those lilly's are just stunning. We only have these types of plant as indoor plants, so it's such a treat to see them growing so splendidly in a garden outside. Sigh...I'd love to have a tropical garden, somewhere, someday. I'm putting that on my dream board!

  13. Super-duper great news about your brother! You must have breathed a sigh of relief.

    The friendship circle is very cute but I have to say those plants steal the show this time. Thank you for continually opening my eyes to all the wonderful plants there are in the world. These are truly spectacular!

  14. Great drawing, it nearly jumps off the page and the photos are so vibrant. Happy AEDM :).
    Stay inspired!

  15. Great sketch - glad things are going well for your brother!!!

  16. That's great about your brother! :)

  17. Those lillies are quite different from what I've seen before. And you're right, those leaves are so beautiful, you can barely distinguish the flower.

    Your pretty sketch certainly doesn't look like it was borne from procrastination. :) I love your Mexican friendship circle -- such a pretty color.

    Great news about your brother! Hope your head was better today. Best wishes, Tammy

  18. I am doing the happy dance over here in Fargo! sooo glad your brother is cancer free!! Yup! Best news ever! :):)

    Those are just amazing leaves and flowers--but, yes, the leaves steal the flowers thunder.

    Love your friendship circle!! That is so cool! I have never seen one of those. Your sketch is wonderful, too. I am always amazed at what you can do so quickly!

    Now, I hope life settles down for you and yours pretty soon here, lady!! Very. very best! *big hugs!*

  19. Great sketch! I don't think I've ever seen a friendship circle in these colors--they've always been dark--but I like it. And great news about your brother!

  20. what fantastic news! And your little friendship circle is great :)

  21. Great news for your brother and beautiful little sketch... and thanks for the calla lilly pics... I love them so much and they are so obscenely bright xx

  22. Lovely Sketch dear, I think it's amazing, my school emblem was a friendship circle like that. Great news about your brother, wonderful, hope he recovers from the surgery quickly, hugs xx

  23. Glad you got such amazing news! Your "quick" sketch is just lovely. I especially love the way you photographed it with a portion of the original showing. Very effective!

  24. that is great news about your brother!!

  25. Those canna lilies are so vibrant and striking aren't they?
    I am so glad your brother is cancer free, what a relief for you and your family.
    cute sketch, I like those friendship circles

  26. I have one of those mexican sculptures too. I found that to be interesting. I have never drawn mine though. You did a great job with it.

  27. I love that plant! The leaves are beautiful! I wish I could have a plant like that in my house. I'm having to move most of my plants down from the window sills because it's too cold for them. I hope they perk back up soon.

    Glad to hear your brother is cancer free! I think he should switch to that stand in doc!

    Your picture is great. That would be a challenge for me.

    Donna (I typed this out before and when I hit submit it disappeared. It sounded much better the first time!)