Wednesday 9 November 2011

Day 9 - AEDM & Nablopomo - sketch & inspiration

i didn't get a lot of time to sketch today as my son, brad, had to see the ophthalmologist at the mater hospital. i took my sketchbook along and sketched for a little bit in the waiting room and then i finished and coloured it when we arrived back home later in the afternoon.

pencil-free sketch using pigma micron pens, derwent inktense pencils and watercolour crayons in A5 watercolour sketchbook

after brad's appointment, we walked down to the southbank parklands and, while there, i popped into oxlades art essentials store and treated myself to set of derwent inktense water-soluble pencils (used later to colour the sketch) and an electric battery-operated eraser. i've never used an electric eraser before but, apart from the obvious, i'm thinking it will also be very handy for lifting out highlights in graphite sketches.

i LOVE the vibrancy of the inktense pencils!

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i took the following shots at southbank parklands today



tranquil setting

and this magnificent orange flowered tree

it's been a tiring day especially with all the walking as i'm still not over my asthma attack.  i don't think it will be too long before i head off to bed.

i hope you're all enjoying a great week!

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. Serena, you've got the most beautiful flowers and plants where you live! Some of them are probably the same ones we find in Brazil.
    Your drawings and paintings are always so vibrant!! I imagine you are like them? Happy, energetic, vibrant!
    Have a good day my dear.

  2. Your part of the world is a wonderland of color right now and your sketch is beautiful.
    I am sorry to hear you are still under the weather and tired from your asthma attack. Maybe a good nights sleep will transform you.

  3. I love your big flower patterns:)
    Gwen xx

  4. What beautiful sketches! I love the vibrant colors. Your pictures of the bouganvilla remind me of being back home in California. How I miss the beautiful flowers and gorgeous weather!

  5. this is a very nice way of writing a diary!

  6. I've heard people talk about how they love the Intense watercolor pencils. They really do look rich and vibrant! And I love your sketch!!

    Always love the pictures you take of the lush flowers and plants you have "down under". ;)

    I hope your asthma settles down soon!!
    Have a wonderful day!! :):)

  7. oh, I will have to check out inktense pencils. anything with inktense in it has to be good, and your sketch is lovely!!

  8. I would love to be able to leaf through your sketchbooks. It must be an explosion of color. These flowers are gorgeous!

    And the palm tree photo is my favorite. They look so stately and regal.

  9. Wow! Gorgeous photos Serena!! I'll have to check out those inktense pencils for sure.

  10. It is great to see southbank recovering from the floods, and a trip to Oxlades just caps off a great outing.... apart from the trip to the Mater of course... great sketch though and thinking I really need to get into Inktense pencils!!!

  11. Hope his appointment went well!

  12. Just delightful Serena!! Really, I love everything you posted here :D Your drawing is just beautiful :D

  13. The sketch of the flowers is beautiful! Love the vibrant colors.

  14. i love inkense pencils, the colours are just so vibrant :) great drawings and its so nice to see those bright photos after the 3 days of rain and grey we have had here

  15. Love your drawing and the beautiful color from those inktense pencils. Very joyful!

  16. Hope the hospital visit went ok.

    Lots of vibrancy in your post - artwork and gardens look stunning.

    I would be lost withour my mechancial eraser. I recommend them to the pastel students, so when we all get going it sounds either like a dentist's surgery, or a booth at a "Marital Aids" convention! We all end up laughing at either scenario...

    Inktense are fabulous permanent fabric paints. I've used them for calligraphy commissions on wall hangings. Just dip them into a fabric medium thinned with water and and draw away! Heat set with an iron and they're good to go in the washing machine.

    I daren't ask how much was spent in the art store...dangerous places they are!

  17. the parklands at Southbank look so lovely and relaxing. I love finding little oasis' like that.
    I love the vibrant colours in your sketch today Serena, summer is coming whoo hoo!
    I just bought an electric eraser too, can't wait to start using it. Enjoy your inktense pencils, I just love how vibrant they are

  18. I'm enjoying your art work and the photos too! so many colours here on this blog makes me feel happy!

  19. Gosh, Serena, your pages just continue to take my breath away...

  20. Hi Serena,
    I hope Brad received good results from the opthamologist.

    Lovely nice, bright flowers.
    I've heard quite a bit about the Inktense pencils and how wonderful they are!

    Ah Yes, I have one of those battery operated erasers. Good fun and great to remove harsh lines.
    Creative hugs,

  21. Wow such vibrant colors! I do hope you get to feeling better. Amazing that you got so much done while being on the go. :)

  22. bougainvillea! A plant I actually know about LOL I actually know someone that has that growing in their yard here in Alaska. I believe they move it inside over the winter though. The tree with the orange blooms is beautiful! I love orange anything! Your sketch is great! I always love the colors you use. I'm going to see if I can find some inktense pencils here somewhere. I've never tried them. I love watercolor crayons and pencils though.