Tuesday 8 November 2011

Day 8 - AEDM & Nablopomo - sketch & inspiration

unfortunately, i'm not a happy camper today.
yesterday, i bought a BOOST juice - green tea mango mantra - my favourite!  i've had this same juice heaps of times before but, after drinking it yesterday, i immediately started coughing and wheezing and feeling heavy in my chest. WEIRD! i'm still dealing with the asthma fallout.

 needless to say, i was only up to doing a small sketch in my moleskine watercolour sketchbook.

first the quick pen sketch using my pigma micron pen

then some watercolours and journaling

for reference, i used some photos i took last week of some morning glories growing wild near the creek just down from our house.

aren't they lovely?!

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i think i'll get an early night now so until tomorrow

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. love that blue! How do you do the outline and then watercolour without the colours or pen running? Mine always 'bleeds'!

  2. My Lord! What you can do as a quick sketch!! Lovely! And such rich color, too. What brand of watercolors do you use?

    I love your sketchbook pages. Hope the mysterious asthma attack subsides. I wonder what caused it? Maybe they changed the formula or it was something on the outside of the bottle? Makes you wonder. Feel better soon, my dear friend. :):)

  3. Poor you!! Hope you are feeling better soon. Your Morning glory is just that, it is a glory.

    I think art means so much more, when like you have done here, you draw something that you have grown yourself. I wish I could draw like that!!!
    Gwen xx

  4. Hope you're feeling better by now. :) I loved seeing how you did this ~ I simply can't make watercolour work for me but it's lovely to see it when it really does work!

  5. I hope you feel better! Beautiful beautiful beautiful - quick sketch - my goodness that's talent!


  6. O my gosh! I hate it when I get those wheezing attacks; I sure hope you have a better day.
    I simply love the color of a morning glory. There is no other blue like it!

  7. Beautiful blue...love it! Hope you're feeling better today!

  8. Serena,

    Wow, your art work is amazing... I am sorry for your asthma trouble! What a scary reaction! Hope you are feeling better! Thanks for visiting my blog! :-) Kris

  9. Oh no - disaster juice! Hope you have recovered fully.
    LOVE the sketch - what a blue!

    We have Moonflowers growing rampant here - same family as the Morning Glory, only pure white, and the blooms flower at night for one night only.

  10. Beautiful flower, both the sketch and the photography. ~~~Feel better vibes~~~

  11. You're amazing! You call this a quick sketch and I call it fantastic!

    I hope you feel better today.

  12. Hope you feel better! *Hugs*

  13. Goodness! This is stunning for a "quick sketch"!! Really love it.
    Hope you are feeling much better.

  14. Wow! This is beautiful. If this is quick sketching for you, then long drawn out works of art of yours must blow the roof off. On a side note, hope you feel better real soon. :)

  15. Oh I hope you are feeling better Serena. Very nice sketching you do. Love the morning glory. You do such a great job, quite the artist you are. Have a wonderful day.

  16. Oh I hope you are feeling better Serena. Very nice sketching you do. Love the morning glory. You do such a great job, quite the artist you are. Have a wonderful day.

  17. Love that blue! I hope your feeling better.

  18. Gorgeous--the colors are amazing! Hope you're feeling better :)

  19. Hope you are better by now...yikes!

    I love your watercolour journal page...it's so vibrant and pretty, like you!

    Ciao Bella


  20. That is my favourite boost too... hope it was the pollen and not the boost that set you off... don't think I could give them up... love the morning glory and seeing how the page progressed... the finished page looks awesome ... my pages never look this good... I now have page envy xx

  21. Hope you feel better soon!!! That blue is fantastic :0) I love morning glories.

  22. The Morning Glories look like they're glowing form within. i am always too nervous to start with the pen. It's lovely
    I sympathize with your asthma problem. i was a 'severe asthmatic' when my children weer young. I have trouble now when I have a cold, like this week.

  23. Very lovely. The color is so beautiful.

  24. I just love morning glories Serena and the glow that is in that blue one is just gorgeous. your sketch is beautiful, a lovely representation of what you saw.
    Not good about your asthma reaction, i love my boost juices too, but it sounds like something they have added didn't agree with you. Get better soon

  25. I hope you are feeling better after the asthama hit! Goodness.

    I like your artsy rendition of the Morning Glory better than the photo!!!

  26. Thanks, everyone!

    Krissie - I find the Pigma Micron pens don't bleed so I can wash right over them with watercolour. I do make the occasional mistake of picking up the wrong pen and don't realise until I wash over it and it bleeds. Can't win 'em all, I guess.

    Rita, I use very cheap watercolour cake pans or tubes that kids use. I also use a good quality watercolour pastel, brand name - Mungyo Gallery - which I love. And, today, I bought me some Derwent Inktense water-soluble pencils.

    Tara, I'm not that great with watercolour and don't even know if I use it correctly. Acrylics are more my thing but I do enjoy working with watercolours in my sketchbooks.

    Cindy, those Moonflowers must be beautiful to see growing wild. I was quite tickled to see the Morning Glories growing near the creek as I haven't seen any in years.

    Tracey, I was quite upset to think my Green Tea Mango Mantra could have been the trigger for my asthma...I will give it one more chance, just in case it was a coincidence. ;)

  27. Your sketch is beautiful (as always) but I especially love morning glories. I had no idea they grew wild anywhere! I plant some every year as annuals here. I'm always trying to grow moonflowers here which is just a big white morning glory that only opens at night. In Alaska it's daylight all the time in the summer and they wont open....ever. Well not so far. I keep trying different locations in the yard and moving them around to darker areas at night. I love the colors you used and I don't think it looks overworked at all! I wish I could draw like that with ink. My hands shake too much most of the time.

    Bummer about the drink. I know you can develope allergies. I used to take kiwis to work for lunches. They are so good and good for you... but one day (at home, thank goodness) I had one and my throat swelled up. I had just had one two weeks before with no problems. The doctor said it's connected to my laytex allergy...similar chemical makeup as laytex I guess. I miss my kiwis :O(