Thursday 17 November 2011

Day 17 - AEDM & Nablopomo - daffodil & magnetic therapy

aaron was home sick with a tummy bug today, poor thing.

this has been my first whole day at home this week and i still didn't manage a sketch until late afternoon.  i was having a bad body pain day as well as one of those lethargic days.

my darling mum bought me a bio-magnetic underlay and pillow cover for my bed to hopefully help with the pain. she swears it has helped her over the past nine years.  mum took her magnetic underlay off their bed a few months ago and, it only dawned on her a few days ago that, she and dad have been getting a lot of aches and pains since.  needless to say, mum ordered a new magnetic underlay for their bed too.  i'll give it a good month or two before i pass any judgement.

the daffodil was my favourite flower as a child and i still hold a soft spot for daffodils to this day
pencil free sketch using pigma micron pen and derwent intense pencils in pocket moleskine watercolour sketchbook

i found out years later that the daffodil is also the birth flower for march which happens to be my birth month

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i hope you've all been enjoying a wonderful week!

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. This page with your daffodil is incredible. The colors are so fresh. What a wonderful job!!

  2. This page with your daffodil is incredible. The colors are so fresh. What a wonderful job!!

  3. I hope tomorrow is a better day, my dear friend--for both you and Aaron. You'll have to let us know if the magnetic path works for you.
    I didn't know daffodils are the flower for March! That's my birth month, too. :):) Lovely sketch.

  4. I know several people who swear by the magnets! Love how rich the colors are your page! It makes me want spring (and I have so many months to wait)!

  5. I love yellow (want a yellow van, not boring white), and daffs are my favourite flowers (must be my Welsh side).
    Now I find out it's the flower for March. Curiouser and curiouser :)

    I love the way you've captured it, the trumpet looks translucent :)

  6. Hope you and Aaron are feeling better by now. Intrigued by this magnetic thing, looking forward to your take on it.
    Beautiful daffodil! It represents a very happy time of my life.

  7. Pretty! Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Love your daffodil, just beautiful. I too love them but I adore carnations and have always loved their intense scent, but can't grow them. When I found out they were the flower for January, my birthday month, I was really excited about that. I'm going to try growing them next Spring. Great work Serena and I'm going to check out that magnetic piece you speak of. Take care. Have a great day.

  9. Hi Serena, hope that migraine is history and that your pain has subsided. Everyone seems to be wearing magnetic bracelets these days and seem to think they work to balance the body. Have never heard of the magnetic bedding before.

    Your daffodil is beautiful. And it is so lovely that you and Michelle were able to use a little paint to update the colors in the artwork for Mikayla's room. Hard to believe she will soon be 1. I first came to your blog when Michelle was pregnant. Time flies!

    Funny about those baby magpies being so big and yet expect mom and dad to feed them.

    My ankle doesn't sting or hurt like it was, but it feels like there is a tight band around it which is causing it to be very achy and uncomfortable. I'm assuming it is healing though. As my husband likes to tell me, I'm not getting any younger, so injuries take longer to heal. Phooey!

    Have a fabulous Friday! :) Tammy

  10. lovely and cheery post on this cold snowy day. It's a long time before I'm going to see daffodils again. It's nice to see them here.

  11. Daffodils seem so happy and joyful and yours is perfect.

    I'll be interested in hearing how the magnetic underlay works for you.

  12. gorgeous sketch, I love daffodils too Serena, they are so cheerful.
    Hope the underlay works, I have heard good things about them

  13. Beautiful daffodil Serena and hope the magnets work for you... I had a friend whose husband swore by them... only problem was that she had terrible nightmares when they were on, so he swapped to a single one on his side of the bed and the nightmares went... freaky how these things work!!!

  14. poor guy :( hope he feels better soon

    love the bright yellow flower, really stands out on the page

  15. That daffodil is absolutely beautiful.

  16. Serena, your flower painting made me smile. LOVE LOVE the bright yellow & contrasting purple. Lovely.

    i hope everyone feels better tomorrow - xoxo

  17. Mmmmm. There's something about yellow daffodils that make me think of warm sunshine and spring! Lovely picture!

  18. Hope it helps and you don't have so much pain! *Hugs*

  19. My physio has me wearing tiny medical magnets on my elbow too Serena..... she says there is no scientific evidence of it working but that she has had several folks have some amazing the heck...I'll try anything at this point. If it helps.... use it I say.