Monday 21 November 2011

Day 21 - AEDM & Nablopomo - fishy sketch

i've been sick all day yet here i's that for dedication or am i just plain crazy?! i'm going to quickly post what i did today and then I'm going to lie down. I'll catch up with blogs tomorrow.

today, while moping around and feeling sorry for myself, i decided to do a pen sketch of a balinese metal fish ornament i own. with the way i was feeling, i could only manage the first layer of watercolours but there will probably be at least two more layers before i'll call it finished.

i didn't notice until afterwards that the colours i used on the fish are very similar to the colour palette i used for my mandala.  i've also noticed that my fish is a little elephant-like and desperately needs some 'snout' adjustment. lol

my subject

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until tomorrow

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. How gorgeous Serena! I love it!

  2. Now that's dedication. :)

    Hope you''re feeling better after some rest! *Hugs*

  3. Love the colours. Sending feel good vibes ~~~.
    Stay inspired!

  4. Fantastic drawing, and very true to the original.

    Now get back to bed and rest :p

    Healing thoughts on the way.

  5. I love that fish, Serena!! I'd smile every time I set eyes on it. The "snout" is not far off that I can see, but I am sure he'll be much more colorful by the time you finish with him. :)

    So sorry to hear you're still feeling poorly. Hugs and healing energy, my friend. :):)

  6. Now that is dedication to art! You are sick and still manage to create a bright and playful piece of art! Hope you feel better!

  7. You certainly know your colors. :) Your artwork is always lovely to see. Hope tomorrow finds you feeling much better. Hugs, Tammy

  8. So sorry you're not feeling well, Serena...Do be taking good care, and hope you will be better soon. :o) The fish has such a playful flair--and love the colors. Your mandala has a wonderful, juicy, sizzly its dancing! ((Love & Light))

  9. You are so dedicated to be doing this when you're feeling under the weather. Hope you're better soon. The painting is already so much fun with your choice of colors. And your mandala is soooo beautiful!!

    Sending warm hugs your way...xoxo

  10. Hi Serena!

    I love the the fish and the colour combination. :-) It looks so cheerful!

    Hope you are feeling better already. Oh, and thank you for stopping by my blog. :-)


  11. I really love this one, hugs to you.

  12. Your colors are always so amazing. I love the fish and the mandala as well. I hope that you are beginning to feel better.

  13. I hope you feel better soon!

    I love the colors on the fish and a little "snout" reduction never hurt anyone... especially a fish.

    You could always elongate it and make the first ever (or maybe not the first ever) Elephant fish!

    Take care of yourself!

  14. Scatterbrain here again, just commented on something in this post in your previous one ;)
    Lovely fishy sketch
    Hope you are feeling better soon

  15. I love this - I was gobsmacked when I saw the photo of your subject, you are excellent with perspectives. By this point I'm thinking we're all crazy, but you're showing some serious dedication. I hope you're only doing art though to make yourself feel better - not worse, make sure you take care of yourself, thanks for sharing & hope you feel better soon :) x

  16. Hope you are feeling better soon. Even not feeling well, you brightened my day with your pretty colors.

  17. Love your fish Serena. It is gorgeous and love the bright colours.

  18. Hope you are feeling better and love the little fish painting... looking forward to seeing it finished... now this may sound weird but isn't the iron fish a pain in the proverbial to dust???? really really wanted an iron chicken, but though I may slice myself open trying to dust it... you must be more coordinated than I am !!!