Thursday 10 November 2011

Day 10 - AEDM & Nablopomo - sketch & art supplies

another busy day has passed and i'm now feeling SO tired!  i'm surprised myself that i've still managed to meet the challenge each day...can't say i'll make it all the way but i will certainly try.

another late afternoon sketch was the order of the day...this time, a rose

pencil free sketch using pigma micron pen in small moleskine watercolour sketchbook

and, of course, i played a little more with my new derwent inktense pencils. still some layers to go before i'll call it finished but this is what i managed today

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we were over at garden city (a large shopping centre) for the day and i couldn't resist popping into riots art and craft store. yep...i bought even more treats for the studio. heck, i'm sure the kids won't mind living on bread and water for the next week or so.

a wood burning tool and some watercolour tube paints
the wood burning tool is for making stamps

a 12 pack of A7 (approx. 3" x 4") mini sketchbooks featuring a variety of different papers

and a new pack of mungyo gallery watercolour crayons (love 'em!) and more water-brushes

until tomorrow

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. Oh I love to go supply shopping--I wish we had a local good art store here,but I still enjoy seeing my Dick Blick boxes at my door :)
    Great Rose too!! (Love how you use the watercolor)

  2. mouthwatering new supplies... OMG I cant wait ot see what you do with the woodburning tool! Should be fun!

  3. You did a beautiful job with that rose! And, oh how fun it is to get new art supplies! The watercolor crayons look yummy! nancy

  4. A beautiful rose!!!
    I'd love to know how easy the wood burning tool is, to use. Perhaps you could do a posting on it.
    Gwen xx

  5. Your rose Rocks!! And all those art supplies are making me drool!! Haha

  6. Good morning, Serena!

    I just admire your style of drawing / painting / rendering!!! :-) The rose looks so lovely!

    Oh, and I am drooling with your new art supplies. It takes me back to the days when I was in University finishing my industrial design course and I do my weekly art supplies shopping!!! I think I want to get those watercolour crayons. I have never tried using those!!


  7. Love me some new art supplies. You got some great stuff. Your simple yet elegant sketching is continues to amaze and delight me.

  8. Hi Serena,
    What a lovely rose!
    Love the Treasure Trove of supplies that you bought! I am sure you came home happy! :)
    Hugs and enjoy

  9. Your work this month has been just beautiful. Participating in AEDM has been great for you, that I can tell for sure. That bounty of supplies looks wonderful.


  10. Fabulous work. Your rose is beautiful.
    I think bread and water is o.k....

  11. Hi Serena :) I am enjoying all your beautiful sketches. The pattern and color in the ones with more than one bloom are just so beautiful to me. Lovely to come back and see what new things you've created.

  12. Hey, you're a third of the way through... You can make it! Maybe - if you're getting stuck for inspiration for smaller projects - start a larger project and work on it a bit each day? I did read the rules (because I had considered joining in myself with various crafts) and I know that's acceptable. Just a thought.

    And, how can you resist buying more supplies? ;)

  13. oooo, what a haul! looks like a lot of inspiration there... lovely drawing and watercolor too!

  14. Food schmood--those supplies look artelicious!
    Lovely rose, too :)

  15. Yummy art supplies! Your sketches are gorgeous, I love having a look into your sketchbook.

  16. omg, serena, how i wish i have all those!!!

    nice colouring as well :)

  17. Drooling at your new goodies pictures. Enjoy playing with them! Looking foward to what you´ll make.

  18. What a lovely rose! And all those new treats should provide hours of fun! Bread and water are a small price to pay :>

  19. Hi Serena,

    Thanks for stopping over on my blog. It's nice to "meet" another Brisbane-ite. I love your work here ... so vibrant!

    Paula :)

  20. What a beautiful rose. I love drawing and painting roses. My husband is always buying me roses and I use them for practice. He loves it when I draw/paint the flowers he gets me.

    I wish I could have gone shopping with you. There are not very many places to buy art supplies here. So of course, it's more expensive. I think I'll order online next time.

  21. The rose is beautiful! And I love all the goodies!! Whoohoo!! Always fun to have new supplies to play with. ;)

  22. The rose is beautiful! And love all the goodies! Whoohoo!! Always fun to have new supplies to play with. ;)

  23. New art supplies! That's my favorite thing to shop for....that and books. Have fun with all your new goodies.

  24. Your shopping excursion looks like it was great fun. I pick up a little pack of oil/acrylic paper a few days ago. Your rose is lovely.

  25. Love the rose!
    And I am suffering from serious shopping envy :)

  26. Seriously good haul! Thanks for letting us drool xx

  27. Wow, what a shopping spree! I love it!! So many goodies to play with. I didn't know Riot sold the wood burning tool, I'll check it out next time i'm in there.