Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Painting a chevron pattern

My daughter, Michelle, redecorated their bedroom recently 
and I offered to paint a chevron pattern on a couple of canvasses that she had. 

I found a template which was available for free at this link
Thank you, Billie Monster
I used the template as a guide only because my chevron strips were different in widths. 
It's not an easy task to mark out a precise pattern 
on canvasses that aren't perfectly squared but, 
after some trial and error, I managed to fit it okay. 

I used blue low-tack artists' tape to mark out the chevron shapes
for each colour application. 
Then I had to lighten the yellow a little so 
I just free-handed the last couple of coats with a flat brush 
because I couldn't be bothered putting the tape back on again. 

The yellow was the last colour applied.

They look pretty good on their bedroom wall if I do say so myself. 
Does my daughter have a talent for interior design or what?!! 
I just LOVE their new bedroom look!

No, I didn't paint the zebra canvas. 
It was a canvas photo print from Kmart.

I very much enjoyed splashing acrylic paint around again.
I didn't realise how much I had missed it.


JJ said...

Looks gorgeous Serena, and I do love the colour scheme!!

Anonymous said...

looks beautiful , she also i an amazing decorating job!

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, J-j. I agree, their colour scheme is gorgeous!

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks, Laurie. I've said for years that Michelle could easily have been an interior designer. She has a great eye for design and I always run to her for advice. :)

Julie said...

She got it from her Mama!!!!! Neat color scheme! so alive!!!!!

Carol said...

Love the whole bedroom and those canvas do make the Zebra painting really POP! She can decorate my bedroom....I'm stuck .

Rita said...

I could have sworn I commented on this, but blogger has been acting up for me. I love the bedroom and your chevron canvases go perfectly with the rest of the decor. Michelle is as talented as her mother. ;)

Tracey FK said...

This does look amazing...I am sure it was probably quite calming to paint once you got into it... What a fabulous room

Serena Lewis said...

Awwww....thanks, Julie. Yep, the colour work great together. :)

Serena Lewis said...

I agree, Carol. Michelle is so talented...I'm a very proud Mum. :)

Serena Lewis said...

This is the only comment that came through to my email but I too have had instances like that where I could swear I'd already commented on a post. Michelle is so talented....I love how she works her magic in the home. :)

Serena Lewis said...

The biggest pain was putting all the Artists' tape on the canvas so I could block out segments of colour and get neat edges. I found that free-handing the yellow strips was indeed quite calming. xo