Friday, 6 June 2014

Two little artists in residence

I had these two adorable, little artists visit me a week ago.
They shared their expertise on how to throw caution to the wind 
and just enjoy the process of making art without rules.

Maddy was diligent at loading her brush with paint 
and then splashing it about in the water dish. 
Lots of water ended up on her paper but not a lot of paint. 

Mikayla studiously worked away at her own masterpiece....

....until she was awestruck by Maddy's approach to art

At one point, Mikayla couldn't bear to watch a moment longer. (just kidding)
Maddy was very pleased with herself indeed.

OH, how I love having my beautiful granddaughters over for a visit! 


Speaking of art, 
it appeared that someone had taken a paintbrush to the sky 
the other morning.


I went to Reece's place on the weekend
to help hang the multi-canvas painting I did for him.

I have been busy painting and also sketching 
so lots to share later....


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Mikayla and Maddy seem like they are most definitely two future gifted artists :) they have an artist's curiosity! I hope all is well Serena!

Unknown said...

Your photos are amazing!! How lucky to have such wonderful residents :) They teach us so much, don't they!! I have truly enjoyed my visit here to your blog.

Ileana said...

Beautiful, fun-loving and creative little girls. They took after gradma, no doubt, and OMG, that painting looks amazing, so vibrant, up on the wall. Great work!

Merlesworld said...

Cute little grand daughters, little free spirits.
That sky is very different.

Jennifer Rose said...

cirrus clouds, very pretty :)

always good to see kids being creative :D

Rita said...

The clouds do look sketchy-painted. I love-love-love how the bonsai tree panels turned out!! But most of all I was bowled over by how big those grand-girls are already--OMG! So sweet I could just eat them up! And playing with paints already...of course. ;)

Pam said...

Love to see little ones wanting to do art of any kind! Loving the clouds.