Tuesday 24 April 2007

Baby Birth Plaque

What a week! My Mum was taken into hospital on the weekend and ended up having emergency surgery. She's doing fine but will need more surgery in a couple of weeks. She's back home so I'm going to visit her this morning as I haven't had a chance before now due to being sick myself. I'm wondering if perhaps I'm anaemic.....I haven't eaten meat for two years now although I still eat seafood and take vitamin supplements when I remember.

Baby Birth plaque - © Serena Lewis (acknowledgment in part to Ladybug Creations)

I finished the birth plaque yesterday. I pixelated the baby's name for privacy reasons but, all in all, I think it turned out pretty cute! As my own art leans towards realism, I don't usually paint whimsical designs apart from when I'm asked to paint a baby birth plaque or a name plaque for a child. I often rely on the creative mind of Jan McGraw Ladybug Creations who creates the most gorgeous whimsical designs. She is not only creative but extremely generous because, each month, she offers one of her designs FREE for download. I have purchased several of her CDs over the years too. That cute little puppy on the skate is one of her designs.

I also added an extra touch to my daughter's Feng Shui clock but still waiting on the clock hands. I'll try to post a pic later today.

Must dash for now as I need to get my son organised for school ~


  1. Great plaque! I'm sorry about your mom, I hope she feels better fast.

    I went off meat 13 years ago, but still eat seafood (must. have. sushi!). Spinach is good for iron. Orange juice also helps with iron absorption.


  2. Thanks, stapeliad. Well done on being off meat for 13 years! I haven't missed eating meat at all and I can't see myself ever eating it again. Thanks for the tips on keeping my iron levels up. I'm adding spinach and orange juice to my shopping list. :)