Sunday 28 March 2010

Earth Hour

 Pigma Micron Pen, watercolour pencils & coloured pencils in A5 sketchbook
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Last night we took part in Earth Hour so, at 8:30pm, we switched off all the lights and turned off computers and electrical appliances at the wall sockets for an hour. Aaron and I had planned to do some sketching by candlelight but that didn't last long when we discovered how difficult it was to see clearly with all the cast shadows and dim light from the candles.  We opted to leave the colouring part until today...definitely a job more suited to electrical lighting or daylight.   Eye-strain must have been quite common in generations gone by where reading by candlelight was the norm.   Bradley and I decided to sing a few songs together and then, Aaron joined us for a game of Eye Spy which had us all laughing heaps.  We enjoyed the quality time together and were happy to be part of the worldwide movement.


I'm still playing with the new Designer templates and, again, your feedback is very much appreciated.  I like this one but then I don't, however, I'm not sure if that's because I'm used to a lighter background on my blog as I've never had a dark background on my blog before.   How do you find it?  Is the text clear enough?

Love, light and peace


  1. It was such a beautiful night we just stayed in the garden looking up. :)

  2. We, too, participated in Earth Hour. Although I did cheat a bit and left the TV on because I was right in the middle of watching "Miss Potter"....I didn't want to miss any of it. We turned off everything else so hopefully we helped a tiny bit.

  3. Earth hour. Is that an Australian thing or am I just totally out of touch?

    I like the look a lot, and the text is very clear. I think the gray goes well with your header.

  4. Hi Serena, I took part in the Earth Hour too! :)
    I really enjoyed sitting in the living room by candlelight with my DH snd fur baby. :)
    You are a person of light and happiness so a light background suits your blog better.


  5. Janet - Miss Potter was a beautiful movie!

    Norma - Thanks, I think I needed to hear that....the darker template just didn't feel quite right to me so it's gone now. Maybe I'll play with different colours for a bit.

    Jason - Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. While I liked the darker template, I just couldn't get used to it so my previous one is back temporarily. Decisions, Oh, and Earth Hour was worldwide and has been going for about 4 years now. It's basically where people are encouraged to make an effort in lessening their carbon footprint on the plant. :)

  6. I too sat in candle light and loved the peace. I really should do this every night! I just discovered the new blogger it!

  7. Caroline - I was thinking of doing the candlelight evening once a week because we had fun and it was relaxing. Hey, aren't the new blogger templates cool?! I'm still playing around and I want to update my header too.

  8. Was easy for me, I was sleeping--hehe! I am out of the loop. I didn't know they had been doing this for a few years. Is it always on the same day? March 28th?

    Sounds like a great idea to do that once a week. Have a quiet night with family--wonderful connecting time. Love your sketch, too. :)

  9. How peaceful...and a lovely new tradition! I use candles all the time, but especially in the evening!

    Nice to see you again, Serena~
    Calli :)

  10. I like your new layout.

    I was going to join in and then completely forgot.