Tuesday 30 March 2010

PHOTO MONDAY - My favourite colour

It was impossible for me to choose just one colour because, truth be known, I have more than one favourite colour.  In my childhood, my favourite colour was lime green and still holds a place in my heart.

my teens brought my love for purples and turquoise blues

magenta also gets a mention

my studio reflects my love of these colours

i also adore teals!

So, turquoise to teal blues, lime greens and purples = my fave colours

What is your favourite colour/s?


I forgot to let you all know how you did in the 'Feet' matching challenge.   
Watch this space...........I'll be back (said in my best Schwarzenegger voice)


Okay.....I'm back!

Last week, I put out a challenge for you to match the feet (pictured below) with their rightful owners.

...but guess what??

Nobody guessed correctly!

Pictured below are the rightful owners of the feet

Yes, those monstrosities DO belong to Aaron, poor kid.  He gets them from his father's side.

If you note Aaron's fingers (pictured below), you will see they match his nail-bitten feet too.  
I don't know how to stop him biting his nails....he's relentless!

Anywhoo, technically nobody won the challenge.....but I commend you all for a gallant and hilarious effort.


we loved reading your answers SO much that I decided to reward your efforts.

I put the names of ALL the people who participated into the draw.

So, without further ado.....

We had 13 entries

...which went into a bowl

Aaron did the honours

....and the winner is

Congratulations, Rita!!! 
Please email me your snail address and I will send you a prize.

Thanks again to all who participated ~ xo

Love, light and peace


  1. Serena, your colors are so beautiful...an extention of your personality I believe...lovely art as always...Shelly

  2. oh I love lime green also...have many shirts that colour...I am also liking lime grren and pink and pink and brown.....bring on the results of the feet matching contest....

  3. What beautiful colors! And the feet thing was too too funny! Congrats Rita!!

  4. Ok, I had to come back. I just posted the previous comment and clicked on something on your blog and found myself on your post dated 3/3/09 Mantra Monday with your beautiful affirmation card "I am listening to the whispers". I laughed. Because it was so fitting with my post & your comment to me today. So ok, yes I get it, I am listening now. Synchronicity. And beautiful cards by the way.

  5. Well, for heaven's sake.! Doesn't Brad have the cutest little toesies.... I was sure those were Aaron's .... if Aaron grows into his...he is gonna be a tall guy.....

  6. What a fun contest! Somehow I missed it! I think I coulda gotten it right! :) Anyhow...everyone has such cute feet...especially Cody!!!

    My fav colors are yellow and orange! Oh, I suppose I should include red and pink too...and green... :)

  7. First, congratulations to Rita for winning.

    You and I seem to like the same colors. Although purple is my all-time favorite color I also like lime green and turquoise and teal. I like the pinkish colors if they intense....not much for the washed out baby pinks!!

  8. I love to live with and wear the teal/aqua shades, but have found over the last couple of years a real attraction to the lime/apple green. Looks as though we have a lot of the same faves.

  9. Darn it... I meant to try guessing but I forgot to come back and put in my answers, LOL. Congratulations Rita. I made myself limit my pick to just one color, but the green/blue/purple range is my favorite. Oh heck, I love all the colors!

  10. lol, my brother used to bite his toe nails too, we could never understand why

  11. congrats rita :)

    hmm my fav. colour is green. pretty much any shade of green. i love those pillows :D

    have you tried that nasty tasting polish to try to stop biting nails? I've had friends that actually liked the taste. blah :p

  12. The pictures you posted of you choosing the winner were a lot of fun! Great idea!

    My second kid loves lime green and we've recently painted her room just that colour!

    Blue is my passion!

  13. Lovely post and as usual you are full of inspiration and ideas! I have been drawn in my lime green lately. Every time I see someone wearing it I have to comment on it.
    That is funny that no one matched the feet correctly and congrats to Rita!
    Have a great day,

  14. My favorite color changes from day to day with my mood-LOL

  15. Serena! I am so excited!! I can't believe no one got it right. So funny! I don't know how to get to your email address. When I click on the link it won't work for me. I don't think I have the right program? Anyways--if you can email me (soulcomfort at gmail dot com) I'll send you my snail mail address and await a gift from you with great anticipation!! :):)

    Thanks Everybody! I feel sooo lucky!!

    Colors--I like a lot of color combinations, too. My favorite bold colors involve deep shades of blues and greens with accent color/colors of yellows, reds, and/or purples. (Why I love so much of your art!) When it comes to pastels--blue and greens with yellow, rose/pink, and lavender. I don't know--that is probably too many colors to pick a favorite combination. Depends on what it is for. Black, browns, and creams are also great together....just love colors too much...:):)

    So excited I won--babbling, sorry! XO

  16. Loved all the beautiful photos in this post. My favorites are purple and green together, love that combo.

  17. OMG this made me laugh! LOL
    I wouldn't have guessed Aaron's feet... but I would have gotten Cody's feet right! :)