Sunday 7 March 2010

More sketches and some Thailand pics

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend. It has still been raining on and off here to the point where some areas in Queensland suffered the worst floods they've had in over a century. My backyard is still like a swamp after three weeks and, for three nights straight, I barely got any sleep because the frogs and toads were making dreadfully loud noises all night long. That is not an exaggeration either.....the sounds vibrated throughout the house and we could barely hear the TV or ourselves talk for that matter. Over the week, I did manage a couple more pages in my Nature and Animal journal using photo references from pics I have taken recently.

Watercolour and Pigma Micron pen in A4 sketchbook
Click on any image to enlarge

Watercolour, a little coloured pencil, and Pigma Micron pen in A4 sketchbook


As mentioned in a previous post, Reece and Sarina arrived back on Saturday, Feb. 27th, from their holiday to Thailand. They had a fabulous time and took lots of pics while they were there so I thought I'd show you a few pics each day over the next week or so. One of the highlights for them was the elephant rides through the jungle.

I LOVE this pic of them on the elephant.
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More tomorrow.....

Love, light and peace


  1. more great sketches with lots of info to read :)

    they rode the elephant themselves? thats so cool :)

  2. Ross and Serena are much braver than I could have managed, but I love the photos!
    Your journal pages are delightful! Great sketches, and I especially admire the overall composition combining the text with the drawings.

  3. Well I left a comment, I thought, but don't see it. In any case, I mis-named Reece and Sarina "Ross and Serena"....geez! Anyway I enjoyed the photos of them with the elephants.
    And I love the journal pages. The sketches are great, and I especially admire your composition, combining the text and the drawings. Nice work!

  4. Elephant riding!! Now there's something you won't do every day!!! Looks like they enjoyed it immensely!!

    Love your journal pages...and I'm sorry about the noise from the frogs and toads...I can't even begin to imagine how loud that would be, but if you can't hear the tv or yourselves talking over it, it must be horrible!! Hope the rains cease soon!! xo

  5. Just as I am reading about all your rain, it is pouring here. As it is Sunday and I do the Point Loma Farmer's Market on sundays, this is not a good thing. It is supposed to be rain or shine, but with fabric items for sale, I will not be going today. We, too, have had a lot of rain this winter. Well, a lot of Southern California. And it has rained 7 out of the last 9 weekends! Enough already!

    Love the elephant pictures! How exciting!

    Hope you dry out soon!


  6. Hi Serena, saw on the news here about the floods there, but was amazed to read what you wrote about the sound of the frogs and toads, wow!

    The photos with the elephant are awesome.

  7. Love the pictures of the elephant ride! I can't imagine being on the back of an elephant in the jungle--hehe!

    The Ibis--if they spray the eggs with oil, don't the adults still sit on the eggs and get oil all over them? What does the oil do to the birds and the environment? I'd wonder about that, too! ??

    The frogs are really driving you crazy with their nightly chorus. I guess all you can do it get ear plugs and be glad they are eating a hell-of-a-lot of bugs!! hehe! :)

    Looking forward to the rest of the pictures. Love the sketches and the color and shading is so perfect. :)

  8. I can't imagine that many frogs and toads all making noise at the same time!

    Gorgeous photos of Thailand. How fantastic to ride an elephant! It looks like they had a good time.

  9. Hi Serena,
    Those frogs must be very loud!
    :-) Wonderful pictures from Thailand. Is Reece your son? I am not sure who all is in your family...
    Your nature pictures are amazing!

  10. Now those are some LOUD amphibians!

    And these Thailand photos are fantastic. On oh-so many levels. :)

  11. First off, I'm jealous, I would love to ride that elephant, ......great pics of them.

    Love your sketches and enjoyed reading the text on them!

    I had heard about Australia's weather but wasn't sure where you were and if you were affected.

  12. I must say your sketches in your journal or book are just outstanding and your lettering is beyond what most attempt to do. You are very good at both. I have no idea what your plans are for the book but if I were you I would approach a newspaper or magazine and see if they are interested.

    It really is great stuff.

  13. Wonderful sketches Serena!! I love the way you wrote about them too! I cannot imagine hearing such loud frogs! Hope they quiet down soon and the raining takes a break. Looks like your kids had a wonderful time in Thailand! How cool is that :D

  14. Hi Serena,

    I love your sketches and I know how noisey those little frogs can be. When I lived in the Caribbean they were all over the place. They got even louder after it rained. :)
    Lovely photos of Reece and Sarina in Thailand. I bet they had fun.
    Hugs and hopefully soon, I can be back in Blog land.

  15. Hi Serena,
    OMG, your drawings are so way out there, fantastic.
    You've really captured the colours and finer details.
    Ah, love the photos of the happy, gorgeous couple.
    Have a great week.

  16. Great post, your sketches are great

  17. Love your drawings. The photos from Thailand look like such an exotic paradise. Love the elephant picture.

  18. Hi Serena

    I have been wondering why Sarina and Reece were wearing one of each other's shoes!

    Great pics - what an awesome experience.


  19. Wow! that would be pretty amazing riding an elephant! What great photos! Looks like they had a wonderful time:-)

    Love your sketches Serena!

  20. Serena, you sure made some beautiful kids!

    It must be amazing to be surrounded by so much vibrant nature! Even frogs! I know the floods have been tough but you guys need the rain so badly so I'm glad for you.


  21. Loud frogs! How rude.....
    Love the drawing of the ibis, but don't actually like them in real life. They are always dirty in Sydney where I see them. And scary!

  22. Your sketches are so lovely - really captured those ibis, too. We have them here in SW Florida, and they can be challenging to draw. Love the frogs, too.

  23. Thanks, everyone...glad you enjoyed the pics! :)

    Jennifer - Yes, they got to ride them although the guide was never too far away. :)

    Tamerie - Yes, same here. It is still raining on and off and just enough where my backyard remains a stinky, stagnant, tadpole infested swamp. :(

    Rita - Yes, I have those same concerns about them spraying the Ibis eggs with oil. :(

    Gemma - Yes, Reece is my son and Sarina is his girlfriend. :)

    Thanks, Abe! I never thought of publishing my journals...I do them for my own pleasure but also because I think they would make nice keepsakes for my kids and grandkids.

    Judy, I hadn't noticed the differences in their shoe colour til you mentioned it but, in actual fact, they are each wearing their own shoes. I think the difference in colour has to be due to where their feet are in relation to the sun and shade.

    Jessica, you are right. We suffered drought for so long and we really did need the rain. Our dams are over 90% full now which is fabulous! I try not to complain too much although I do have concerns about the backyard.

  24. Your sketchbook pages are delightful...and your handwriting as impeccable as ever...Beautiful in itself.

    I love the Elephant photos too...what a trip! :)

  25. Great sketches Mum! I wish I could draw like you.

    I love the pics of Reece and Sarina with the Elephants.

  26. Wonderful, wonderful journal entries.