Sunday 14 March 2010

Thai Temple Tour

Hi everyone,

I know I was supposed to be back days ago to post more pics from Reece (my son) and Sarina's (Reece's girlfriend) recent trip to Thailand but life gets in the way sometimes. Better late than never, right? promised...

The following pics are from a day out touring temples. There were lots of temples to see and each were spectacular in their own right. I have chosen just a few pics from the many Reece and Sarina took.

Remember you can click any image to enlarge it

Standing in front of a temple entrance

Inside one of the temples

Reece (below) standing beside a huge Resting Buddha was impossible for them to get the whole Buddha in a single shot

A stunning red and gold temple

I like the perspective of this one

These (below) are tombs. Reece was told that the tombs are decorated in a mosaic fashion using pieces of chinaware/crockery. Apparently, local restaurants send any broken chinaware/crockery to the craftspeople and it is also used to create these stunning designs.

The Buddha sculptures are quite impressive and,
according to Reece and Sarina, this one was huge!

The Buddha below is solid Thai gold

The Buddha pictured below is under construction and massive in size.
Reece said that it can be seen from anywhere in Thailand.

Reece being Reece

...and Sarina being Sarina


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It was Michelle's birthday today and she and Alex came over for lunch. Mum and Dad were here also and we all had a nice, relaxing time together. I hope your weekend was restful and happy too.

Love, light and peace


  1. I love the previous post with them on the elephant! Thinking of a family holiday to work towards... Thailand or japan ???? Thailand is looking very nice here! And those two young things are do so fit!!! Sigh... I remember those days!!

  2. gorgeous photos :D those tombs are really impressive looking!

  3. Gorgeous photos! Your blog looks super - the soft blue is really 'you' I think!

  4. Those last two are cute! Nice pictures!

  5. i'm so jealous! they must had a fantastic trip there! magic places and photos...

  6. Gorgeous photos! I love the one of the tombs....I'm sure they're impressive in person.

    Your blog looks great and loaded fast and without any problems. I'm going to check that out. Thanks for the tip.

  7. Oh wow Serena!!! Thanks so much for sharing these. Thailand is absolutely gorgeous and I love seeing all the Buddhist pics. So beautiful and how wonderful a trip they must have had. They are such a cute and I adore their matching white cotton outfits.


  8. What a cute couple! I love the last two photos tremendously...lots of personality in each...:)

    Those tombs are unbelieveable...What a feast for the eyes! Thanks for sharing! :)

  9. The pictures look great and I had no problem loading the blog. Might have to check out the new templates, too. I like the way yours has just the two columns this way. The pictures look larger for some reason. Anyways, what a wonderful time they had! You picked some great photos! :)

  10. Thanks for sharing all those lovely Buddhas with us, Serena. I had no problem at all with the load time. It might even have been faster than the old template.

    Reece "lifting" that wall was hilarious... clearly you gifted your son with a wonderful sense of play. :)

  11. What a gorgeous couple in a gorgeous land!!! WOW!!!

  12. What a wonderful trip Reese had to Thailand. And such fun photos.
    Oh- and I was so excited to see the earlier post about Michelle setting a wedding date. Isn't that just the best news???

  13. Thank you for the trip to Thailand. It looks like an incredible place to visit.

  14. Wow, those are amazing. It's all so different from anything I've ever seen before. Quite magical!

  15. Luv the new bog template and colour! It is loading fine and easy to navigate through.

    I am so jelouse of their trip to Thailand. Maybe one day Alex and I can make it there.

  16. I have never been to Thailand (well once for a stopover to Vietnam).. it looks beautiful.

    I don't have firefox and had no problem with loading this new blog template :)