Friday 26 March 2010

Under attack and........more Thailand pics

I'm not very happy at the moment. If you've been following my blog, you will know that, due to a very wet February, we have been dealing with a backyard swamp which has been host to a gazillion tadpoles and a vast variety of insects. The stench makes you squish your nose up in distaste. The past two weeks has been fairly dry weather-wise so the ground is drying up although the stagnant stench is still quite bad. These conditions have been perfect for encouraging even more pests and, over the past few days, the lawn has been getting eaten away by what I think is Army Worms. The owner seriously needs to install proper drainage as the swamp-like conditions were also to blame for the termite infestation we are currently being treated for. I've never rented a house with so many major issues before. Anywhoo, I sat under the awning of our front entrance this morning and did a quick sketch of the front lawn damage. I did some research on the net and, apparently, I need to hit the lawn with a fast-acting fertiliser to help bring it back to its former glory. I sure hope it works.

Pigma Micron pen in A5 sketchbook
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Now for more Thailand pics

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One day, Reece and Sarina hired a moped and went for a ride to the Phuket zoo. Reece said that the conditions for the animals were very poor by Australian standards so it was bitter-sweet for him in some ways. He's a bit of a softie like his Mum. This is the part of Thailand I would probably have a hard time coping with although I do understand that it's a different culture and it's their livelihood. However, it doesn't stop me feeling bad for wild animals in captivity anywhere, let alone when it's under poor conditions and chained up. These poor tigers should be out roaming free. :(

Born to be wild.....hehe

A Thailand!

To infinity....and beyond

Sarina riding a rhino

The actual entrance to the aquarium

And that's all for today, folks.

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. Wow wonderful photos of the Thailand trip!! Looks like a beautiful place.

    Sorry to hear about your swamp problems, sounds awful and the sound of those army worms give me the heebie jeebies!!! Hopefully things will get back to normal soon. Surely your landlord should be taking care of these things for you?

  2. LOL, I love the sketch in the corner of "the culprit".

    The landlord really needs to do something about the problem. It is so bad.

  3. This drainage problem sounds absolutely disgusting and horrible! I hope the owner will listen and do something. Lawsy!!!

    Hang tight, Serena!

  4. Oh just catching up on your have been so busy! The Thailand pics are incredible. So sorry about the buggy and swampy back yard! Hope things begin to dry out a bit.

  5. Oh dear I hope your bug and swamp problem is sorted out soon. Can you not complain to the environment people about it. Then the landlord might get his skates on.
    Love all the pictures of Thailand. I wonder why all the tigers are so docile over there LOL!

  6. Tadpoles, army worms, and swamp stench--my goodness! Poor Cody has had no yard to romp in at all. :( I hope you can get your yard back. You'd think you could deduct the cost of fertilizer and grass seed from your rent!

    I would be too sad to see lifeless tigers chained up like that, too. I wonder if they pull teeth out of their mouths, too--I have read about that. I couldn't take that, either, Serena. I don't even like it when people leave their dogs tied out in the yard day in and day out. Breaks my heart to see a tiger like that. :(

    But, the pictures are great, as usual. And your sketchbook pages, too. I hope the sun keeps shining and drying everything up for you guys!! :):)

  7. ugh hope the stench goes away and the lawn recovers. yes the landlord does need to do something about the problem.

    I'd love to pet a tiger, but they looked drugged there :/

  8. Sorry about your swamp issues Serena!! That's terrible!

    Beautiful Thailand pics. Gorgeous!

  9. I am sorry that you have more pests to deal with. Those pics from Thailand are just wonderful.

  10. I'm so sorry to hear you are unhappy and the swampy conditions of your yard. I have to admit though, although I don't envy the water problem I felt a twinge of excitement when you mentioned tadpoles! I do love my frogs!