Wednesday 6 July 2011

keeping busy

i managed to escape the nasty gastric bug aaron had last week but the decorating bug still has a firm grip on me. i bought a new quilt cover set the other day when pillowtalk were having their sales and i've been changing a few things around in my bedroom. pics to follow in a later post.

michelle must have caught the same decorating bug because she has been busy with mikayla's room. i have been given the task of re-painting this little, shelf-sitter fairy who has been in the wars over the years with a few breaks and glue back togethers. i helped michelle paint this ceramic fairy back when she was a young girl so it has a lot of sentimental value for her.  now, michelle wants the fairy to have a fresh, new look so she matches in better with mikayla's room colours which will be mostly lime green and fuchsia/magenta pink.

here she is with the first layer coat of colours
lots more to do yet


have you ever made paper flowers?

i was taught to make them from normal-sized tissues by a friend of the family way back when i was a young child and now they have made a giant-sized comeback using florist tissue paper....particularly for wedding decorations.

recently, michelle found a 'how-to make paper flowers/pom-poms' on martha stewart's site and wanted to make some for mikayla's room. we used gift wrap tissue paper which worked well but you need to be very gentle when pulling the papers apart for the petals.  the more layers of paper, the fuller the flower will be.

they look quite effective, don't you think?
and we had quite a bit of fun making them


we are in for quite a cold snap over the next few days so i've been busying myself with the sticks again. the knitted slippers i made have been keeping my feet toasty warm at night so, this time, i'm knitting myself a pair of pink bed-socks.


btw, i was asked why it will take so long (october 7th) to get the results from the biopsies taken during my surgery. you see, i'm going through the public hospital system which means i won't have to pay for anything. the down-side is that there is a longer waiting time. however, IF my results showed something needing urgent attention, i would be notified and called in sooner to get the news....hence, the reason i'll be happy to wait until october as this will mean there were no issues for concern.

for those who celebrated, i hope you all had a wonderful fourth of july and canada day weekend!

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. I had a bouquet of paper flowers one of my boys made for me. I love the ones on the wall, stunning

  2. v v cold wintery snap here too... trying to keep warm! good news with your biopsies... yes I go through the public system too, its not so bad!!

    Love those tissue flowers and used to make them too when I was young!

  3. You girls are going wild lately! :) Those pom-poms are cute and the fairy is going to be bright and fit into Mikayla's room beautifully. Can hardly wait to see it when it is done (or on progress pics!) and your new bedroom quilt.

    Yes! I think you need more booties when it is cold down there. ;)

    Makes sense about the waiting. They let people know if there's something obviously suspicious, so it's a good thing not to hear from them.

    I hope you are staying warm. Are you making any booties for Michelle? I know you already made some for Mikayla. ;)

  4. Jane, how lovely that you have a bouquet of flowers made by your son...all the more special.

    Winterwood, I too think our public hospitals do as good a job as they can given the funds they have to work with. I've never had an issue and we've always been treated well.

    Rita, yes, we have kinda gone wild with the's been fun too! I would gladly knit up a pair for Michelle if she wanted me to but she's not a bed sock kinda gal.

  5. love the poofy flowers, they look really good on the wall

    i'd be happy to wait until October too if it was free, good to know if something is found tho you get told sooner

  6. Those paper flowers are magnificent! I've seen ones like it but not that big. Boy do they ever make a lovely statement! I've even seen much smaller versions made out of comic strips and newspaper...FUN!

    Love the fairy make-over and the socks are awesome too!

  7. Hi Serena,

    So happy to hear you didn't catch the Bug!
    I love that little ceramic angel that you are giving New Life to! I love doing that. Taking something OLD and making it look New again! I am sure it will be lovely! I am in love with those flowers especially the BIG ONE! They turned out great!

  8. Paper flowers are so colorful and fun!!! These look fantastic on her wall!!! Best wishes for excellent lab results!!! I hope you will show your completeed bed socks...they are a nice color!!!

  9. sweet little the tissue flowers ..bold and funky for the baby's room..glad you haven't heard from the dr. take care and keep warm..our summer is finally hear on the west coast of canada

  10. I love the ceramic angel that you are working on. It's looking great. Those flowers are beautiful and they look great on the wall. I don't want to sound like a prude but, those flowers won't come falling down on baby, right?? I'll worry about that until you tell me they are on the wall forever! Tee hee. I'm a worry wart and I seen the crib and thought about sweet baby Mikayla. Oh darn, now I go and spoil it all, I'm sorry. I was just concerned. :((( walking out embarressed. Never the less, it looks great Serena. Glad you are better.

  11. lovely post- and in your case i hope 'no news is good news' I adore those paper flowers thanks for letting us know where to learn to make them- I must have had a deprived childhood as I never learned to make them then.
    Johnina :^A

  12. I love the bright color combination on the fairy and in Mikayla's room. So pretty. Your slippers look so comfy. When it's cold, I love doing indoor projects, too.

  13. Those huge, fluffy, bright flowers look great! I'm sure Mikayla will enjoy looking at them from her crib.

    I wish I had some of your cold weather about now. It's so hot here and I don't have any energy.

  14. Hey Serena! We're back from Nepal! What an experience! I can see you've been busy painting and making things. I haven't made tissue flowers since I was about 10 years old. It was all the rage then! :) Glad to hear you are well. Take care and best wishes, Tammy

  15. Hi Sweetheart!!!
    Thanks so much for your visit! I have missed you! I LOVE these large flowers you and Michelle made! Totally awesome!
    I need to go back now and catch up a little with all you've been up to!!
    Missed you so, hope to get back on track now :)