Tuesday, 12 July 2011

self-portrait, triptych and more

another busy week has passed and, unfortunately, i spent two days of it in absolute agony every time i moved my right arm.  i suspect the damage may have happened when i helped michelle move a chest of drawers out of mikayla's room as we had to lift from the top and carry it, holding our elbows out to the side like wings.  the next evening i started getting severe pain in my right shoulder.  i think i may have pulled a muscle but it completely debilitated me to the point where i had to get a lot of help from aaron and bradley to do basic chores.  it got so bad, i ended up taking some strong anti-inflammatory medication and thankfully, by the following morning, the severe pain had eased by half and has now ceased altogether. YAY!

i'd arrranged a doctor's appointment for saturday and, as my car is a little risky to drive right now, aaron and i walked up to the clinic which isn't too far from home.  the pic below was a section of the route we took.  it was nice to be walking through the nature strips again...it's been awhile.

WEEK 27 in th 52 weeks of ME project

i had nerve studies done on my hands last thursday as, you may remember, i've been dealing with painful hands and feet for over a year now.  the results showed that i do have mild to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands but the pain is worse in my right hand due to whatever arthritic condition i have.  so, this will mean wearing splints at night which should hopefully stop the carpel tunnel syndrome from getting worse thereby avoiding surgery down the track.  my doctor also wants me to see a rheumatologist so, hopefully, we'll get to the bottom of my ache and pains once and for all.

as promised, here is a pic of the new quilt cover set i bought on sale last week.  the blues and greens are still there but there is now some pink/magenta thrown into the mix.  i'm still changing things about but here it is so far.  i plan to do a different painting for the wall behind my bed.  it will include all the room colours or maybe i'll re-paint the rose painting i did years ago so it leans more to magenta pink.

an evening shot

i got my weeks mixed up so you get an extra self-portrait this week....lucky you! lol

michelle recruited me to paint a simple design on a triptych for mikayla's room.
michelle is very much involved in the designing process and here is the middle canvas so far.

school holidays are over so aaron started back today.
i miss him already.

i'm off to get ready to head over to michelle's place where we will be doing more work on mikayla's room.  it's looking beautiful so far.....pics coming soon!

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. Gorgeous!! Just Gorgeous that room IS!! Love all the bright flowers and you can sure pull off pink!! Hope you feel better soon, I think by that last picture you are on the ROAD to RECOVERY with a Smile :D

  2. Your bedroom looks so cheery and bright. The colors you're suing are some of my favs.

    I hope you can get some relief from all the pain you've been having. Take care of yourself!

  3. Oh, I love that rose pic on your wall above your bed!!! Your quilt is GORGEOUS!!!!! Can't wait to see Mikaylas room!!!!! Hope the rheumatologist will be a big help for your pain! School is in already there??? Won't start back for another 4 weeks here!!!

  4. You should do more walking. If I had nature trails like that around me, I would be out there each and every day. Right now, temps are above 110 and close to 120 most days, humidity is 70% today and there are gray skies from high dust. Ugh! Sure hope the night splints will help with your hands. When I crochet lately, my hands get real tight. My fingers feel like chunky sausages. :/ What's up with that? I have to stretch them so they don't stiffen up on me. I really need to get to the doctor. Will try next week -- not even sure if my doctor is around for the summer. Your room is looking bright and cheery. It's great that you can make your own paintings to go with the changes in your room. No doubt Mikayla's room is gonna be just as lovely! Best wishes, Tammy

  5. I know how you are feeling, due to lifelong jobs that included lifting, I have chronic pain in my shoulders.. I'm glad the meds took away the pain...hope the drs get to the bottom of your pain...show us the finished work for your grandbaby...take care xxx

  6. what a delightful bedroom! I love those funky bed/quilt covers!

  7. I love the clean simplicity of your bedroom. The colors are so pretty. Our bedroom is such a mish mash of odd furniture. One of these days I'm going to buy new bedding and give the room a facelift. Be careful moving that furniture. I'm sure the baby's room will be stunning by the time you guys are done. PS: I would never guess that you have pain in your hands because your knitting and crocheting are so flawless ;)

  8. Just coming back to say that some of those big paper flowers you and Michelle made for the baby's room would look awesome in your bedroom too!

  9. Love your bedroom and can hardly wait to see Mikayla's finished room, too.

    Glad your shoulder pain went away and hope they find out why the hands and feet are in pain? Hope the splints help your hands.

    What a beautiful place to walk! Hope Aaron is enjoying school. Despite all the pain, you're looking good, Lady!! :):)

  10. Hope you are feeling much better by now.
    Gorgeous colours! So bright and happy.

  11. What a relaxing bedroom Serena. How fun it must be to walk the path your on in the picture. Looks peaceful. You ever run into kangaroos? tee hee. Hope everything gets better Serena, sorry you are in so much pain.

  12. I really love that rose painting..very nice room!

  13. Serena, it's been so long since i've been here. I get so sidetracked with everything i have going on.

    Love the new quilt - your self portrait, and sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel.

    anyway, if i find time soon i'll be back to catch up and if not, i'll be back when i get time and it will be that much better as I'll have lots to look at. Hope all is well with everybody.

  14. you just can't catch a break health wise lately :/

    you room looks so bright and cheery :D such a calm place to catch a nap