Saturday, 2 July 2011

a makeover

i'm feeling better each day as far as the surgery side of things goes, however, aaron has been sick with a gastric bug (my poor baby) for days and he has graciously passed it on to me now.  i've only just started coming down with symptoms so, with a bit of luck, it won't get too good a grip on me.

anywhoo, over the past week, i've been playing about with the colour scheme in my lounge room.

a room which has been at odds with me for quite a while because it's been a hotch-potch of everything. nothing matched and i decided it was high time it did, so i started with this stand and mirror set.

and here they are now

i chose purple, blue and yellow green as my colours for the lounge room

even the metal fish got a makeover too
their purple parts used to be orange

there's more to do in the lounge room but things are meshing so much better now which is making me VERY happy!

have you noticed that i seem to be craving a lot of purple lately?

what's your colour of the moment?

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. Oh Serena, I hope you're able to get through the stomach thing without it laying you flat. When you're healing from surgery that's the last thing you need!

    I love your purples and all looks great. I know what you mean about being on a colour kick...mine is definitely turquoise at the moment...really surprising as I've never felt good around blue!

    Good to hear that you're healing well and have pulled through it all with no problems.

  2. OMGosh! I LOVE what you did to the stand and mirror! And those fish! Awesome! Everybody needs more harmony in their lives, eh? Glad you are feeling surgery better and hope you don't get stomach bug worse. ;)

    I don't know as I have a color of the moment or even a single favorite color--LOL! But I love what you're doing to that room and hope you give us more pictures when you're all done. :)

  3. A girl after my own heart....craving more purple! You must be feeling better if you're starting to re-decorate.

    The table and mirror look great! And the fishies even got their own little touch of purple. I love what you're doing with these colors....but I bet you knew I would.

  4. Great job Serena! I love the changes you've made. I too love purple. I'm finishing up a prayer shawl in the most gorgeous shade of magenta. You'll be happy to know I just purchased some yarn to make the slippers...I'm excited!! If you get a chance, can you let me know what size you made? I'm trying to figure out if I need to adjust the stitches. Have a great weekend!!!

  5. Serena, that room is coming together so beautifully!! I have a real love/hate relationship with it on others but I can't seem to get it right!! I love your color choices and the little details that you've changed. Funny, how we'll one day decide....I've got to do something to this Room....NOW, and then you know what to do :D Get better soon :D

  6. love the colours choices, they go so well together :)

  7. These colors are so dramatic...I love them!!!!! Sure hope you too are feeling better SOOOOONNN!!!!!!!

  8. Oh excellent Serena. How strange because I just went out yesterday and picked up some bright purple nail polish and I really like it. I love what you did with the table and mirror. Good job. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Now you got me wanting some purple somewhere in this house. I don't know if hubber's would want that so I may have to do it in the studio. Except my colors are mango and chili red in there. Have a great weekend Serena and yay for getting better.

  9. Love the make over. The mirror & fish are especially fab.

    Still wishing you a speedy recovery & Aaron too.

  10. love your new choice of colours..very upbeat..sorry to hear you have been daughter and her family have been struck with some sort of stomach flu also..all the best to you..take care..

  11. I love purple Serena, I seem to go between purple and blue. I love the makeovers you have given your furniture and the fish, very stylish. My kind of colours.

  12. Serena,
    Wow, I love it. Peace, light and purple what more could you want.

  13. I'm so glad you are recovering well from the surgery Serena. The new colour scheme looks fantastic.....funnily enough I did our main bedroom out in mauve/purple 2 years ago and was thinking I needed to change it, but might leave it for a while now.

  14. You can't go wrong with a good dose of purple! It's my all time fave colour as well. With my last house I went crazy - I had a pruple pool wall and purple courtyard. Only "Purple People" understood...

    I hope that you're well on the mend with everything. Fingers crossed for benign everything!

    Those socks are an absolute treasure!

  15. What a burst of energy!! Way to go Serena!
    When we change our environment, make it nicer, cozier, prettier, it sure helps us feeling better, too.
    Take care my dear.

  16. Hi Serena,

    Sorry to hear that you have a few symptoms of the bug! Don't let it get you! Hope your son gets better soon.
    I love the color combo that you are using in your room. Isn't it great when we get motivated to switch things around? I have to do something NEW to my studio. It has been bugging me the last couple of days since I got back from vacation. :)

  17. Serena...Love and hugs to you my far off friend... I hope your doing well after your surgery. I'm sending you lots of love and healing wishes to make you whole again. Prayers that the tests come back clean as a crisp fresh white
    I love the new colors... they go so well together... purple is always my favorite, we have very similar tastes... take it easy, pamper your self, get well!!!!
    {{{{{Love & Hugs}}}}}

  18. Love the new color scheme - so lively, and yet serene at the same time. My color of the moment is orange. I used to hate it, but now I appreciate the energy it brings. Hope you feel better soon.