Sunday, 17 July 2011

pyjama day, inspiration and mikayla

it's been a nice, relaxing weekend so far and, today, i declared it a pyjama day
so grabbed the opportunity to take this week's self portrait.

week 28 in the 52 weeks of me project

brad is joining me
i think he would stay in his pyjamas all day every day if he

i'm not normally a pyjamas all day person.
actually, this would be only the third time i've worn pyjamas ALL day long.

i'm wearing the bed socks i just finished knitting recently

with the medical issues, knitting, crochet and decorating projects over the past couple of months, i've barely touched the sketchbooks although i am beginning to feel the urge again.

especially after buying these two books for my collection recently
cathy johnson is truly an inspiration and a very giving and helpful artist!
her flickr albums are here
her art journal workshop blog is here

i've also been taking an AWESOME watercolour class here with another of my favourite artists, alisa burke. i've downloaded all the videos, just need to find time to watch them and put what i learn into practice. i am blown away by the inspiration out there on the net, particularly in blogland, so i guess there's really no excuses for me NOT to create.

hey, check out my gorgeous granddaughter!
michelle took this pic of mikayla last month.
can you believe she's 7 months old now?!!
it was a cold, windy morning so michelle rugged her up nice and warm.

~ our own little eskimo ~

have a blissful weekend, dear friends!!

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. Your little Eskimo is adorable. I sure wouldn't mind a blast of arctic air at the moment.

    Uh-oh -- every day for me is a pajama day! Who wants to get out in heat of 125 degrees. Might be a little coole out there since it is a bit hazy and dusty today. Cooler like in 115 degrees. :/

    I love visiting Alisa Burke. She is one talented lady -- but then again, so are you! Love see your sketches and watercolors! No doubt she will have something exceptional to share very soon.

    Hope you've had a great day. Tammy

  2. Oh what beautiful huge eyes! Love your Pj show, so cool! Your bedroo is so seaside relaxing too.

  3. I love your pj photos!! I love days like that!
    Mikayla is a doll!!! Love her rosey cheeks!!
    It's 100 degrees here ...but I don't complain much :) I enjoy summer MUCH more than our winters! burrrrr

  4. Hi Mum,

    This is a great post! I have to admit I really enjoyed Pyjama Day and you're right, if given the chance, I would spend every day in my pyjamas! They're always more comfy than any other clothes!

    You do a pretty good job on the socks, I love mine that you made me! I'm happy to see you're getting back into your art again, you have been very busy indeed.

    I LOVE the picture of little Mikayla! She looks so gorgeous in what she's wearing! It is hard to believe that Mikayla is 7 months old! Won't be long until she is one year old!

    I look forward to anything you post about!

    Love Brad!

  5. Happy pajama day, Serena! I'm feeling quite lazy today and wish I could stay in my pajamas all day. But we leave for Lake Placid in a few days and I have to get so much done before we leave. Love the pink socks! We must be on the same wave length because I just finished sewing up some pink Mary Jane slippers. I can never thank you enough for that easy and fun pattern!

  6. LOL!! I'm having a pajama day right now! ;)

    I'm glad you are getting back into your art and sketching. I absolutely love to see whatever you've done or are working on.

    I love Cathy Johnson's books, too! I only have a couple. Those look great, too. :) I'm not familiar with Alisa Burke but, from what I could see, she is very talented, too. I'll have to go back and snoop some more. ;)

    Mikayla! She is so precious! Time is flying by. I've been having a blissful pajama weekend--LOL!! Hope yours has been rejuvenating! :)

  7. she looks so much like michelle!

    more people should wear pjs all day, so much more comfy :D

  8. Your pyjamas are so cute! :D I´d be wearing tehm as much as I could too. :D
    Lovely young Eskimo. *sweet*

  9. A more beautiful child, I do not think I've ever seen!!! 7 months! Amazing!!! She is gonna be getting married soon!

    You and Brad look so cute in your PJ's!!!

  10. I had a rainy day pyjama day a while ago but with more rain forecast maybe I will have one again then! those days are sooo relaxing!

  11. She's so beautiful!

    I'm a slippers all day person but not pj's.

  12. Had a great time catching up with you. Wonderful photos and artwork.

  13. PJ days are fun once in awhile. You look snuggly in yours especially with those bed socks.

    I can't believe Mikayla is 7 months old already! She is such a beautiful baby. Those rosy pink cheeks are adorable.

  14. Hi Serena! How are you doing amiga? I love you pj day and how great that your husband joined you. Nothing wrong with wearing pj's all day once in a while and in fact whenever you feel like it. Hip hip hooray for pjs. It's fun in the winter to be all pj'd up and kicking back with the fireplace and a cup of hot chocolate. Oh yeah, I love that. Mikayla is getting so big. She has the most beautiful eyes, kind of like yours. You have big beautiful eyes. Well you take care and I hope you are doing good. Ta ta.

  15. Hi Serena,

    Sorry I have been absent from Blogland but I am back! Just have been really busy.
    Love your pajama day! It was nice that your son joined you for the photo. :)
    I love the bright colors in your room.
    Little Mikayla is beautiful. I love her rosy cheeks. :)
    Take care and lots of hugs

  16. Oh Serena! I love PJ day! I do it as often as I can....which lately hasn't been often enough, come to think of it!

    I love your knitted socks! and your cute cuddly pyjamas!

    I'm finally picking up my paintbrush again! Working on a watercolour for my livingroom! Stop by sometime!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  17. Serena, just catching up on my reading thru google reader and I just had to click thru to tell you that your lil' ESKIMO is absolutely BeAuTiFuL!! Yep, just like her Gma.....enjoying your pics of me for the year!! Good luck with your nerve studies, hope that it helps :D

  18. Your little eskimo is ADORABLE...