Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunday Snippets and sketches

I'm puppy-sitting for Michelle and Alex this long weekend.
Abbey is SO cute, don't you think?!

And here is my sweet Cody astride the couch arm
peering out the window.

I'm making progress on the blanket.

I LOVE toast with marmalade for brekkie.
I don't have it regularly but I spoiled myself a couple of mornings this week.

Delicious bananas and pears!


I haven't had a lot of time to sketch lately as I'm putting most of my spare time into finishing the blanket for my granddaughter.  I also have oodles of baby bootees to do too.  Michelle came two weeks early with Mikayla so I'm panicking as Grandbaby No. 2 is due early November. 
So much still to do and time is fast running out!  

Anywhoo, these are a couple of sketches I did earlier in the month.
Pencil-free, on location, using either ballpoint pen or Faber-Castell Artists PITT pens
and a little watercolour in my pocket Moleskine sketch journal.
I added the watercolour later at home.


Okay, I'm considering whether or not to sign up for BlogtoberFest.
It would mean blogging every day starting from tomorrow
for the month of October.
Am I crazy for considering this challenge?
Most likely!!

However, my line of thinking is this -

I usually participate in the November
Creative Every Day Month challenge each year and
I do have a personal sketch challenge on the horizon that both
these challenges could well serve.

I'll sign up and see how I go....
No harm in trying, right?

Anyone care to join me??


I hope you're all enjoying a lovely weekend.
We've had a bit of rain here with more expected.

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. your Cody is so hug-able! I once signed up for a december challenge, and really regretted it, I did it but it was sweat and tears most of the way! lol... will be checking to see how yours goes!

    1. I think he is too, Krissie. I've done the November Art Every Day Month for a few years now and, yes, I certainly do feel the pressure here and there throughout the month but, so far, I've always enjoyed completing the challenge. Me thinks I have probably taken on more than I can chew with this one but, as much as I hate working under pressure, I seem to do better working under pressure, if that make any sense. lol

  2. Cute pups! and your food pictures are a delight for the eyes and the tummy. I love toast with jam (I add butter too because I am bad that way).
    I don't know about "blogging" but I am participating in "30 days of get your art on" with Traci Bunkers and I hope to post pictures each day of the "art" I am getting on. It is in preparation for AEDM (even though I am creative everyday, I feel the need for a pack).
    Have a great day!

    1. I have butter on my toast with marmalade too. :)

      Ah yes, I've come across a few artists doing the Traci Bunkers challenge. I'll be doing AEDM this year too....hope to anyways.

  3. Abbey and Cody are both so cute! The blanket is looking super. Love your sketches. I can also almost see you sketching the bananas and pears--LOL! Enjoy your brekkie treat. ;)

    I did the blogging and art every day thing last November, but this year I will have to pass. I have cut back to blogging two days a week, as you know, and still need to have more time to work on things like Christmas cards and such. It is very tempting, but I think I'll stick with my plan. But now you have me curious as to what your personal sketch challenge is!!?? I'm actually hoping you are planning to do a sketch every day because I love everything you do! ;)

    1. Thanks, Rita.

      I usually only blog two to three days a week all year round, except for November, when I participate in the Art Every Day Month challenge. I guess I'm feeling like I need some motivation to get moving with my art in taking on Blogtoberfest AND 75 pen sketches in 75 days. Just call me crazy ~ lol

  4. Abbey and Cody are so sweet! I bought some wine jam while in Germany - tried some the other day and it was yummy. I need to make some biscuits or scones to go with it. Or I could just use it for jamdrop cookies. :) I am definitely undoing the green on the granny ghan I started -- every time I look at it, I just shudder. The pinks you are using are very pretty. Always nice to see your lovely sketches, too. Best wishes for a great week. Tammy

    1. The wine jam sounds really nice!

      If you can't cope with seeing that particular green, I think it's probably wise to unravel.

      Have a great week too ~ xo

  5. awww both pups are so cute :)

    the blanket is coming along nicely. you never know, she might be 2 weeks late and you want have to worry about rushing to get it done ;)

    i am going to try to do blogtoberfest, but time will tell if i manage it :p

    1. Thanks, Jennifer.

      Yep, Michelle could be late but it wouldn't be any more than a week as they induce if you're a week past your due date nowadays. Still, a week is extra time. ;)

  6. They are soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! The blanket is lovely, so soft and warm.
    I´m participating on BLogtoberfest. I´m thrilled to be one of the guest posters. Yay! see you there. :)

    1. Thanks, Paula! I'll look forward to your guest post!

  7. I don't think you are crazy. And with a new grandbaby, you'll have tons to blog about!
    The dogs are ADORABLE! what a face in that first photo.
    Your trees are splendid.I love the shape, its funny how you see something and you're compelled to sketch it and record it. Wonderful pages Serena!

    1. Hey, great idea, Fran! My new granddaughter will give me extra blogging material for sure. Thanks for your lovely comment ~ xo

  8. I didn't get around to telling you how much I enjoyed looking at these pictures. It's already Tuesday but I have been getting over a cold...

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed them, DJan. So sorry to hear you've been getting over a cold...I thought I was getting one as, one evening, I was all blocked up with sniffles but I was fine the next day. Must have been allergies.