Thursday, 20 November 2008

like a phoenix rising


phoenix - pen/coloured pencil/watercolour crayon in A4 sketchbook
click on image to enlarge



i believe that we are all connected....that we are all part of the same pure consciousness but we temporarily exist in human form for reasons that i don't fully understand at this point in time. i believe that when our human vehicle/body dies, which is inevitable, our soul - pure consciousness - does not. in this lesson, denise talks about being comfortable with our own death. i can say with surety that i'm not afraid to die and i accept it as part of our evolution but it's something i choose not to focus on in the present moment.

today, we were asked to cherish our life and embrace our cherish life and death in all its forms such as fallen leaves, new growth....remembering that without death, there cannot be life. i am totally fine with accepting death but i admit that i wasn't overly comfortable with Level 3 today. i just couldn't get comfortable with the idea of visualising myself dying in all manner of ways. it just seemed a little too macabre to me. i also feel like this is focusing on a future moment which kinda conflicts with the 'focus on living in the present moment' bit.

so, i went with level one of the tasks today. i could handle releasing my past burdens because these things did happen. i created a ceremonial fire, wrote details about my old self/my identity, on a piece of paper and burned that sucker! this symbolised the letting go of the 'old' me/the ego self and the emotional baggage etc., so that i am free to focus on being in the Now. my art today reflects this too....a phoenix rising from the ashes which symbolises the new 'me', the 'i am'.....pure divine light.

i cherish my life and will embrace my death when that moment comes.

love, light and peace ~


  1. There's a beautiful confidence in this entire post. I love how you've taken what's valuable to you and let the rest go.

    I'll hold that image of the phoenix when I do the level 1 today :)

  2. I love your pheonix!!!

    Did you know that Denise Linn does a weekly radio show on Hay House radio? It's free to listen and shows are free for 7 days after the broadcast. Denise is definitely worth listening to and she does a really fantastic meditation in each show. :)

  3. I have always loved the mythological metaphor of the phoenix rising from the ashes. You encapsulate it so beautifully in your art, Serena. :)

    I too thought that level 3 was a bit macabre. Besides, I used to imagine being dead from a young age. I have seen a couple of my past deaths, and felt them. I too honor life today, because I choose to. :)

  4. how appropriate that you AEM piece is a phoenix given your cleansing ritual for soal coaching. I love that ritual of writing and then burning. It really does work, somehow. I use it for things I really need to release and that I need to release me that won't let go. Thanks for sharing! and thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

  5. Beautiful Phoenix.
    I'm not afraid either...but like you don't want to focus on death.

  6. “I cherish my life and will embrace my death when that moment comes” --- that is a powerful statement, Serena. I think it is difficult to live fully without accepting my mortality. It helps me put things in perspective and focus on the essentials.

    The phoenix rising is a compelling image, and it aptly illustrates your writing today.

  7. Aha! I haven't read the book yet, but I agree with you that focusing on and visualizing your death is in direct conflict with living in the present moment. Some people might need to do that to not be afraid of death, but many of us are comfortable with death without that. Then there's also the concept that what we focus on intently we bring into our lives--we manifest?? Better to focus on death briefly, eh? chuckle! Hummm??? Always good to ponder--so you know what you believe or don't believe. Well, sounds like the rest of the book has been really helpful. I tend to skip over things in books, etc, that don't fit with my soul's path, anyways. No problem--hehe! Hopefully that was just one of those glitches--chuckle!

    Love your phoenix!! I have always loved the concept of the phoenix rising from the ashes and being reborn! I've kind of done that in my own life a few times--the starting over and rising from the ashes. The things a person can learn! Can be a trial by fire, but a soul cleansing and lifting, too.

    Have a great day, Serena!! :):)

  8. Oh this is wonderful... I was very uncomfortable with today's assignment, but felt that I needed to "go for it". So I did level 3 and it was really scary for me at first...but I feel more comfortable now. I actually did most of the hard work yesterday (cos I really needed 2 days to do this). So today I feel really good...I am in the present and it's just where I want to be!

  9. Serena your sketches are really gorgeous, I too am a dragon love the zentangle, OMG I wsh I could draw half as good as you do.. I think you are a very beautiful woman no matter what color you wear. Your innerself just shines through. Thanks for all the sharing you do, you inspire us all...

  10. I don't see a need for the level three exercise if you are already comfortable with death. It's just part of the cycle.

    I love your Phoenix.Have you seen Genie Sea's Fool/Seeker - it seems that if you accept death as just another part of life - it becomes "and the adventure continues"

  11. Enjoying your insightful posts and loving your art. Thanks.

  12. I didn't quite get the imagining your own death either... I have been there so don't really need to go back.. but it made me think of Ann of Green Gables in the rowboat when it sank and I laughed!
    I did enjoy the ritual.. as always !

    love the Phoenix.. it reminds me of Harry Potter!!
    (hey, here I am typing and a comment came up from you on my blog!!)

  13. Great post, full of life and as someone else said, self assurance.

    I too think the level 3 is bizarre. I'd rather think of a phoenix than all the horrible ways I could painfully go! Thanks for the image.

  14. Beautiful post. I totally identify the phoenix. You chose the right symbol on the right day. Thank you.

  15. I was thinking about a phoenix today ..
    I really felt your post on Genie Sea today I commend you.

  16. Your phoenix is gorgeous. I am so impressed with the daily work you are doing- both spirituallly and artistically. Thank you for sharing this month with us.

  17. oh wow, just beautiful! your phoenix and words... thank you for sharing this. peace

  18. Agree with all the above. You are growing on both levels, what a great journey this month is for you Serena.
    I've been focusing on my own mortality more than usual this year. I'm always conscious of where I am at this point in time . . . the clicking of the clock. Weird! Natural I suppose with the changes at home. I feel like doing the ceremonial fire, letting go of the past, it may work for me too!

  19. I never posted about the physical part of human body being dead.
    I decided to look at anther angle.

    Coffee is on.

  20. Your pheonix seems to be very much in keeping with the journey. Very strong image - well done!

  21. I haven't been to visit you for a few days and I am blown away by all the beauty you have made and shared with us...mentally and visually...You are certainly on the path Serena!

  22. Thank you all for leaving such supportive comments. (((Hugs)))

  23. Beautiful!!!

    I ...when things are quiet..need to come back and read slower...


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