Wednesday, 12 November 2008

soul coaching - day eleven


zen doodle in A4 sketchbook

usually, an idea for a sketch will come to me during meditation or by mid-morning, however, today it just wasn't happening. the pain from my back kept clouding my mind so i decided to sit down and try some mindless doodling....a form of zentangle. i just started with a repeated pattern and let it grow from there not even knowing myself what the following stage or outcome would be. this form of doodling is so relaxing with no pressures. when i reached the point of calling it finished, i looked at it and felt it vaguely resembled a cup with steam rising from the i drew the handle as an afterthought.



today we were asked to choose another area of our home to clean. while i cleaned and re-organised my Tupperware shelf, i focused fully on the moment and affirmed that - "while i clean, i am creating the space for new opportunities to flow my way."

today's lesson was about exploring relationships and recurring emotional patterns.

i feel like i've already freed myself from the shackles of my past so i really didn't delve too deeply into this. in an earlier post, after discussing some emotional issues of my past, i stated that i may still have hidden gremlins that could possibly surface at some point. as i've previously learned through a new earth, if those gremlins should appear again, i will accept that they are JUST painful memories that can no longer hurt me. i've already been through the physical experience, in the past, and survived. the reality is that past memories only exist in my mind and they are not who i am. when i no longer identify with my pain body (as eckhart calls it), it changes and becomes fuel for authenticity and consciousness. how long does it take to become free from the pain body? an instant! it's amazing how freeing that concept is. it has worked for me too and i continue to practise living in the power of the present moment.

unfortunately, i didn't spend much time at the computer last night due to my back pain so wasn't able to catch up on the latest 'soul coaching' group posts. the pain is still with me but i hope to check in on everyone as soon as i'm able.

love, light and peace,


  1. Serena,

    I hope you feel better soon - I'm holding you in the light of healing.

  2. Oh, Serena...even when you have nothing in mind to create, something wonderful comes out of it! Amazing. I am terrible at zentangles...they are so neat looking...this one is GREAT! I am a BIG coffee lover. I think Starbucks here should buy your design! Just looking at this makes me want to have a few cups!

  3. I love your zentagle! It's gorgeous and soothing. :)

    May you feel better and free of pain soon!

    Thank you so much for your valuable insight. Don't worry about keeping up, we're here. :)

  4. Feel better, Serena. Sending healing thoughts your way.

  5. Beautiful sketch and even more beautiful musings and thoughts, thanks for sharing!


  6. Oh yes, the pain body... Reading A New Earth and going on line with Oprah and Eckhart every Monday night was an amazing experience. It has really helped me in this journey. Amazing what our mind conjures up! I am learning to stay in that deep, quite space at the bottom of the lake... I used to get so flustered and stressed about silly things (mostly what I could NOT control). I still do sometimes, but now I have the awareness and can stop my mind from getting to carried away).

    Anyway...sorry for the ramble...

    Hope your back feels better!

  7. Must be zentangle week. I had yesterday, Margaret and you have one today. Wonderful zen here.

  8. Yes, we really do seem to be going through similar processes don't we! I'm so sorry about your back and can truly sympathize with you. My back is just starting to get some semblance of mobility again and it's been a week now. The thing that keeps me positive about it, is that I know it does get better eventually!

    Take care Serena and nurture yourself with some nice warm baths.

  9. Oh Serena
    The zentagle is just amasing and the flower below gorgeous.
    Your writing is just darn inspiring.
    Hope you feel better soon..
    Take it easy..

  10. I'm sorry to hear about your back.

    Coffee is on.

  11. I so hope your back pain disappears soon! But the zen-drawing is fabulous!!!!!! Feel better! Hugs, LuLu

  12. i love your steaming mug o' coffee (or tea or cocoa?) that came from doodling. i love doodling like that to see what images appear.

    i'm so sorry about your back pain. i hope it eases up for you soon. keep on taking excellent care of yourself!

  13. Serena, I hope you feel better very quickly. Your zentangle is wonderful..the kind of thing I can stare at for a long time and keep seeing new things.


  14. Serena, I hope your back pain is getting better - would you like me to send some reiki? Also when you sit to meditate next time, breathe healing & light into the pain spot.. that sometimes helps too. Repeat to yourself: I am breathing in light, breathing out pain.

    as your doodling art came up here in this post, I saw a magick carpet escaping from it's bag.. ready to fly off to magickal worlds still to be discovered :)
    sending blessings of love & healing xoxo

  15. Be well my friend...a great "cuppa" you drew! :)

  16. Hi Serena! Yes, it's strange to me writing my own name for someone else. And do you realize we also have the same middle initial?! (Mine is Pia).

    I'm sorry that you're still in pain. Wish I could recommend something for it. Hope you heal up real soon! xo Serena

  17. Serene, who you are IS enough and I love that you take the approach that they are just painful memories and they can no longer hurt you. I'm sending you lovely, healing energy. Thanks for such a thought provoking post. Blessings, Nicole x

  18. I like your analogy of "hidden gremlins". They sure can poke at a person from time to time. But the affirmation that these are JUST memories and can't hurt you any longer is so true. Thank you for that nugget of wisdom.

  19. That doodle has lots of intricate patterns in it. Beautiful!
    Serena, I’m so sorry that your back is giving you so much pain. I’m very proud of you in your dedication to free your soul and life from unnecessary burden and pain … physical and emotional clutters. You are thoroughly a lovely and lovable person.


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