Friday, 14 November 2008

today, i am grateful for


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affirmation for today - MY LIFE IS BLESSED, AND I AM SO GRATEFUL

gratitude is the key to happiness. i've believed for a long time now that our attitude can either draw positivity or negativity into our lives. basically, what we send out into the universe, we get back.

today was smooth-flowing and i felt totally relaxed and happy. My back pain was gone and i made a point of putting no extra pressures on myself. i reflected upon the happenings of the day and took note on the things i was grateful for.....shown in my artwork today. i've had a gratitude journal for some time now and, each night, i write down at least five things i am grateful for on that particular day. this is a great tool because it teaches us not to take people/animals/things for granted. it's also about being grateful on a larger scale. while it's wonderful to be thankful for that nice hot cup of tea/coffee that quenches your thirst and calms goes beyond's benefits the universe to be grateful to the many hands that brought that cup of tea/coffee to you. the tea/coffee growers, the harvesters, the packagers, the supermarkets etc....get the picture? it's a lot bigger than we realise.

in level 3, denise suggests looking into a mirror and saying, "i love you. I appreciate you." i haven't tried it yet and don't know if i'll be able to at this stage. maybe i will try it and see how i go.

love, light and peace


  1. Gratitude IS a lot bigger than we realize. Thank you for pointing out that the circle widens with each thank you.
    Peace and Blessings to you~

  2. Your art is so gorgeous. I love the colors and the images that accompany each gratitude. Especially the big heart in the middle - YOU! :)

    So many wise truths in your post!

    The universe is a kind teacher in reflecting back to us what we project. In this, we learn.

    Thank you for the perspective about the cup of tea. I have taken many things for granted. Realizing how many people have contributed to one cup of tea or coffee I am drinking, is both humbling and uplifting.

    May every time you look in the mirror you see the wonderful. beautiful spirit that I know you to be. :)

  3. This is very true! gratitude is very important

  4. Your sketch beautiful as always, I too have a gratitude book I write in. When we think of all the things we have to be grateful for ( even just to be able to breathe) the negitive stuff just isn't there anymore. Your right what we put out in the universe is exactly what we get back.. So glad to hear your back is better..

  5. Derwent pencils ROCK. I don't buy any other kind. :)

    Agreed re: gratitude. Being in that state is so empowering. i always write thank you in the comment line of every check I write because it's a nice reminder that I am able to support myself and that i really am fortunate. It's a lot better than being mad about paying the rent! :)

  6. I like your perspective, on how big the gratitude picture really is when we think about it.
    Also love today's art - esp the little wrench for the repairman! Clever.

  7. You know what you have inspired me to consider? That perhaps by saying what you are grateful to the universe, it's like letting the universe know "more of this please!" That helps me in a big way.

    I am so glad to hear that your back is feeling better and I just love your artwork!

  8. ah! the mirror "exercise" made me cry...when i did it

  9. it sounds like you are a Simple Abundance devotee as well!

    so many blessings we have, and it was nice to be able to take time to reflect on them
    have a wonderful weekend !! xoxo

  10. I real like the point you made about "giving back" I believe when we give it helps everyone and our selves.

    Don't forget not to over due it. I don't want your back to get any worst.

    Coffee is on.

  11. stopping by quickly to say hi and thanks for info..will be back to see what's been up when I get more time!

    besides computer issues, intense stuff going on.

  12. You are so right! My best days are the ones when I am aware of and appreciate all the wonderful "little" things in my life.

  13. i love this line: " be grateful to the many hands that brought that cup of tea/coffee to you" it's so simple. so true. but i never really thought of it like that until reading it here. i don't have a gratitude journal yet (although from reading the posts today, i think i need to acquire one quick smart!) but i did, one of the things i am grateful for today, is your insight, which has stretched me a little more. thank you.

  14. Your art always puts a smile on my face such a lovely post.

  15. Lovely drawing.....we are all so blessed. So much to be thankful for!!!

  16. I am so glad your back is better.

    When I eat I thank the earth, the elements and the people who contributed to the food I eat. As we connect deeper with our souls our gratitude gets deeper too.

    Thank you for being you.

  17. i agree! gratitude is so important to our happiness and general well-being.

    i haven't tried the mirror exercise yet, but i think i will soon.

  18. What a beautiful way to incorporate your gratitudes into your art.

  19. So glad to hear your back is pain-free again! I totally agree about that practice of gratitude. I've found myself amazed at how far I can take it. Just like you said, you start to realize how many people and events are involved in your being able to enjoy such a seemingly inconsequential thing as eating a piece of fruit.

    Have a great weekend!

  20. I LOVE that you said, "Gratitude is a lot bigger than we realize" I agree. I think that there is untapped magic in gratitude - what power there would be in the world if everyone remembered to be really and truly grateful -

    Beautiful post!

  21. Thank you for the reminder that gratitude is a lot bigger than we realise - that is so succinct. Your drawing is beautiful.

  22. So true, Serena! I am so grateful for all of the people who work to bring my devine Darjeeling tea to me in the US, all the way from India! I am addicted to it's wonderful taste. Thankyou, universe!

    I'm so glad your back feels better!!!

    Beautiful gratitude drawing with your colored pencils...I wonder if we have this brand here...I will check at the art supply store!

    I'm grateful for you, Serena!

  23. Gratitude lifts your life! I'm glad your back is better. Hope you don't mind--I mentioned you and the Soul Coaching on my blog. You have inspired me, lady! :):) Have a wonderful day!

  24. Serena, great reminders in this post. I use to do so many things to remind me to be thankful and grateful, etc. and then I recently have let some nasty stuff happening in the family (extended family) and computer problems put me in a horrible mental space. You are an inspiration to me today.

  25. I am catching up with your blog posts, Serena. I started from where I first missed. I'm glad I got to this post where your back is better. Hooray!

    Making a grateful list have a wondrous effect of making life looks much brighter, doesn't it?

    Funny how you said that you have a hard time looking in the mirror and say I love you and I appreciate you. Why is it a lot easier to say that to other people than to ourselves? Until you can do it yourself, here, let me say it to you: I love you, Serena, and I appreciate you :) You make my life brighter with your precious friendship and existence.

  26. You sense of design is so impressive...Your whole November series of art would make an amazing book.


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