Friday, 26 December 2008

secret santas revealed on christmas day......

we had a wonderful christmas day!
i hope your christmas was too ~

i think aaron was happy with the camera i bought him

mother and son

i was 'secret santa' to michelle - showing part of her gift

michelle was 'secret santa' to brad

reece was 'secret santa' to beau

brad was 'secret santa' to me...i LOVE the buddha!

alex was 'secret santa' to reece

beau was 'secret santa' to alex

aaron helping cody open his gift

reece, alex, aaron and beau

michelle, aaron, reece and beau

mum, me and dad


  1. What a lovely Christmas you had, Serena! It is so wonderful to have all your children and parents there also! That really makes it a spectacular year to remember! Thanks for showing pics!!!You looked so pretty and you seem to be glowing with happiness!
    Merry Christmas, Serena!!!

  2. I love all your family photos Serena :) Looks like you had a great day! Especially like your picture with your parents!

  3. Ah! what a beautiful, loving family you have! gorgeous pictures of a day well spent. I love the last picture of you and your parents. Treasure that one, my dear.

  4. thanks for sharing, the photos were great!! Glad Aaron liked his camera.

  5. what a beautiful family ~ thanks for sharing your photos :-)

  6. Thank you for your wonderful comments, everyone ~ :)

  7. Beautiful photos! Great tradition you've got going there with the Secret Santa. And that Buddha statue is wonderful!

  8. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. We do the same thing in our family although it's not a Secret Santa - we just pull names from a hat. It makes Christmas so much easier in so many ways and it's fun to be able to focus on one really special gift. (although we have a limit on how much we can spend).

    You look so lovely and WARM...sigh.

  9. How did I miss this this entry until today? What fun to see your lovely family. And you are just as pretty as can be! I am glad you had such a nice holiday with your wonderful family,


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