Monday 1 December 2008

quest - beyond the 28 days

peace to you all


and what an amazing 28 days it has been. where do i go from here?

in the closing chapter, denise goes on to say that one of the best ways to open up to our higher self is to take time away from routine to be still and just listen. she suggests doing this some time in the next two weeks, i guess, while our soul journey is still fresh. i will do my sacred circle as a way of acknowledging and continuing on with my soul journey. once again, i thank all my soul sisters for sharing this incredible journey with me and i would also like to thank my blog friends who visited and supported me throughout the journey regardless of whether they participated themselves or not. the support you all gave me helped to carry me through it to the end and i am deeply grateful.

i would also like to thank leah from 'creative every day', whose blog challenge helped me to get into the habit of creativity on a daily basis over the month of november. i plan to continue with this also.

my blog will now return to normal viewing, however, as i feel like i am forever changed, you could well see some changes to my blog also.

OH, and i enjoyed participating so much in this book blog club that i have signed up for another book blogging date with jamie in january. we will be working with the book '12 secrets of highly creative women'. if you are interested in signing up too, you can read more about it here on 'the next chapter'. it will be a weekly blog date so maybe not as full on as the 'soul coaching' journey was but i'm sure it will be just as beneficial.

i am now off to, light and peace ~


  1. Yay for new challenges and adventures! :)

  2. Peace to you too, Serena! I think you have a special relationship with peace. It seems to show up where you are.

    Have a beautiful day!

  3. Glad you're continuing to the next book blog. Sounds like many are... yea!! :)

  4. Beautiful! And thank YOU for making this journey so special and beautiful. I appreciate it and your friendship.

  5. You did it! With everything going on you still managed to blog everyday, do the soul coaching and create art. Thank you for all the beauty you contributed to our lives.

    Thank you also for being part of my circle of love. It means much to me.

    Much love

  6. I really admire that you were able to keep up with the daily meditation! I have never had success with that. I once did morning pages for almost three years--now I think I try to blog daily instead--hehe! I know--not the same. :)

    Have fun with the new book in January!

  7. I would just like to say that your soul coaching posts were very interesting with nice art!

  8. YEAH! We did it!

    I think I'm joining you for the January read.


  9. I know your hear will lead you in the right place.
    I'm looking forward for the next chapter and ordered my book today.

    Coffee is on.

  10. You should feel a great sense of accomplishment for all you put into the past month! And I am sure all your work was personally rewarding. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us during this journey.

  11. Well done Serena,
    Peace to you also,

  12. Isn't it great when something is so wonderful that when you finish you must simply keep going because the energy is so high?! I had that happen once coming out of a semester for my masters - ran right into an intensive poetry (2 week) session. Amazing! Good for you.

  13. Thank you for all your wonderful comments. :)

    WOW, did well going straight into an intensive poetry session. I'm looking forward to the January book blog.

    Jessica it would be fantastic to have you on board for the January read!!!

  14. Blessings to you during this holiday season. x

  15. Hi Serena,
    I was just looking back over your blog and found the Soul Coaching posts. Your daily drawings are great.I love Denise Linn and have had this book for a while. I even started but didnt finish. I love the idea of doing it as a group. Anyway, you have inspired me to pick it up and do it again. I loved the week that I did, i just got waylaid somewhere. (I think my head was in a different space then)
    I have just bought her new book called "Unlock the secret messages of your body", which is based on the soul coaching book, and can't wait to do that one too.
    Thanks for the motivation