Friday 12 December 2008

mixed media canvas - finished

i'm still debating whether it needs something else or not.....any suggestions? a butterfly, perhaps? a different colour?

follow your bliss - mixed media 12"x12" gallery-wrapped canvas
© serena lewis

i've added some swirls in gold metallic paint, then i did a couple of layers of washes for the wings using a warm white. after drying that off with the hair-dryer and allowing it to cool, i used some rub-ons of little white flowers and dots on the wings. i've always loved the joseph campbell saying - follow your bliss - so i chose that for my motivational words in this piece.

yesterday, another storm moved through and left in it's wake a beautiful rainbow! the pic is pretty crappy because, after the storm, the sun came out out giving a very bright, warm cast over everything which doesn't show in the pic.....however, my camera kept warning me that there was a problem with focusing, I presume because of the brightness...i took the pic anyways.

through november and this month, i've been tagged or have received a few awards but, due to other commitments, didn't manage time to post them so, tomorrow, will probably be a tag/award marathon. some were the same tags awards/tags by different people so i will tie those into just one to make it easier. i love simplicity.

i'm also thinking about making my dream board for the coming year. what fun! do you make dream/vision boards?

love, light and peace ~


  1. The canvas looks GREAT!!!

    I am working on my first dreamboard, I've just about finished it....

  2. I would be the last person to ask for a suggestion lol, but I do want to thank you for showing your process. I love art and so envy artistic people - it's neat to watch it unfold.

    And tho the pic may be "crappy" compared to what you actually saw, it's a pretty neat pic anyways.

    Always good to see a rainbow!

  3. Beautiful, Serena! I can't imagine this piece needing anything. Maybe s pair of dragonfly or butterfly wings?

    I read in another post about your little pups storm phobia. Isabella has the same problem, it's miserable watching them suffer like that isn't it? Bella takes xanax when storms are forecast and it sure helps. She is still frightened, but doesn't shake or drool near as bad.

  4. PS- forgot to mention how pretty your rainbow photo is- looks like it was a double rainbow.

  5. oooohhh i love love love the swirls you have added, now she looks peaceful, tranquil AND magical!!! like she knows something that i don't know yet... hee hee i love her!!! i do love your butterfly idea, but i love butterflies so i'm totally biased. when i'm unsure if a painting i am working on is finished or not, it usually means to me that it isn't. i'll often meditate and ask the painting to let me know what else it needs for the energy to be complete... it usually come to me in my dreams. i'm curious to see what else it'll ask of you, or not...

    i love creating dreamboards for a new year... i haven't done it in a couple of years since the birth of my daughter... caring for my little one was more than i could handle, but now that she is older i do plan on creating one for 2009. i was so inspired by jamie's 101 things in 1001 days that i'm committing to it myself... ooohhh it's going to be an interesting year!!!

    so happy to have connected with you and your blog, it'll be so much fun to see what you're up to!!!

    have a beautiful end of week!
    peace and blessings

  6. I want to learn more about dreamboards. i read about them on a lot of blogs and they are intriguing. I think you piece is perfect just the way it is. I would never dream of adding to your vision :)

  7. I don't think I'll see a rainbow for a while.
    There a storm coming into my neck of woods but I know it not going to bring in a rainbow.
    Just cold and snow.

    Coffee is on.

  8. OMG...don't add a thing! It's perfect!

  9. Serena, your painting is gorgeous, it really is... the gold swirls, otherwise known as spirals represent the Goddess that you truly are xo

    ps - tell me about your yearly dreamboard... hmm.. maybe a little post on showing us how (hint, hint) xo

  10. Beautiful rainbow, so peaceful!
    Keep it up.

  11. It is so pretty. You will figure out what it needs. It will come to you.

    It is funny because I had some free time yesterday and I made a Vision Board! It was actually inspired by the abundance collage for Soul Coaching and Suzies vision board requests that she does for the new moon. I will be posting about it later today. I say go for it, make one and see what happens!

    Peace and Blessings~

  12. I'm not sure that it needs anything, but if you're asking, the first thing that came to mind, was something for the top left corner. Something like a dragonfly maybe...or a tiny little chain around neck, a real chain for dimension, but it would have to be a fine one. Love the rainbow picture especially since you captured the double rainbow...Good catch.. Love this piece of art and the wings are so pretty with the extra touches...Ro

  13. Love the art the was it is!

    It does look like a double rainbow!

  14. You keep making her more and more beautiful! Amazing!

    It's like a summer storm out there right now, crazy weather.

    Can't wait to see your dreamboard, make sure to add the link here so everyone can see it too!

  15. Its gorgeous, beautiful work Serena. Maybe something in the left corner would balance it off.
    I have a vision board..

  16. The wings and gold swirls make her look like a magical fairy! I like butterflies and dragonflies and ladybugs--but I have no idea if she needs an insect friend or not. I think waiting and kind of asking the painting is a wonderful suggestion by jennlui. Or the real chain around her neck Romona suggested--wow! great idea! I am sure you will know when she is finished.

    Love the double rainbow! :)

  17. It is beautiful Serena after i'm gonna spend next week painting too... i love it.

  18. This looks wonderful :D Great colours and the wings look very pretty.

  19. Great layering of goodies on this...She keeps getting better and better...Love the ribbon tree also! :)

  20. I love your painting. You are quite talented!

  21. This came out wonderful!! Love it, the background too!

  22. I love this too Serena :D She looks peaceful ... well done!