Wednesday 10 December 2008

more progress on my mixed media piece

i haven't had a great deal of time working on her but she's moving along.....slowly, but surely.
mixed media - work in progress

i'm pretty much done with her hair after deepening and cooling the colour. to tie the girl and background together more, i added the matisse phthalo blue (used in her eyes and top) to the background, concentrating it around the edges. i also added some deeper jo sonja burnt umber tones. i love the jo sonja burnt umber and use it a lot in my's a much deeper and cooler tone than the matisse burnt umber. i'm lovin' how parts of the cards still show through in areas.....YAY for mixed media layering!

i bought a couple of the abraham-hicks DVDs yesterday on the law of attraction (i'm currently reading the book) and am totally hooked now.

my daily meditation continues and, a couple of times, i didn't get a chance to meditate in the morning so meditated at night before going to bed. i found the night time meditation more difficult as, when i tried to focus on nothing, i was bombarded with thoughts from my experience throughout the day. i discovered that chanting 'om' as a mantra helped a great deal in keeping the thoughts at bay.

i need to get some housework done today but my studio is beckoning also....i'll see if i can work a compromise....hehehe

love, light and peace


  1. I find that the further along in the day that I wait to meditate the harder it gets also. It may be a good idea to do it that way every now and then to really help train the mind. I find it easier to meditate in nature verses inside, too but with winter full on here, that is not happening.
    Your picture is coming along really nicely!

  2. Serena,

    I like what you've done. The hair is gorgeous - looks very real. Like the eyes and the color in the dress, too.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. ooohhh beautiful work serena!!! i love how she looks so content, so at peace with herself. love it!!!

    i totally agree with you, meditating at night is so much more challenging than in the morning. i find that in the morning the energy around seems more quiet and my thoughts less invasive. but like you said, at night so much from my day creeps in my meditative space...

    thank you so much for sharing your beautiful mixed-media piece in progress, i look forward to seeing her complete.

    peace and many blessings!!!

  4. Gotta love the compromises we negotiate with ourselves! I am trying to shut out the thoughts of the day that come crowding in at night. It's very difficult to do indeed.

  5. She looks beautiful!

    Enjoy your Abraham Hicks infusion :) I've been surprised by how connected I've felt to their work.

    And btw, you're tagged :)

  6. I learn so much from you, thank you once again for sharing your technique. It really helps and oh my she is looking lovelier and lovelier!

  7. I love the background you have done on this work in progress. Thanks for taking time to comment on my peacock collage! I have a Maltese, your dog is adorable!

  8. Serena, what a beautiful piece you are creating. I love the colors you are using and her eyes, wow.

    I spent many years listening to Abraham...Must have bought at least 50 tapes and enjoyed everyone. I use to listen to them on my way to work, about a 40 minute drive, and it always got my day started great.

  9. Thanks for explaining your process as you go along. I love the blues and greens together! I know little about collage or mixed media--but this looks really great to me! Glad you're keeping up with the meditation--wow! The law of attraction is a fascinating concept to absorb, isn't it? I read "The Secret" and should read more about it. :)

  10. I really like this's very serene. You are so talanted! I have a hard time meditating at night, too...mostly I end up falling asleep in the middle of!

  11. Serena, your artwork is gorgeous! You are so talented!!! I'm so proud of you continuing with everything after the Soul Coaching. Blessings, Nicole

  12. This canvas is looking gorgeous! I would love to be able to sit and watch you work and see the techniques you use.