Friday, 16 January 2009

photo a day - aeonium green rose

my 'aeonium arboreum' green rose - a succulent..... having a baby....WHOO HOO!!!

click on images to enlarge

at this stage, the baby is looking quite plumpish and pale compared to its parent but i guess that will change as it grows bigger.

we had a scorcher of a day with high humidity so it called for lots of ice treats such as bowen mango ice-blocks...YUM! i can't remember the american term for it popsicles? you know, ice-cream or iced confection on a stick?


  1. Popsicles it is! :)But bowen mango popsicles? Hello! YUM!

    Tell your succulent congrats on her baby for me please :)

  2. You've just won an award.

    If you'd like to collect it, go to my blog at:

    Huntsmen Spiders, yikes!

    One thing I DON'T miss about Australia!

  3. very your sense of humour... it's fun to make it interesting in the telling....

    you got it right...they are popsicles when it is just coloured, flavoured ice. If they are "chocklity"...they are Fudgsicles ...and if they are orange-y and creamy..they are Creamsicles.... oh, roll on summer weather. Or...I could just go out get a handful of clean snow and add some flavour... hmmmmm.....hold on a second. Sno Cones!...just like at the fair grounds in the summer....

  4. I love the green rose! I must see if I can find that one locally.

    We have ice cream bars, which is ice cream on a stick, and popsicles with is sugary flavored water frozen on a stick. Both of which I love!

  5. That's a lovely plant... I've never heard of it before. Congrats on the baby one. PS: I've caught up on my photos.

  6. OOOOH a baby!! it's so cute.
    The ice things on a stick are popsicles. What you call ice blocks we call ice cubes...the things you put in your drink to make it cold.

    Scorcher...haha it's -8 celcius outside today, and we're getting snow over the weekend! YAY!

  7. Loved the photos. I think I have a similar plant here! Humidity isn't good, but warmth sure is.

  8. Ice Lollies here, there are a few more sayings but thats the one that came to my mind first.

    that is a gorgeous plant :D

  9. Congrats on the baby and I love popsicles too!!

  10. Ice blocks? Ice lollies? Oh, I LOVE those -- I have to remember those terms for next summer. I never thought much of succulents, but that one is so much prettier than the kinds I know about. Do they have babies often??

  11. Beautiful mama succulent and sweet baby.
    I don't enjoy popsicles, but I'll bet I would if we had mango popsicles!

  12. beautiful, Serena! You are talkin my language now!!! LOL! Are you sure that you have a baby there, or possibly a different succulent completely coming up in the same pot? It sure looks different...only time will tell. Have fun with the baby anyway!!! Aeoniums are so lovely, and I have the worst luck with them...maybe it is just too humid here in south Florida for them...
    XOXO Julie

  13. Never seen anything quite like the green rose, very unusual and beautiful.

  14. Thanks for all your comments, everyone.....i love to read them.

    Jessica - we call the small cubes used for drinks etc. 'ice cubes' too. i love hearing the different terms that different countries use for the same thing.

    Judi - i think it would be more prolific at sprouting young if it was planted in the ground instead of a pot. this particular plant is quite young so it will be interesting to see if any other babies pop up.

    Mary - they taste exactly like mangoes too....delicious!

    Julie - you know, i wondered the same thing myself because it does look quite different to the 'parent' plant. i have no other plants like it though and this baby sprouted up from under the soil right beside the 'parent' and i've read that it how they spread so it will be interesting to see how it grows.


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