Wednesday, 21 January 2009

photo a day - a visit to 'the village'

today, brad, aaron and i visited mum and dad who happen to live in an over-50's retirement village......about a 10 minute drive from where we live. we decided to go for a bit of walk through the village so i thought i'd share some of the pics for my 'photo a day'.

you can click on images to enlarge

aaron, mum and brad as we set off on our walk

me, mum and brad

mum and brad standing beside a wagon cart outside the village's community hall that the village people....i love calling them that....lovingly refer to as 'the shed'. aaron was posing in the pic too until he suddenly took off like the hammers of hell. the poor thing had been stung by these little buggers.....
i managed to take this close-up pic and i swear you can see their beady, little eyes staring back at the camera just daring me to come closer. aaron's foot swelled up a bit around the sting site and we packed some ice around it which helped ease the pain enough where we could continue on our walk.

a glimpse of the village community pool which is at the rear of 'the shed'.

a partial view of the back of 'the shed'. it's huge inside but i didn't take any pics as there was an art class in progress and i didn't want to distract them.

i thought the front of this house was quite pretty so took a couple of photos

another house i liked with the palms out front

the community barbecue which faces....

....the dam

and that, folks, was part of my day in pictures



  1. *snicker* the village people. I'd get in trouble for bursting into song "YMCA!" :p

    hope aaron's foot is better!

  2. That's a lovely community. Sorry about Aaron's foot, however. Those wasps are aggressive little creatures.

  3. what a gorgeous place! Your parents must be so happy living there!

    When I retire I think I'll go to Australia.

  4. What a pretty community! But I didn't see any elders riding 3 wheel bikes-LOL!

  5. That bee photograph is REALLY engaging. Beautiful collection. :)

    Many Blissings!~*

  6. looks like a nice place for village people... lol...

  7. a beautiful place to live for your folks, I am over 50 and I know I wouldn't mind it (: Mud is great for bee stings, relieves the swelling and the sting and helps remove the stinger!!

  8. Thanks for sharing! Love to see other places on this lovely Earth. :)

  9. Oh my, I am so sorry about Aaron's foot, but that is a fantastic photo of those wasps.

  10. Serena, I hope Aarons foot is feeling's so awkward to be stung on the foot! Your mom and dad's village looks lovely...very peaceful and inviting. Thanks again for sharing some of your life with us.

  11. Lots of great photos. Ouch for Brad, I hope his foot his better.

  12. well that was cool. Enjoyed the walk and seeing your mum and guys. Great photo of you and your mom. Love your color of hair.

  13. What a beautiful place to live! That was fun to come with--hehe! (Nasty wasps, tho!)

  14. Wonderful photos...nasty sting...hope all is better by now...:)