Monday, 5 January 2009

photo a day & mantra monday

photo a day - january 5th

it turned out to be quite a busy, weeding, and mowing the lawn, being just a few chores i was able to cross off my list. we also went for another walk in the attempt to lose some christmas calories. i took the camera and caught this golden beauty. it's a grevillea which is native to Australia....rainbow lorikeets LOVE the nectar....there are quite a few different types of grevillea and i think this one is called 'honey gem'.

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while walking, we passed a group of ducks and i wondered if one of them may be the owner of the egg we found on our walk the other day.

mantra monday

you can visit the link shown under 2009 happenings in the sidebar to find out more about 'mantra monday' but, basically, it is about sharing an affirmation or mantra card that i have made myself OR that i have chosen from a published affirmation deck.

i had such good intentions of making my first mantra monday card but it turned out to be such a full and exhausting day that, i never got the chance to sit down and create. i was a little disappointed but i figure there will be many more mantra mondays so still lots of opportunities to make my own cards. for today, i picked a card from my deck of cheryl richardson's self care cards. i thought it funny, that the random card chosen turned out to be - rejuvenation.

the message suggests i get a good night's sleep. LOL

i'm laughing at the uncanniness of it because, as with every set of school holidays, my body clock gets out of whack with no set daily routines and i seem to have a lot of late nights which is so not the norm for me. needless to say, it catches up with me through the day and i find myself feeling very tired. interesting that this card showed up today and i think i will follow the advice as soon as i have published this post.

nighty-night ~


  1. I have those cards, too and I love them. Nicely timed for you.
    I made my first manta card yesterday and will post it later. It was pretty fun!
    Have a great week!

  2. I love all the Australian foliage, had a lot of the plants when I lived in Ca.and we also used a lot of the foliage in the flower shop I worked in. Love Austraila a lot like CA. Great shrub.

  3. Hope you had sweet dreams!

    I love the cards but I adore the jar of shells! :)

    I too have been in two week heaven = my own routine. I am about to go get ready for work, and of course I'm late, and I don't want to go! :)

  4. Your grevillea is a lovely spot of color. There's very little of that in my landscape right now, so I'm doubly appreciative of seeing the bright accents in yours.

  5. That flower photo is beautiful! Nice work, Serena!

    And your mantra photo is very pretty, too. Love the card leaning against your jar of shells- very nice! I hope you got a good night's sleep and awake refreshed and energized.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful flower and such cure ducks!

  7. have a good sleep....

    the golden honey gem is beautiful ... is this the type of flower that is also called a "bottle brush"? I have a beautiful pastel of a bird and a bottle brush flower done by a lady in Australia...mine is red...

  8. Enjoyed seeing the flower you photographed and Manta Monday sounds intriguing, I'll have to check out. Hope you get lots of rest.

  9. Wow! You have the most awesome plants in Australia! (And birds, too!) I sure wouldn't feel too badly about not being able to make your own mantra cards, too! You have soooo much going on. No shame to picking a card from a deck--hehe! Love your jars--especially the one with the beautiful feather in it. Hope you got a lot of good sleep. :):)

  10. Thank you, everyone!

    Vee - No, not the same flower. The bottlebrush belongs to the Callistemon species of native.

  11. Such a yellow beauty of a flower, wonderful photo and i alos like the photo of the card leaning against the jar of shells, very nice. I hope you have a good nights sleep.

  12. A very beautiful and unusual bloom, I've never seen anything quite like it.

  13. I've never seen a flower like that. It is lovely.

  14. That flower is beautiful Serena. Don't you love how the messages appear when we most need them. Blessings, I hope you had a good night sleep. Nicole

  15. What a cool "flower". Thanks so much for sharing it, I have never seen anything quite like it. Sorta reminds you of an octopus.

  16. oooohhh amazing photos serena!!! i especially love your mantra monday pics, with your beautiful jars filled with shells and feathers!!! i love it so much when i pick a card and it's just the perfect reminder!!!

    i've linked this post to my mantra monday post for this week, thank YOU sooooo much serena for joining in!!! fabulous!!!

    peace and love

  17. Lovely! Both the flower & the mantra - yes; don't the holidays throw us off kilter & off schedule??


  18. Hi Serena! I had never heard of a grevillea before! How beautiful. Love the color!!!

  19. Hi Serena
    Love your Golden Gem, around here the predominant native flower is the Bottle Brush (Red)Gawler River I think its known as and it too brings in the beautiful Rainbow Lorikeets. I love this pic and also the ducks and your Mantra Monday pics as well
    love n hugs bear xoxoxo

  20. I have had those self care cards for years...and I still absolutely love them. Every morning first thing I used to pick a card to set the tone of my day. Hmmm perhaps I should do that again. I think I hid the cards b/c daya got into them. And slichtly bent my favorite one...the solitude card with all the pretty autumn leaves. :(


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