Thursday, 30 July 2009

MANTRA MONDAY - albeit a little late

we often carry the burdens of our past with us on a daily basis unaware that we have the power to simply let go and make a fresh, new start at any time. our burdens are not what identify us though we often use them for that purpose. all we ever really have is this present moment...right here, right now as our past exists only in our memories and our future is yet to happen. our thoughts and actions in each present moment are what define us.

acrylics on 5"x3½" on CANSON 300gsm acrylic paper
© serena lewis
click on image to enlarge

i chose to paint a phoenix for my mantra card this week as a reminder that, at any moment, i have the power to let go of any emotional baggage i'm carrying and make a fresh, new start. it truly is that easy. if you find it hard to do this then it usually means you are still holding onto something that you think defines who you are. let it go and practise focusing in each present moment and you will find that your life will become a more joyful and freeing experience.

love, light and peace


  1. I love that mantra Serena. :)

  2. Great mantra Mum. I love the symbolization of the phoenix.

  3. Very lovely. I also just noticed your "love" painting on the sidebar which is gorgeous, and the previous post's photos - amazing how you caught the bird right in the nest and then in flight.

  4. Do you get Notes From the Universe? If not, go to and sign up. I think you'd like them.

  5. What a beautiful reminder to let go and begin anew. This sounds easy but if we're hooked into old patterns and beliefs, it takes a lot of determination and persistance...but it's soooo worth it!

    A reminder that we all need - thanks Serena!

  6. Thanks, Tabitha ~ :)

    Thanks, Shell ~ :)

    Thanks, Lisa. I'm glad you like my 'love' painting on the sidebar. I agree....Aaron snapped his pic at the perfect time to catch the kookaburra in flight. :)

    Tamerie - I get the Daily Om but, as yet, I haven't signed up to :)

    Thanks, Kate. :) That's true and all it takes is just a split second change in perspective to free ourselves of those burdens. So easy but sometimes we like to cling unnecessarily to what we identify ourselves with.

  7. Very wise words Serena. Loave the card it is beautiful.

  8. I definitely need that reminder. It seems so hard to do but it really is easy if you focus and just refuse to let the old stuff resurface. Sometimes we all get sucked into the past so it helps to have you out here reminding us! Thanks.

  9. Oh Serena! I so missed your images and words during my hazy July! I love the mantra card and the wisdom behind it! It makes my soul soar! Thank you sweetie :)

  10. Its true! I have done it, and the phoenix was part of it all! What a lovely reminder, and beautiful art work as always...

  11. Great mantra card and great thought idea expressed.

  12. the phoenix goes perfectly with the card :D

    I will be the first to admit to it being hard to let go, took a long time for me to. but one day I just woke up and thought nothing really matters but me and then hubby. what ever anyone else does or thinks should not effect me as much as it does. been a lot better since that.

  13. Wow I really found your post very touching and after a pretty horrible few weeks what you just said made such perfect sense, I'm going to follow this mantra!! Thank you!

  14. Thanks, Shashi ~ :)

    Thanks, Chocoholic...I have found that focusing in the present moment has made a huge difference for me. :)

    Thanks, Bree ~ :)

    Thanks, Genie ~ :)

    Thanks, messyfish....I'm glad you can vouch for this method. It truly works ~ :)

    Thanks, Sandy ~ :)

    Thanks, Jennifer....that's all it takes...just an instant change in our perspective ~ :)

    Thanks, Helen ~ :)

    Thanks, Nicola. I hope things start to pick up for you and that this mantra helps ~ :)

  15. Ahhh! The phoenix!! One of the several times I was starting all over again in my life I named my car Phoenix! Right after that I got a job at Phoenix International and my new life began--hehe! I LOVE your mantra card!! Why is that so often easier said than done for us? Silly humans--hehe! :):)

  16. so well said! i believe that the sooner a person can live by the motto of "letting it go" the sooner they will be able to truly live freely and happily.


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