Monday, 20 July 2009

mantra monday and photo-a-week


well, this is a first for a while.....i actually have my mantra card ready for the monday posting. YAY! the trip to the lake yesterday was just what i needed to ground and refresh my spirit. i love walking in nature or sitting by the beach just taking in nature's's times like these where i feel totally this reflects in my mantra/affirmation card today -

i am in harmony with nature
acrylics on 5"x3½" CANSON acrylic paper
© serena lewis
click on any image to enlarge


some more pics from our trip to forest lake yesterday

an aussie native commonly known as old man banksia


this jumping spider shared our picnic rug

and that's all for today, folks

i'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's monday photos

love, light and peace


Michelle Eaton said...

Great photos Mum! I love the one with the ducks.

Your Mantra is lovely as always. I always feel grounded after being out in nature also.

Nicola said...

Hi there, I just found your blog through Darla's site, and I'm so glad I did! What a wonderful blog and beautiful art you make!!! I'm in Canberra so you can imagine how cold it is down here and your photo of your son in his 'winter' clothes made me laugh. I think it's going to be about -2 tonight!!! Take care I shall now be following your blog!

Anonymous said...

It really says something about where I place truly lies when we can take a step into nature and feel the welcome of home in our souls. Your card and stones capture all of that. What a wonderful lake to have at hand to enjoy. Thank you for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful day, Serena!

Bradley Eaton said...

Great post Mum! Nice pics as well!

Love Brad!

Unknown said...

wow! I love the day you had yesterday. getting out and about in nature is the key to happiness I am sure of it! I like the mantra this week too. I have just been researching the montessori and waldorf philosophies for raising children, and whilst I still need to read more, they seem to be big on honouring the seasons. I am all for that!

Art by Darla Kay said...

Beautiful mantra card Serena!
Love the pics...and this is your winter? Looks like summer here! LOL

Hope the spider didn't stay at your picnic long! yikes!


Anonymous said...

Lovely lake photo's, the water looks so blue! the old man banksia thing looks interesting, is it as large as it looks in the photo?

Shashi Nayagam said...

Love your photos they are lovely. It is so nice to be in tune with nature. It is so calming to ones senses. Love your card too.

Jennifer Rose said...

gorgeous pictures :D i love the shapes in the one with the shades, pretty and practical :)

kate i said...

What a peaceful spot on the sounds like you had a great weekend. I can here the "exhale" from here!

I love the green on your Mantra card, which is beautiful as always.
I would love to see a shot of them spread out...I'll bet they look even more amazing "en masse".

BumbleVee said...

acckkkk!! I scrolled a lot more quickly when I spotted the spider! love the Old Man plant....and water and ducks..... not looking at your arachnid.... yeh...and where's the snow? hahahha....ooooooh...winters are tough over there eh? not like when you were in your don't miss 'em at all....

Genie Sea said...

I miss coming here! I am so swamped, that I can't get here as often as I once did, and I miss my Serena!

I love your card, and the photos, but that almost goes without saying... :)

I must have said it before; you live in paradise! Thank you for sharing it with us :)

Hugs! :)

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Another great Mantra card. Love all the photos that you posted too.
I agree that there is something special when you take in the tranquility of Nature!

Tammie Lee said...

Wonderful world you have around you and your mantra card is lovely~

HElen said...

Beautiful and inspiring mantra card!
All photos are wonderful! Thank you for sharing

Margaret Ann said...

Gorgeous...a fresh and energizing mantra card... I love the nature goddess type image and the beautiful green leaves...Ahhh! :)

Papermoonies said...

What a lovely day you must have had. Nice blog
lovely creations

sandy said...

I am in harmony with nature. I like that and also the painting on it. Just beautiful. Glad you got rejuvenated by your walk. It's been so hot I haven't felt like walking but I really need to get back to moving my body soon.

Sara said...


This is my first visit to your site and I am so impressed. Your art is beautiful and I loved the pictures of the lake. WOW. I'm really glad I ended up here and I will be back:~)

Rita said...

Very fitting mantra card with your recharging and grounding trip to the lake. I sure hope that spider was smaller than it looks! You do have a winter paradise--except for the spiders--hehe! :):)

Caroline said...

Beautiful as usual! Except for that spider! looks really BIG!

Art Is Life, Life Is Art said...

Absolutely beautiful! I especially love the ducks. :o)