Tuesday, 14 July 2009

MONDAY PHOTO-A-WEEK....a little late

sorry, i'm a day late with my photos this week. to be honest, i was stumped for subject matter. we didn't go on any country drives or do anything that interesting, so today, i decided to just take some snaps around the house

you click on any image for a larger view

the new bedding i bought for my room yesterday

i love blues and greens together and, after visiting this blog, i was inspired to re-decorate my room.....yet again. the previous quilt was a deep sea blue and the accessories still blend well with the new bedding. i just need to add a couple of accessories in that bright green and then i can decide on an accent colour. i've read that, when choosing a colour scheme for decorating, there should be around 70% of the main colour, 20% of the complimentary colour, and 10% of the accent colour. this apparently gives a nice balance.

here is one of michelle's beautiful prints. i LOVE it!

notice the blues and greens again? i'm feeling drawn to these colours at the moment. i'm thinking of painting the frame something other than black so that it compliments the print more.
what would you suggest?

a pic of aaron's knitting
i'm so pleased with how well he is doing

speaking of aaron, i thought i'd show a pic of his standard winter dress

this photo of aaron was taken late this afternoon when the cold of the evening had already set in. due to our sub-tropical climate, our homes aren't generally central-heated so i was wearing my uggs, a long skirt, a long-sleeved shirt plus a warm jacket.....not aaron. his idea of warm was the knitted socks and beanie his grandma made for him, plus shorts. i just can't get him to rug up in winter. yes, he does feel the cold but he has always hated the contricted feeling of shirts no matter how loose they are on him. he'd much rather have a blanket draped over his shoulders.

and lastly, my shadow and constant companion, cody
he follows me everywhere, from room to room and is never far from my side.


  1. That photo of Aaron made me laugh ... boys just don't feel the cold at that age! Michelle's print is so pretty, hmmm, perhaps a nice forest green, blue or even white? Michelle's work is wonderful, you must be very proud of her :)

  2. cody looks so cute :D I just want to hug him :)

    that is a gorgeous bedspread :D I love using blues and greens for bedding, really does seem to calm a room down :)

    maybe paint the black frame a light colour like yellow to go with her hair?

  3. I love, love, love the new bead spread! The colours work so well together. It has made me want to jazz up my bed wear.

    That pic of Aaron cracked me and Alex up. He is so cute in his little beanie and matching socks. I miss him being here to keep me company.

  4. I love the new bedding! I've always liked blue & green together too!
    What exactly is 'Monday photo of the week'? Is it something you join and just do on your own?

    Have a super day Serena!!

  5. Oh, I love those colors! My favorite color combination, too...makes me feel so peaceful.

  6. I love the turquoise and greens too and your bedding is beautiful. Very tranguil yet vibrant...if that makes any sense!

    I'm trying to decide on a colour scheme for decorating our new home and am really drawn to the vibrant, almost tropical colours but I'm not sure if they would translate well to the muted sea greens/dark greens and soft grey greens of my environment!

  7. love the beautiful colours Serena....it makes me think of a seaside home..... I just know if I looked out that window I would be viewing the ocean...and quickly be down there on the sand searching for shells and some sea glass of the same colours.....could I be lucky enough to find a bottle with a message in it too? .... doesn't take much to transport me does it? ..... lol......lovely colours will do it...

    I'm waaaay late with mine as I am still not organized after being away.....

  8. Such happy colours! Love the girlie.

    I was the other way round. Mom could dress me like an eskimo but couldn´t get socks/ shoes on me at home. :D

  9. The photo of Aaron is cute..so like my son at that age..here in the northern hemesphere, he would wear shorts to school in Novemeber..

  10. maria, i must admit that aaron doesn't always feel the cold like we do but, even when he does, he hates wearing a shirt or jacket. a blanket draped over his shoulders is his preferred way of keeping warm. lol

    thanks, jennifer. i love the restful and clear mood that blue and green create together. thanks for the suggestion on frame colour. :)

    thanks, shell. as soon as i saw aaron in his beanie, socks and shorts, while i was freezing, i just had to take a pic. lol

    thanks, darla. you are welcome to join our monday photo-a-week group. the more, the merrier. all you need do is take one or more photos of your world throughout the week and post them on a monday. our group leader is having this month off from blogging but, if you want to join, let me know and i will pass your link on to our other members. you will find all the photo group links in my sidebar. :)

    thanks, sue. i agree.....i love the colours of the sea most... blues, aqua, turquoise, sea-greens....all are gorgeous to me!

    thanks, kate, and yes, i know exactly what you mean. the more vibrant colours are taking a little getting used to as the previous quilt was a solid colour of dark teal blue so it is a big change. i do love it though. the fun thing about decorating is that you can do whatever you want regardless of surroundings. i once saw pics of a new york apartment decked out in a full south-west theme. it was her very own getaway. mind you, the environment your new home will be in is a beautiful getaway on its own merit. you can always use muted sea tones for your decor.

    thanks, vee. that's probably why i go for this sort of colouring. i adore anything to do with the sea.

  11. paula....i guess we all have our quirks. lol

    bettyann....aaron would probably be doing the same as your son. lol

  12. Aaron is a kid after my own heart! I hate constricting clothes too. Only I do wear shirts. Love the look with the hat though.

    I think you can usually tell a great artist by their decor! Great bedroom!

  13. Your new colors are so cheerful! I love most shades of blues and greens--purples and magentas all together. Nice!

    A lighter frame--yes--white, blue, green?

    Boys--who can figure them out? Hat and socks--hehehe! Love the photo! And the picture of dear little Cody!!

    Haven't tried zentagle yet, but soon! :)

  14. Hi Mum,

    I just want to say I love your latest blog post! I love the pic of Cody! I even love the picture of Aaron as well, but I always wonder why he prefers to go shirtless even in winter. I'd hate it.

    Aaron's knitting is also pretty good as well! I wish I could be able to do that kind of knitting, but that would probably be harder for me. The print you got from Michelle is also pretty cool, even the colours are nice together! I love your new bedding as well, it all goes nicely together!

    Love Brad!

  15. Oh...love your new bedding!!!!! I would say to paintthe frame of Michelles print RED. Aarons knitting is fantastic! He is doing a great job! Your house, BTW looks so clean!!! WOW! If only.....

  16. I love that bedspread and the colours are beautifully co-ordinated. Makes the room look fresh and new and cool.

  17. hahaha, Aaron is funny, ...but a good knitter.Wow I'm impressed. Love what you have done with the bedroom, great colors...feel like I'm at the beach..

  18. What a great pic of Aaron! And your bedding is gorgeous.

  19. thanks, chocoholic ~ :)

    thanks, rita. :) i love all those colours too. as a matter of fact, i'm thinking my main accent colour may be magenta with hints of purple. though i've seen aquas and blues with bright yellow and it looks great too. decisions, decisions....lol

    thanks, brad. at least you can do french knitting and you do a fine job of it too. :)

    thanks, julie. :) certain areas of my house can get quite messy. i seem to always be tidying up after the boys, particularly aaron. lol

    thanks, shashi. :)

    thanks, sandy. :)

    thanks, jessica. :)

  20. Hehehe, that is funny about Aaron's standard winter clothing! Serena, your new bedding is lovely. I like the colors ... they're not loud but they're happy. Michelle's print is very cute and Aaron's knitting is impressive. Your children are very talented :)