Thursday, 16 July 2009

tools and appliances

yesterday, i made a start on refurbishing the desk in my room. i guess it was to be expected since i bought new bedding on monday though i've had this desk in my sights for a few months now. it has seen quite a few changes over the a matter of fact, i posted about those changes here. the last change was where i covered the top surface with fabric - a bad move, i'm afraid. i didn't realise how hard it would be to keep the fabric clean and it got to the point where the desk surface just looked plain grotty. so...i'm giving the desk a new coat of paint this time around. it's all prepped and ready for the first lick of paint.

one of the everyday matters challenges was to draw a favourite tool and i got to thinking that my long-nosed pliars really do get a good work-out around here. in this case, i used them to pull out the staples holding the fabric in place on the desk but they have come in handy on numerous other occasions....even for jewellery repairs. yep...i would highly recommend long-nosed pliars for every toolbox.
what's your favourite tool?
graphite and micron pigma pen in A5 sketchbook
click on image to enlarge

and today, i decided to draw a favourite appliance that i can not be without.
my electric jug is my best buddy!
graphite and micron pigma pen in A5 sketchbook
click on image to enlarge

tomorrow, i hope to start on painting the desk

what are your plans?


  1. Great sketches Mum! I couldn't be without my electric jug either.

    Can't wait to see the new look for the desk. It has been through so many changes.

    My plans for tomorrow will be looking after a very sick boyfriend again :(

  2. Today I plan on going to Old Stone Fort with my boys and my sister (who is visiting this week) and hiking till we can't walk anymore providing the weather agrees with me.

  3. Wow Serena, you can draw so perfectly! That's awesome!
    My favorite tool.....let's see. After siding my house 2 years ago, I'd have to say it's a compound miter saw! You like a nice, petite tool and I guess I'm leaning towards the manly man ones! haha
    Have a great day and good luck on the desk! Can't wait to see :)

  4. OMG my electric kettle is my best bud as well!!! Those are the best kitchen appliances EVER.

    Good luck with the desk! I know you'll make it turn out very well.


  5. You're just on fire with your creativity Serena. I'm intriqued with your water jug...I've never seen one before with different heat settings.

  6. Your sketches are beautiful Serena and the kettle is my favourite too.

  7. Lovely sketches, Serena. I can't wait to see how you paint your desk. I have been thinking of painting my sewing table too for the longest time. Right now it is" Off White but it used to be "White". LOL
    Just wish I had more hours in a day! :)

  8. how handy that the kettle has different heat settings on it :)

    hmm my favourite tool? my pencil sharpener I got for £2. its one where you turn the handle to sharpen the pencils but it works better then any electric sharpener I have ever had. :)

    weekend plans? drawing, drawing, drawing and maybe sewing but def. lots of drawing :)

  9. michelle - thanks! i hope alex feels much better today. reece is off work sick so i will be taking him to the medical centre later this morning.

    dawn - that sounds like so much fun! i need to get out and walk more.

    darla - thanks! my hat is off to you! compound mitre saws scare the bejeezus out of me. lol

    jessica - thanks, i'll post pics of the desk soon.

    kate - thanks...i'm so enjoying getting back to my sketchbooks. i LOVE the multi-heat-setting on my electric jug. the three mentioned are the main settings i use but my jug allows me to choose anywhere from 30° to boil. very handy.

    shashi - thank you.

    norma - thanks. painting desks is a pretty big job but so worth it if you feel like a fresh, new look.

    jennifer - i've been trying to get hold of a battery-operated pencil sharpener but nobody seems to stock them here. :(

  10. I love those long nosed pliers.. I have a pair in the top drawer in my art studio..
    I was going to garden today.. but it looks like hot chocolate instead.. it is soooo cold!

  11. i have an old cedar chest that i want to re-do some day this summer or fall. i enjoy the process of stripping wood and then seeing it come alive again. your sketching ability is breathtaking. i'm not much for drawing in any kind of realistic form.

    tomorrow is work for me and then two days off. can't wait!!

  12. Serena! You do beautiful drawings of metal items! Thes pliars are awesome, and tea jug too...but the pliars are stupendous!

  13. I could not paint without hearing at least one song by Kate Bush. She plays constantly on my CD player in my studio. I find it hard to paint without the right kind of music. Her stuff and loads of baroque and medievel/dulcimer stuff.

  14. 2 settings! thats amazing... I always get it wrong with green tea...too hot or too cold. Have you had Quince green tea? Its yum!

  15. thanks, robyn. hot chocolate and winter are always a good mix. :)

    enjoy your two days off, julie. :)

    thanks, julie. :)

    thomas, i'm not a huge kate bush fan but i did like her song, wuthering heights, and a few others. i used to like watching her video clips too...very theatrical. :)

    not just two settings, messyfish....i can set it anywhere between 30° to boil. the three i mentioned are just the ones i use most. :) i haven't had quince green tea yet...but will note it down to try, thanks. :)

  16. I enjoyed catching up and love all your sketches. Hope Aaron and Riece feel better soon! We've been fortunate this summer and actually last winter too, not too many flu bugs around.

  17. Oh Serena! I can hardly wait to see what you do with your desk this time around. :) And--EDM challenges--oops! I still haven't gotten my sketchbook out. My favorite appliance was my coffee pot--but that's because I don't drink much tea. I guess I didn't know about hot water pots--looks cool! But the desk...can hardly wait for pictures!! :)

  18. thanks, sandy. :) swine flu has spread quite fast here. a 38 year old woman died from it on the gold coast and two pregnant women are on life support. i'm glad reece is just battling the common flu.

    thanks, caroline ~ :)

    thanks, rita. i hope the desk spiffs up nicely this time around. :)