Friday, 31 July 2009

sketchbook entry - hematite ankh

we had another lovely winter's day today. brad and i did a bit of shopping in the morning and then we ate lunch while watching another smallville episode. i'm looking forward to watching season eight...according to brad, it will be released for sale next month.

i did this quick sketch in the afternoon
i've had this hematite ankh for years now and i love it!
it feels so cool and smooth to the touch

graphite & micron pigma pen in A5 sketchbook
click on image to enlarge

love, light and peace


  1. Oh I love hematite! So grounding and calming. I have a regular cross made out of it. But I also have a metal ankh that my first love made for me in shop class back in 1968. I find the ancient Egyptian life absolutely fascinating. Nice EDM sketch. :)

  2. Serena, that is lovely and I need to get me one!

  3. I love hematite, its such a great stone to hold. I use to have a few rings made out of it, but they sadly broke :/

  4. Hi Serena,
    You draw with such precision. Great to see what you've been up to!
    Have a good weekend.

  5. the detail in your sketch of the ankh is just wonderful, serena. i wasn't aware of the healing powers of hematite. thanks for sharing.

  6. I've always loved the ankh. Used to wear them a lot 40 years ago. Nice drawing.

  7. Serena, that is so lovely and well written,

  8. Beautiful sketch. Something just came to mind, would love to see you sketch a piece of amethyst crystal, all it's hues and shapes, etc.

    Hematite, hmm I'll have to look that up. I know I've seen it before but now can't picture it.

  9. I don't usually admire hematite, but I don't think I've ever seen it in a form like that. Your drawing really looks like hematite - great effect.


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