Tuesday 8 July 2008

Cody - Trip to the Vet

Yesterday, my little Cody was desexed and micro-chipped so spent the day at the Vet's clinic. The house felt so empty without him here. Aaron and I could hardly wait until 3PM rolled around so we could go pick him up. Cody was still groggy from the anaesthetic as you may be able to tell from the pic. He slept for hours in his comfy, new bed with his new toy. He has to wear the 'cone' on his head for seven days to stop him getting to the stitches but it doesn't seem to bother him too much. The 'desexing' thing was not an easy decision for me to make but I did a lot of research and came to the conclusion that it was the right thing to do. If you are undecided about desexing your pet, you may find this site helpful. It certainly helped me to feel better about making this choice.


  1. My cat was desexed and microchipped at a very young age by the RSPCA before we adopted her, and I'm so glad they did it! We don't have to worry about anything, really. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I responded to your question in the comments section.

  2. I could see that you spent many thoughts to come to this decision. You are such a thoughtful pet owner, Serena.

    *At first I wondered what desexed mean, then of course ... "Ahh, Cody was neutered. Duh." Some times (which means most times)I'm quite slow ;)

  3. Oh poor puppy....you did the right thing though. Cody will forget all about it and live a wonderful happy life.

    I hope you are well!!


  4. Thanks, Theresa.

    I try to be, Luci. LOL re. the desexing/neutered things. It can be confusing when different countries adopt different terminology for the same thing.

    It's great to 'see' you again, Jessica!!! I hope all is well with you too. :)

  5. Dear sweet Serena, what an affinity you have with animals.I feel it comes from such a heartfelt space...and is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thank you, Nic, you are very sweet for saying such nice things. I have always felt a strong affinity with animals and try to help where I can. :)

  7. Hey Mum,

    Awh!!! Poor little Cody, he looks so out of it. Glad to hear he is back to his old self though.

    Luv Shell xxx

  8. Hi Shell,

    I'm so glad he's back to his old self again too. The 'plastic cone' came off this morning and we take him to the Vet to have the stitches taken out on Thursday. I'll chat to you through the week.

    Mum xox

  9. Oh Cody looks comfy in this picture even though he was probably out of it.

    I too got my Cricket spayed and micropchipped when she was a pup. I am glad I did as I had a dog when I lived with my parents and she wasn't spayed and it did cause a lot of problems.


  10. Serena...you are the most tender hearted best...I just nominated you for an award on my blog...No pressure if you choose not to participate...:)

  11. Thanks for the award, Margaret!

    He loves his new bed, Becky!