Monday 21 July 2008

Paper beads and day-tripping

WOW! Where has the past week gone? Last Sunday, Aaron and I made paper beads and what fun we had! This is the first of a range of technique projects that Ro is planning for our email art group - Global Brushstrokes. Mine are the red beads and Aaron's are the green and pink ones.

I even got to make some more little know how I LOVE those! We embellished the notebooks with our beads. I think they look great!

I'm pretty sure Aaron is planning on giving his to, Michelle, his Shell, if you read this, keep it to yourself. hehehe

Update on the Lorikeet and Jack Russell terrier paintings - Deidre and her husband, Clarry, LOVED them! She sent me a beautiful card of thanks. Apparently, they both got quite emotional and even cried. Brad, my eldest son, took this pic (with his mobile phone) of the paintings in their new home.

Yesterday, Beau decided to take me, Brad and Aaron for a drive to the country. I adore long, country drives! Heck, who needs a roller-coaster ride when Beau is driving?!! My stomach did quite a few jolts going up and down the hilly areas..... hehehe

We stopped at Burgess Park -

There are camping facilities there too.

A lone dandelion greeted me on the creek bank -

You wouldn't think we were in the middle of winter with what we're wearing, would you?

We stopped at the side of the road to take some pics and the cows immediately gathered around. Such inquisitive animals. I love their large ears.

The road home -
We had a fabulous day!


  1. Looks like a wonderful day!! those paintings look lovely and the journals fabulous! I'd love to know how to make the paper beads....any chance of you showing us?

  2. your paper beads are beautiful and look brilliant on the books. I sent email on tyvek so I know you'll love to try making beads with this..
    My most favorite thing to do is go for country drives too love the pics.
    Of course we knew they would love the painting of their pets they are beautiful. brilliant work my dear...

  3. You know I made some of these paper beads maybe 10 years ago, and a few weeks ago, we were at the Tampa Museum of Science and Industry and they were selling bracelets and necklaces made with them! I had to laugh...too bad I never tried to sell mine. Love how you embellished your books with them. I may need to make a new Dotee doll and make the beads for her also! Thanks for the great idea!

  4. Thanks, Judybec, and I will try to work something out, tutorial-wise, for making the beads soon.

    Thanks, Dianne....I received the email just fine. Much appreciated.

    Thanks, Julie....I would love to see your Dotee doll when you make it.

  5. I love the beads on the journals. They both look fabulous.

    Nice pics of your country outing too, Serena :-)

  6. Glad you enjoyed the paper bead making Serena, and I promise to keep you and Aaron busy with more projects...
    Great to see all the pictures of your day triping...and I get to see more of the area that surrounds you... ;o) Ro

  7. Thanks, Maria....beads are a great way to decorate art journals too so I definitely plan to make more.

    It was so much fun, Ro! I'm glad you enjoyed the day trip pics. :)

  8. Oh my gosh those beads look GREAT! You will def have to show me how to do them. I would love if Aaron made it for me I am so excited!

    Wow looks like you guys had a really nice time on your drive. Can't wait to see everyone on Sunday it feels like it has been ages.

    Send everyone my love. Shell xxx

  9. I wish our winters were like yours. Oh that would be wonderful.

    I loved your photos. Thanks so much for posting.


  10. yes I agree! I love the beads and your journals too!

  11. Great job on the beads! Now I will have to snoop online and find instructions for paper beads--hehe!

    Looked like a wondeful trip--love seeing the pictures! :)

  12. Serena, your notebooks are lovely. and the beads add the extra "wow" factor!

    Thank you so much to take all those pictures during your outing. You make us feel like we were taking the trip too :)

  13. Hi Shell, it was great seeing you on Sunday. I hope your back doesn't play up too much this week. Take things easy.


  14. Thanks, Becky!

    Thanks, Nic!

    Thanks, Rita!

    Thanks, Luci! I'm glad you enjoyed our 'day trip' pics too.