Tuesday 15 June 2010

PHOTO MONDAY - Black & White

What an interesting theme this was....black and white photographs can be so dramatic and effective.  It was fun experimenting with what subjects would best capture the topic, however, I found myself fighting the urge to splash some colour into them.   Funny because, once I was on a roll with the black and white photos, I had to force myself to stop. lol

Those of you who have been following my blog for some time now will know that I love Tibetan/Indian style Buddhas and that I have a few of them around my home.  This particular Buddha resides in my lounge-room.

my Balinese fish (metal) sculpture

Below is a part of my potted large-leafed jade (Crassula_ovata) plant commonly referred to as a money plant. According to Feng Shui, it attracts good luck and fortune to have money plants in and around your home, particularly at the front entrance. 

a gardenia from my garden

i guess you could say my kitchen accents are based on a Mexican/chilli theme and, some years ago, i  just couldn't resist buying this ceramic bull (below) when i spotted him in a cheap dollar store.  i think he fits in quite nicely with my kitchen theme, especially with a bottle of tequila parked beside him.....which may  also explain the glazed over look in his eyes.    no....wait a minute....it was Beau who had the glazed over look in his eyes after downing the tequila at his sister's 21st birthday party some years back.  this particular bottle does not bring back pleasant memories for him and i still remember picking him up from said party and the need for a bucket and a few pit stops on the way home.  i also vaguely recall him muttering the words, "i'm never drinking tequila again, mum".  Yeah, right.....LOL

i thought it would be fitting to throw in something that IS actually black and white

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. i love that fish :D poor Beau :/ so many people say never again and then go and do it again lol and then the cycle repeats itself :p

  2. Love your B&W photos, Serena. The Buddha lends itself especially well to the black and white format.
    It's interesting that what you know as a money plant isn't anything like what I've always heard called a money plant.

  3. Hahahahha... love it Serena! Wasn't it fun to look through the lens and try to think what and how to make things interesting in only black and white?
    The money tree looks great... didn't think of plants really...but, my little orchid might be cute...maybe I'll do one later, just for me.... so I can see how it looks.

    My elephant and your cow! We seem to have a bit of the same sense of humour. I've always loved tossing a bit of colour, fun, whimsey or humour into my decorating .... it makes the place more "me"...

    I can definitely relate to Beau's predicament...I remember saying those very same words about Grand Marnier after one too many and hanging around a toilet all night...oooooohhhh...just thinking about that night still hurts...and that must be about 35 years ago. Haven't even been able to sniff it since.....ick.........

  4. Oh i too am obsessed with black and white photography!

    this is such a great post...your photos are so bright, crisp and clear!

    love it!
    thanks for sharing and also for stopping in to see me!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  5. Hi Serena,
    These photo's look great.
    I must try a few myself!

  6. I still love B&W photos. My dad and I used to shoot 620 Kodak film, develop it and then print the B&Ws ourselves. To this day I can smell that scent that came when you opened the tight wrapper to get the film.
    And the magic of a darkroom and seeing images magically appear in pans of developer!
    And I guess I love my digital, because I can switch from the different *chrome* settings to B&W.
    I'm a happy picturetaker! :)
    Very nice!


  7. Love your black and white photos Serena. Love that Buddha. We gave our daughters a Buddha made from Jade a few years ago and they love it. It was quite heavy. :)
    Hugs and go check out my black and whites. :)

  8. Thanks, Julie ~ :)

    Thanks, Jennifer. Yes, that's so true. Thankfully, he hasn't been that drunk again....well around me anyways. lol

    Thanks, Mary. There's actually about five different types of plants that are classified as 'money plants' so the one you know as a money plant is probably one of those five.

    Thanks, Sandi ~ :)

    Thanks, Vee. I was pleased with how the money plant came out....it's large, plump leaves and growth pattern lends itself well to the B&W pics. I agree re. the decorating....I like a sense of whimsy in there too.

    Thanks, Carmelina ~ :)

    Thanks, Anna...be warned, it can be addictive. lol

    Thanks, Anne. My Dad was into photography too and I know the distinct smell you speak of and the wonderment at seeing images appear magically on the page in the developer pans. I remember all too well one particular time when I was helping Dad in the darkroom and he asked me to pass him the tweezers and, out of habit, I switched on the light to find them. YIKES!!!...a huge no-no in a darkroom. Luckily, only a few images had been ruined by my actions. The photos were of a wedding my Dad had done the photography for so, needless to say, he was not impressed and it was a while before I was allowed in the darkroom again. lol

  9. Thanks, Norma....Buddhas bring a sense of calm and peace for me. A jade Buddha would have been a perfect gift for your daughters.

  10. OMGosh! These are great! I never think about black and white photos. I know there's probably some way to do that with my camera, but I have no clue--hehe! I think you inherited that photographer's eye from your dad. :)

  11. Wonderful black and white shots,they all look great! I love experimenting with changing color to black and white, funny how some look really good and others don't(:

  12. What a great display Serena. The gardenia shot is my favorite, but I WANT that fish sculpture, LOL.

  13. Hello my friend, Love your b & w photos :-) LOL @ Beau! They ALL say that :-)
    I can't wait to finally meet you in the near future ... You will have to come over once I'm settled and we can play around in the studio together :-)

  14. Love the B&W photos....and the story about Beau and the tequila! The cow is so cute but of course I love the Buddha.