Wednesday 30 June 2010

PHOTO MONDAY - Self Portrait

This week our theme was based on a self-portrait.  

Last year I set myself a personal challenge to post a self portrait photo weekly.......I got as far as number 21 which, I guess, wasn't too bad considering I hate having my photo taken.

This morning, I snapped the pic below just before I left to go with Michelle for her first antenatal appointment. All is going really well on that score and Michelle is now officially 15 weeks preggers! Note my little furry companion lying at my feet....he is never far from my side.

I took the two pics below yesterday and had a little play with some effects in my graphics program.

I liked how the Buddha made a subtle appearance in the background,
bathed in light

I'm looking forward to seeing the self-portraits from our other photo group members.

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. really nice effects with the Buddha in the background :) really great photos

  2. I love the painting above your bed too!

  3. I always love picture with light streaming from behind. It impresses me as something ethereal -- simply beautiful.

    *I love the boots, Serena :)

  4. Serena, you should never hate having your picture taken when you look so lovely. They're all beautiful but I especially like the one with the hint of Buddha in the background.

  5. You look like a doll, Serena! Wanna trdae bodies??? LOLOL!

  6. .. and always looking so ladylike too..... how unlike old tomboy me! ....

    can't remember the last time I actually wore a skirt or dress... come to think of it...I don't own one. I hate shopping...I'm too lazy to try on all sorts of stuff... sometimes when I go visit my sister, we shop... maybe this time I'll look at at something more ladylike.... gee what a concept..... I'll get her to help me dress....she always looks like a million bucks when she goes out... even if she looks like me at home.... of course, one would have to actually go out to need to dress up and I hate going out too!! What's wrong with me? I prefer golfing or gardening.... neither of which call for "dressing... and, in winter I never get out of my ' make bears or dolls.....

  7. Great pix Serena. I like your boots and your little furry pal. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh, yes, this is what a grandmother-to-be should look like!!!

  9. I love the serenity I feel from your photos! You are glowing yet seem so peaceful. Wonderful :) xoxo

  10. ahh beautiful Serena.

    The name of a Song.

    Beautiful Serena....

    Okay would have to think about the verses.

    Great photos, so soft, love the buddha.

    so exicted about Michelle's baby that we can watch grow up on blog world.

  11. Such pretty photos Serena. Your name captures your essence, peaceful and serene.I am doing an on going series of self portraits's hard.

  12. You are lovely. Let your Buddha nature shine, that's what the second photo says to me. :)

    I hate to take my own photo, as well. Good for you for having the guts to do it!

  13. Hi Serena!
    you look terrific! and I think this is a wonderful thing to do!

    I've been on the shy end of the camera...that means behind it taking the pictures all my life....but up until only recently, I'm trying to embrace my image rather than shreak in fear of it! lol

    good for you!
    how's that for self awarness!

    have a great first day of July!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  14. Lovely! I agree--the subtle Buddha in the background is magical!

  15. You are such a stunning woman, Serena! Lovely photos. And cute to see faithful Cody by your feet. ;)

  16. Great photos. I love your pup by your feet. I know my pup follows me everywhere. :)

  17. Serena you are so lovely! Love your complete outfit. :)
    Love the photo of you and the buddha giving off positive energy your way!
    So happy Michele and the baby are doing fine. :)

  18. Lovely photos Serena. Love the buddha in the background, you look so serene.

  19. You are indeed very beautiful. It can be hard to get over discomforts like that. Good for you for following through on your promise to yourself.