Wednesday 9 June 2010


1. A valued possession passed down in a family through succeeding generations.
2. An article of personal property included in an inherited estate.

This week's theme - Heirloom - was chosen by Judi and, at first, I didn't think I had anything that fitted with the theme until I remembered this faux pearl necklace that belonged to my Grandmother. 

After my Grandmother passed away,  my Mum said I could choose a piece of Granny's jewellery to remember her by so it's very sentimental to me.  I keep the necklace in one of the papier-mâché boxes shown in the pic.  I painted and decorated this set of boxes quite a few years ago when I was in my shabby chic decorating phase.  I think they compliment the necklace quite well, don't you?

I love the weight and feel of the necklace with it's chunky faux pearls and I've worn it a few times myself over the years.  It has special meaning to me and brings back fond memories.

My Granny was such a lovely and caring lady who always liked to look nice.  She was quite a character and  had a very broad Scottish accent that my siblings and I loved to listen to. 

 I miss her and I like to think that she still looks out for us from afar.

~ Love, light and peace ~


  1. Serana, your photography of this necklace is so beautiful! What a wonderful piece to remember your Grandmother by!

  2. Lovely, heartfelt post, Serena. I've yet to do my heirloom photo, and it's funny that I considered my mother's faux pearls! Love the boxes you decorated too - nice setting, all around.

  3. What a beautiful post and the necklace is beautiful.

  4. Oh, Serena...... how beautifully you've set up your photos for this.

    I love the faux pearls... and love the story.... they are all the rage again now too it seems...the vintage type jewellery....

    You painted the boxes in lovely colours....

  5. Beautiful, Serena. I love the pearls combined with the shabby chic blush roses. The photos feel very vintage and sweet. :)

  6. This is gorgeous....not just the necklace, which is really pretty and sentimental....

    but your photos..your sentiments...the entire post was as charming as you are! wonderfully put together...what a lovely tribute to your granny!

    you asked me where I find the time to create...
    and the answer is, it's my full time occupation. I'm always creating down here in the studio...something or other goes on each and every day!
    i couldn't live otherwise! lol

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  7. Hi Serena,
    What a lovely post. The memories of your grannie, painting and the pearls.
    Thanks for sharing your Heirloom memories.

  8. What a gorgeous heirloom! The necklace is so pretty...I like the different shapes in it. It looks vintage and modern.

  9. My mom had a necklace almost like that one. I love having things that belonged to my mom and my grandmother. But I don't keep them in anything as beautiful as your boxes!

  10. what a wonderful memory of your grandmother. What a delight in seeing this. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Serena,

    What lovely photos of your grandmother's necklace. I uploaded a few things that belonged to my grandmother too. :)

  12. Your artistic sense really shows in your photos, Serena, they are as beautiful as the necklace and the boxes. This is a lovely way to remember your grandmother, she would be pleased.

  13. the boxes do go very well with the necklace :) that is a very pretty looking necklace

  14. Beautiful pearls and beautiful photographs Serena.

  15. Serena, I am glad you have such a nice momento of your grandmother. (I have a "thing" for scottish accents - I wish I could have heard her.) The necklace itself is lovely, as is the box, but your photos this week just bloe me away! Stunning.

  16. You're very good at staging! What beautiful pictures you take!

  17. The necklace is beautiful! What a perfect piece to remember your grandmother. And the boxes--I LOVE THEM!!!! They are gorgeous! Perfect spot to tuck away the necklace--the family heirloom. :) Really nice photos, too. Wow! :):)

  18. That is certainly an example of the sacred in the ordinary. Sometimes small mementos can mean so much to our hearts. Very pretty too.

  19. What BEAUTIFUL photos and what a lovely way to remember your grandmother! You have the pearls and also these photos to keep as wonderful family heirlooms!

  20. These photos are breathtaking, just beautiful! I love the shabby chic and the doll too and of course the necklace is very lovely and such a treasure for you to have something special to remember your grandmother by. You really did excellent at setting up the photo's I could look mat them all day... but should be on my way...

  21. It is nice to keep fond memories of someone so dear to you and to hold on to something that is very meaningful to you.

    Lovely pictures.