Saturday 26 June 2010

Shame, Labor, Shame!

a very quick pencil free sketch in A5 sketchbook

I normally keep politics off my blog but I am so upset over what happened on Thursday morning that I just had to voice my thoughts on the matter.  After all, that's what journals are for, online or otherwise. him or hate him, I believe our Prime Minister DID NOT deserve the backstabbing treatment he received from his own party on Thursday morning.  I was SO outraged that Kevin Rudd was ousted in such a fast, cruel and callous way.  I could get into all the nitty-gritty of who I believe is really running this country but I won't as I just wanted to state how disgusted I am at the Labor Party for how they treated one of their own.  It was nothing short of brutal and I can say with surety that, after being a loyal Labor supporter for the past 32 years, they have now lost my vote. SHAME, LABOR, SHAME!


  1. same thing happened here :/ Gordon Brown pretty much turned into the person to blame for everything. I'm not a politics person but have being paying A LOT of attention to the tories now that they are in power. I'm kind of worried what they might do to health care and while I know why the DLA is changing, it will seriously effect people with disabilities like mine :/

  2. Isn't politics becoming more horrible with each and every year. I've all but given up on there being any decency in politics.

  3. I like the sketch although I don't know anything about your politics over there. I'll have to read up on it.

  4. Hi Serena,
    I'm with you.
    I can't believe the way our system works.
    We all have to vote or we get fined, our vote is very important and then our Prime Minister gets kicked out of his seat from his own party.
    I thought "this was the lucky country"
    Love your drawing, you should post it to Kevin.

  5. Looks like politics are the same everywhere. Blah.

  6. Your passion and penchant for fairness showed in this post and sketch.

  7. I agree with Jason--sounds like politics are the same all over. Sadly, power and corruption seem to go hand in hand. :(

  8. Great sketch Serena and a very good likeness of our ex-Prime Minister. I was also shocked as to the way Kevin Rudd was treated.

  9. Yep, politics are all the same no matter where you live. So sad.