Wednesday 2 June 2010

PHOTO MONDAY - Thing with wings

I know, it's actually Wednesday here but I've been busy with turf contractors and have had Aaron home with a visual migraine for the past two days.  Even today, a medical  issue has arisen with Bradley which means a trip to the doctor in another hour or so.  There always seems to be something cropping up of late.

Anywhoo, when I was in the backyard the other day, I noticed this common butterfly land on Beau's potted avocado tree so I raced inside for the camera.  I thought for sure she would fly away as I got close to snap a pic but she was very gracious and waited until I finished snapping pics  She was up quite high so I had to hold the camera above my head and hope for the my surprise, the photo turned out quite well and is worth clicking on for a larger and more detailed view.

We had some rain overnight and, this morning, I saw this family of ducks waddling past the house and down to the creek which lies just beyond those wooden log posts in the background of the photo.  It was lovely to see them out and about.

When Aaron let his budgerigar out of her cage for her usual fly-around the other day, she kept flying over to my painting in the studio. I realised that one photo would cover, not one, but three different  'things with wings'  in one hit....Bella (budgerigar), butterflies and the winged angel/fairy.  Sorry it's a little blurry.
Budgerigars belong to the parrot family and are native to Australia.  They have become one of the most popular pet birds kept throughout the world.


I've had great support and some good suggestions from readers re. my flawed daisy painting from the previous post.  Thank you all so much! 

~ love, light and peace ~


  1. Your yard looks so pretty and it looks like a lovely area...I can see why you might NOT want to move from there!!! Glad things are being taken care of there, for you, Serena!

    I have had a few budgies over the years with my kids (for pets). Isn't it cute how yours flies to that picture!

    Sorry to hear about Aaron and Bradley's troubles...hope things will be better...well, hopefully the headache as gone already!

    That butterfly shot is amazing! Wow! Considering how you had to snap the pic, I am (as I am sure you are too) shocked it came out so perfectly! Do you know the name of this butterfly...I have not seen one like that here at all.

  2. The butterfly is known as a Common Australian Crow Butterfly. I've added that detail into the post now.

    Thanks for the concern for Aaron and Bradley. Aaron is definitely on the mend and almost over the migraine. We are just heading out now to see the doctor for Bradley. Will keep you posted.

  3. That's a beautiful butterfly. Great photo. I hope your family is feeling better. Have a great week.

  4. Hi Serena,
    That is a great photo of the butterfly. Also love how your birdie perched on your painting. Enjoy your week.

  5. Hope your kids are well soon! eeek, thats the WORST feeling. Love the budgie on the picture. I used to have one, that sat on top of all my books and nibbled them (and pooped). I still have those books with nibbles...20 years later

  6. hope bradley is ok.
    there are so many subtle colours in that butterfly, its gorgeous :) and its very cute that bella is sitting on that painting :)

  7. Lovely photos Serena and I hope your family feels better soon.

  8. I hope Aaron and Bradley are both okay.

    The butterfly photo was an amazing shot from a stretch position like that! Looks like it waited to pose for you--hehe!

    We have geese and ducks here, too, out in the fields behind the parking lot that are traveling north for the summer. Having a creek nearby is nice! I'm glad they are taking care of things--the yard, etc. I hope they keep tabs on the termite issue, too.

    I've had several kinds of birds over the years--including budgies. They have the most personality for their size--hehe! I wouldn't want it pooping on your painting, tho!! ;)

  9. Oh you have Budgies too! That looks like my little Joey; my other *Blue Bomber* a.k.a. Johnny is ornery as the day is long....
    Isn't it great to get a pic of a butterfly? There's just something wonderful about one sitting still long enough to photograph, like a little blessing or moment of grace. I love those few pics I have of them.
    Hope the migraine is gone soon--I get those and they are beyond words....


  10. ~~Healing vibes for the boys~~

    Beautiful images, so serene and lively at the same time.

  11. What a great photograph of the bird and the painting...perfect for your theme! I hope everyone is feeling better, very soon.

  12. That butterfly shot is gorgeous! And I love that your budgie landed on the artwork. My mom keeps parakeets (which is what we call them here), but after many years and two deaths from ripe old age this winter, she is down to just the one, a golden one named "Happy."

    So glad to hear that the turf replacement is going forward, even if it means the blog posts have to be delayed a bit. :)

  13. okay, are you ever in tune and harmony and at one with nature!

    like ace ventura! butterflies stay still for you...

    and budgies pose perfectly balanced for you as well!

    how do you do it! this was a perfectly charming post!

    have a great and creative day!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  14. Great photos Serena. I especially like the one with the little pet bird - we call them parakeets here.

  15. Serena,
    Great photos of things with wings! The parakeet knew exactly where to fly to. :)
    Hope your son gets better soon.
    PD: How is Michelle doing? I have missed her posts.:(
    Please tell her I send my love.

  16. the butterfly may be common....but, the photo of it is great!

    love the budgie too....and her suggestion of your "wings" photo is pretty cute.... what a clever little birdie!

  17. Hi Serena

    Firstly thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. It's always such a thrill to read them.

    I love your artwork and your bird seems to have a connection there too.

    look forward to future posts.

  18. Oh wow, Serena, how cool is that?! The triple "things with wings" thanks to the birdy's choice of perches! I love the painting. It's absolutely gorgeous. And the butterfly shot is perfect! (I couldn't get the click and enlarge thing to happen, though).

    Hoping that all the health troubles are resolved and that your sons are better now. I've had one of those weeks with my own health this week! Gettin' better now, hopefully (fingers are crossed).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  19. The black and white butterfly is truly marvelous. I have one too but it is striped like a zebra and is called a zebra butterfly. I think it comes up on my blog on Monday.

  20. Hello Serena,

    So nice of you to visit and become a follower of my blog. I have just read a few of your postings and want to respond the same.

    Liked your posting of the lovely angel butterfly and parokeet. That is what we commonly call them in the US.

    It is always interesting to read and see pictures of different parts of the world.

    Thanks for the nice comment and I will be catching you quite often now that I'm a follower.


  21. Serena,
    your blog is wonderful and also,
    I am enjoying your art work, the photography and also the bird!
    I have a double Yellow head amazon. Birds are amazing little creatures and so fun!
    she fit on top of that painting so well.. and I love the painting.. can I have it?.. LOL
    Hugs, nice to see you, I have seen you in other classes right?
    hugs, Darlene

  22. Thanks for your lovely comments, everyone! :)

    messyfish - yep, budgies sure do a lot of poop! lol

    Meredith - It's sad when they die but they certainly bring us a lot of joy. Budgies/parakeets are very social birds and they have great personalities. I hope little "Happy" has a few years in him yet.

    Norma - Thanks. Michelle is doing okay and has a lot going on right now but I hope she returns to blogging one day in the not too distant future.

    Dancing Mango - Thanks for dropping by. I haven't done any art classes but I own a copy of Kelly Rae's book - Taking Flight - and one of the projects within inspired this painting. :)

  23. Love all your wing photos and my fav is the parakeet (budgerigar) on your art picture. I love parakeets too and have had many through the years, been a long time since I had one of my own though.